forestbakker: The new Prolimit gear looking hot! Get yours for this summer. h...
forestbakker: Weekend in #tarifa has been good as usual! #DJ #LARUINA http://t...
cabrinhakites: Start the week off with a dream location! @waterlust @bigblueun...
Meli_Gil: That feeling... MG Surf Line Cabrinha DAKINE GoPro Waterlust http://...
AaronHadlow: Flying around in Dakhla! last day here today after a decent start...
liamwhaley: Highlights of the last day at the #VKWC in Dakhla! http://t.co/L7Z...
liamwhaley: Highlights of the last day at the #VKWC in Dakhla! http://t.co/G4p...
JesseTheRichman: What a great trip, awesome riders and fun event. Stoked to co...
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29 March, 2015

News  VKWC Dakhla 2015 - Results
Video  D.R. Open
Video  VKWC Dakhla 2015 BigAir Freestyle Finals
Second Hand   Various Other Ion Hummer 2015 S
Second Hand   Kite RRD Passion 2014 7
Second Hand   Kite Nobile T5 new 2014 10
Second Hand   Kite Nobile T5 NEW 2014 14
North FB  Craig Cunningham with a double page from Woodmans Point, Australia in the latest...
Cabrinha FB  Big congrats to Cabrinha rider Liam Whaley for taking the win at the first event...
Cabrinha  Demo Day with Evan Netsch
VKWC FB  Day 6 and Finals of the event: Freestyle and Big Air
Peter Lynn FB  Foilboarding is the newest craze in Kiteboarding and no Kite is more suited for...
Nomad FB  Silver graphics with green highlights , 136 Prototype Ultra-carbon
Jessica Winkler FB  I absolutely LOVE this song! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxeontdHObU
Patrick Blanc FB  Couple of tricks from my heat against @Robison Hilario. Not the best trick from...
David Tonijuan Colomer FB  Leaving dakhla, we had a great time!! @alexpastorkite @brunakajiya @nuasuu
Marvin Baumeister FB  Grats to my buddy Keahi De Aboitiz to win the PKRA World Tour stop in Marocco....
Reno Romeu FB  Bye bye #Morocco ! #SaharaDesert #Sunset
Airton Cozzolino FB  My first time using a 18MT #KITE ! @northkiteboarding #juice #lightwind
Nuria Goma FB  Day 2: we managed to complete three races back to back, the whole fleet on 18m k...
Bruna Kajiya FB  Very happy with my 3rd place here in Dakhla!! On the semi finals I had a tight...
Sam Medysky FB  Found some flat water tucked in behind Emerald point, Turks and Caicos @bestkite...
Marvin Baumeister FB  What a first #KitefoilGoldCup . Big Congratulations to all the Riders/Champions...
Mike Schitzhofer FB  And that's it with the first tourstop of the Vkwc in 2015. The comp was sick wit...
Alex Pastor FB  Cya later Dakhla! @handelkite @liamwhaley #hatemiddleseat
Marvin Baumeister FB  #sharky going in for the #kill. #baller #athleticdog #ozstaff #bullterrier #staffie
Stefan Spiessberger FB  A few jumps from yesterday's Quater Final against Christophe Tack ! @vkwctour...
Kari Schibevaag  Big Air in VKWC
Jessica Winkler FB  C.O.T.A.N ( cut off tail and nose) board. For size choice we recommend to ride a...
Bruna Kajiya FB  Happy with my 3rd place here in Dakhla!! On the semi finals I had a tight heat...
Ines Correia FB  Mais um dia no deserto 😎󾆮 Red Bull EDP Renováveis North Kiteboarding Internati...
Ariel Corniel FB  After win my last heat in the Dingo Elimination again @renoromeu from Brazil,now...
Lewis Wilby FB  
Robinson Hilario FB  Ended up 5th this first event- Good start to the year! The bar is high but not...
Annelous Lammerts FB  That's it for the first world cup of the year! Ended up with a 3rd place in Big...
Kristiin Oja FB  9th place on first stop of vkwc. The new scoring system is completely different...
Liam Whaley FB  On my way back home after a very successful start to the season! Going to train...
Jalou Langeree FB  That was it. I had a great time in Morocco, happy to be taking home a first plac...
Milla Ferreira FB  Mello Kitesurfers!! Não sei se voces conhecem o "surfin sem fim". É um downwind...
Gisela Pulido FB  De regreso a casa!! Lo he pasado increíble en Dakhla, muchas gracias a todos y n...
Victor Hays FB  Having fun with Thaïs Kriegel for our last day in #Dakhla #Morocco - Was a great...

