alexpastorkb: So stoked to be back on the water. Taking it slow for now but ge...
kitetourasia: Latest edition of NZwaterman from New Zealand is now live - nice...
kitetourasia: IKA European Formula Race Championships start today in Mielno Po...
liamwhaley: Pretty happy about ending up 2nd in Big Air! Didn't expect that se...
prokitetour: I posted 23 photos on Facebook in the album "TARIFA Pro Kite...
yourizoon: Action from today. Had a alrighy heat, tomorow up against @aaronhad...
prokitetour: I posted 55 photos on Facebook in the album "TARIFA Pro Kite...
giselapulido: Primer día de competición para mi. Hemos hecho la discipli...
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01 September, 2014

News  PKRA Spain Day 2 - Big Air Gets Underway
Video  Big kite on a small lagoon
Video  Home! 4
Video  Hooked Heelside Tantrum
Location  Marano / Italy
Location  bunker kitespot / Italy
Location  Bababoom / Italy
Feed Kitebord Tour Asia  Virgin Armada Spain Sets New Record
Feed Liquid Force  Wave Progression Camp in Baja, Mexico
Feed PKRA  D3
Second Hand   Kite Airush Varial - X 2013 9m
Second Hand   Kite Airush Lithium 2014 14
Second Hand   Kite Slingshot RPM 2014 4.5meter
Second Hand   Kite Liquid Force Envy 2013 7M
Second Hand   Kite Liquid Force Envy 2013 12M

31 August, 2014

Location  La baie d\'toile / Mauritania
Feed Kitebord Tour Asia  Roof of the World Road Trip
Feed PKRA  Day 2 â??? Big Air Gets Underway
Second Hand   Board Flyboards Flyradical 4 2013 M (1,34 m )

30 August, 2014

News  PKRA Spain Day 1 - Gomez and Castro Win Spanish Wildcards
News  Registration Day at the Tarifa Pro Kite Tour 2014
Video  Replacing Cabrinha Quickloop QR1 Bungee
Video  North Wakestyle Bar 2015
Video  Phillip Kervel Aruba
Video  FS Speed4 Lotus - Designer Interview
Feed PKRA  Day 1 - Gomez and Castro Win the Spanish Wildcards
Second Hand   Various Liquid Force Accessories
Second Hand   Kite Slingshot Rally 2014 6
Second Hand   Kite Flexifoil Hadlow PRO 2014 7-9-11

29 August, 2014

Video  Rescue kite on foilboard
Video  PKRA SPO 2014 Aaron Liam Marc Christophe
Video  Axis Foilraceboard Teaser
Feed Naish Kiteboarding  Protected: Breaking in the Alps
Feed PKRA  Registration Day at the Tarifa Pro Kite Tour 2014
Feed Switch kites  Marc Jacobs out for rest of season
Pro Rider Kari Schibevaag  Arctic kite camp
Pro Rider Kari Schibevaag  yoga/stretching outside
Pro Rider Gunnar Biniasch  Video: AXIS Foilraceboard Teaser
Second Hand   Kite HQ Powerkites NEO 3 2012 6

28 August, 2014

News  Slingshot Sports introduces 7 Nation
News  FCS Partners with Slingshot
Video  Home spot
Video  Teaser Airstyle Ras Sudr Sept 2014
Video  IKA Race Worlds Platinum Fleet Wrap Up
Pro Rider Erika Lindberg  ERIKALINDBERG.COM new webpage
Second Hand   Kite Ozone Edge 2013 13m
Second Hand   Kite Other Mike\\\'s Lab 2013 70cm
Second Hand   Kite Slingshot rpm 2014 14
Second Hand   Kite F-one Bandit7 2014 8
Second Hand   Kite F-one Bandit7 2014 11
Second Hand   Kite F-one Bandit7 2014 14

27 August, 2014

News  North Newsletter Issue 7/2014
Video  Home - Stefan Spiessberger
Video  North Trust Bar 2015
Video  North Dice 2015 Product Clip
Video  Flat Water Dreaming - Enjoy the Silence
Pro Rider Damien Leroy  "Down the Line" A Waterlust Film
Second Hand   Kite Liquid Force NRG Light Breeze 2012 14M

26 August, 2014

News  The Value of Nowhere - Cabrinha Movie
News  Sr. Graphic Designer wanted by Cabrinha
Video  Be-e-e-autiful Ba-a-a-arbados
Video  Zero to Hero in 5 months
Video  2up1down
Location  Ria de Chelem / Mexico
Pro Rider Sam Light  Nothing Left To Say
Events & Demos  Airstyle Event 22-29 September 2014 Ras Sudr Egypt
Events & Demos  SnowKiteMasters 2015 SuperKiteDay SnowKiteCamp
Picture  La Cinta/Italy at 2014-08-26
Picture  Jericoacoara/Brazil at 2014-08-26
Second Hand   Kite Ozone Manta M3 2012 15m
Second Hand   Kite Liquid Force Envy 2012 12m
Second Hand   Kite Flysurfer speed 3 deluxe 2010 15
Second Hand   Various Ozone Race Bar 2013 55cm 27m lines
Second Hand   Kite North Fuse 2010 12m
Second Hand   Kite Slingshot rpm 2009 8m
Second Hand   Kite Naish Draft 2013 12m
Second Hand   Board Airush Switch 2005 155
Second Hand   Various Ocean Rodeo GoJoe
Second Hand   Kite Cabrinha choas 2013 13m

25 August, 2014

News  Winners of the kite competition - Guess the line length
News  Lewis Wilby joins team Flysurfer
Location  Sardinia / Stagno Di Mistras / Italy
Location  Sardinia / Putzu Idu / Italy
Location  Sardinia / Stagno Di Cirdu / Italy
Location  Sardinia / Sant Antioco South / Italy
Location  Sardinia / Porto Botte North / Italy
Location  Sardinia / Porto Campana / Italy
Location  Sardinia / Quartu Sant Elena / Italy
Location  Sardinia / Santa Giusta / Italy
Second Hand   Kite Ozone Edge 2013 9m

24 August, 2014

News  2014 Formula Kite World Championships Day 4
Location  Crete / Poubelles Beach / Greece

23 August, 2014

Pro Rider Lewis Wilby  Joining the Flysurfer International Team

22 August, 2014

News  2014 Formula Kite World Championships Day 3
News  Wainman Hawaii RG3.0 - Taking off...
News  2014 Formula Kite World Championships Day 1
Feed Kitebord Tour Asia  Katja Roose Calls For New Riders Association
Rider Cedric Vandenschrik  Cape town Winter Kiting

21 August, 2014

News  EngadinWind 2014 - Best of 3
Location  Sardinia / Capo Comino / Italy
Location  Sardinia / La Ciaccia / Italy
Location  Sardinia / Isola Rossa / Italy
Location  Narac / Hatavicy / Belarus
Feed Kitebord Tour Asia  25 Craft Registered for Roof of the World
Feed Kitebord Tour Asia  Airstyle Hangout Planned for Egypt

20 August, 2014

Location  Lake Karakul / Tajikistan

19 August, 2014

News  2014 Cabrinha East Coast KiteFoil Championships
News  The 5th and final round UK and Spain
News  First buggy races at Romo (DK)
News  Red Bull Battle Of The Sund 2014 Report

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