28 March, 2015

News  VKWC Dakhla 2015 - Kitesurfing at its best
News  Jalou Langeree is the Dakhla 2015 Womens Wave Champion
Video  VKWC Dakhla 2015 Big Air & Freestyle D5
Video  Best epic fails, crashes, and kooks
Video  Winter Swell El Cotillo
Video  Alex Pastor Episode 2: Back to Brazil
Switch Kites FB  Congratulations to Marc Jacobs for taking Second in the Big air on the #nitro4 i...
VKWC  #Dakhla2015 - Kitesurfing at its best
Slingshot FB  Karolina Winkowska starting the season strong!! Yeah girl!
Peter Lynn FB  Now that is how you move some water! Ced showing us how to properly hit the lip...
Naish Kiteboarding  Jalou Langeree is the Dakhla 2015 Women??s Wave Champion
VKWC FB  Awesomeness from our winners: Liam Whaley and Karolina Winkowska
VKWC  #Dakhla2015 - Video highlights of day #5 - Freestyle & Big Air
Ocean Rodeo FB  Help us understand what's happening here.
Liquid Force FB  The Wow! liquidforcekites.com/product/kites/wow Credit: Erik Aeder Photography
Gisela Pulido FB  Vaya día!! Por la mañana hemos terminado el Freestyle y que conseguido ser 2º. E...
Dioneia Vieira FB  Loving the perfect conditions here in the desert! ❤️ Amando as condições perfeit...
Aaron Hadlow FB  I have passed two heats so far and now in the quarter finals. I will find out my...
Reno Romeu FB  Some action from the #VKWCDakhla2015 Photo: @hugovalente02
Sam Light FB  If Ruben Lenten thinks he can name a front roll Kiteloop I think I can name this...
Stefan Spiessberger FB  5th place finish at the first @vkwctour event in Morocco!! Insane conditions du...
Alex Pastor FB  Back on tour! Happy with my riding but it just didn't go my way this time, now I...
Annelous Lammerts FB  4th Place in freestyle here at the first world championship tour stop of the yea...
Jessica Winkler FB  
Youri Zoon FB  Regram from @vkwctour got 4th place after winning 1 heat, i was loosing the las...
Patrick Blanc FB  Had some fun yesterday throwing some megaloops on my 9m Ozone Kites during the...
Liam Whaley FB  Today is a big day, I am going to stay focused and try to make the least mistake...
Marvin Baumeister FB  getting excited about the ASP in #bellsbeach. 4 days to go hope the waves are pu...
Karolina Winkowska FB  The game is ON, and I am on the top again :) So happy to be here and to compete...
Marvin Baumeister FB  take off
Nuria Goma FB  On mode competition! Empezamos la competición!
Sergei Borisov FB  
Nuria Goma FB  Day 1: Today I had the 1st swim of the year in the Mediterranean Sea, yay!! That...
Sam Medysky FB  Cruising the turquoise waters of Turks and Caicos @bestkiteboarding @woosports @...
Milla Ferreira FB  This is S A H A A R A ! #justkeepexploring #essentialexperience #Dakhla #western...
Aaron Hadlow FB  Made it to the podium here in Dakhla #vkwc after a close semis against @christop...
Paula Novotna FB  5th place at the 1st @vkwctour stop in Dakhla Morroco ☺️ until next time and better
Sergei Borisov FB  some action from yesterday unfortunately, I was out of the competition. @slings...
Lewis Wilby FB  
Alexandre Neto FB  Event its done for this time here in dakhla, thank you all for the support, mana...
Robinson Hilario FB  Been riding hard here in Dakhla for the PKRA World Tour! Hoping to pass my next...
Manuela Jungo FB  I am proud to be here in Dakhla and compete against the best girls in the world....
Helena Brochocka FB  Dakhla comp is a wrap. Didn't manage to advance to the 3rd round, but had a sick...
Annabel van Westerop FB  Unfortunately I could not beat Bruna Kajiya Official Page in the quarter final,...
Liam Whaley FB  I just won the first stop of the season! It means so much to me after training s...
Lewis Wilby FB  
Dioneia Vieira FB  The first #vkwc stop is a wrap, finished on 5th place. Great beginning, really h...
David Tonijuan Colomer FB  First top of the new #vkwc world tour is over! Not bad result but wasn't like i...
Oswald Smith FB  Stoked to have ended up 4th in the big air today for the first stop of the Pro W...
Paul Serin FB  Je prends la 5ème place sur cette première étape du VKWC, la saison ne pouvait p...
Katja Roose FB  Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Makes me happy :-)

27 March, 2015

News  The IKA KiteFoil GoldCup Kicks Off in La Ventana
News  Team kitesurfs 155 kilometers of Vietnamese coast in 8 hours
News  VKWC Dakhla 2015 Results Freestyle Qualifiers Women and Men
Video  VKWC Dakhla 2015 Big Air & Freestyle
Video  CrazyFly Tango
Video  Holi Colors - The Film - Flysurfer
Second Hand   Kite Cabrinha vector 2014 12m and 9m
Second Hand   Kite Cabrinha drifter 2012 9
Ocean Rodeo FB  Local boys Tom Kerr and Eric Frang show of Gen 2 and Gen 3 Prodigies "somewhere"...
VKWC  #Dakhla2015 Results Freestyle Qualifiers women and men
Core FB  Always nice to be capable of making your own way!
Flysurfer FB  Kite Buggy freestyler and FLYSURFER rider Craig Sparkes showing of a nice kite 7...
F-One FB  Intensiv period for all our riders ! SALT and SPEED: Alex CAIZERGUES, Charlott...

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