jeremieeloy: And the sky is falling #pointneige http://t.co/Ot6XAsXBvf
SebGarat: Georges the cat loves my #whip 5'5 ! #catsurf #northkiteboarding #s...
prokitetour: Happy Holidays from the PKRA and all the riders! #pkrarider #kite...
brandonscheid: She's a beauty. mthoodmeadows #snow #NWlove #mthoodmeadows h...
arielcorniel: Amazing day training my little friend Sebastián,training New ...
Northkites: Happy Birthday @paulanovotna #northkiteboarding #truekiteboarding ...
RenoRomeu: Sick session under the #GoldenGateBridge in #SanFrancisco!!! Photo:...
kiteforum: Video: ION Brandclip - Surfing Elements... http://t.co/zBWFU8LRzJ
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26 December, 2014

Video  ION Brandclip - Surfing Elements
Switch Kites FB  Dave Albertson having a festive time on his New #nitro4
North FB  HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULA, all the best from the entire North Kiteboarding team!!
Peter Lynn FB  Recapping on 2014 with Maurits van Zalinge of sales today. "2014 was epic! When...
Nobile FB  Can you imagine that first Nobile snowboard was built in 1994! Check out our sno...
Core FB  There are many ways to spend your Christmas Holidays, one of them is being on th...
Liquid Force FB  Very honest review of our Foil Fish, from Green Hat Kiteboarding.
Paula Novotna FB  It's my day again Stoked to receive so many messages and greetings from all of...
Mike Schitzhofer FB  Definitely a nice place to kite and cruise around here in Antigua. Always great...
Keahi de Aboitiz FB  Loving my new @knektusa #gp4 trigger! Having the trigger system makes it so much...
Susi Mai FB  Loving my JP-Australia SUP http://www.magisto.com/video/NA8cJUUOHCtgVEdiCzE
Oswald Smith FB  Trust everybody had a festive Christmas... Just wanted to thank everyone for all...
Airton Cozzolino FB  Check it out! #surfingelements
Alex Pastor FB  Happy Christmas to me! So happy with my new car! Thanks MINI! Esta navidad no m...
Reno Romeu FB  Sick session under the #GoldenGateBridge in #SanFrancisco!!! Photo: @tobybromwic...
Alberto Rondina FB  Looking forward to another full moon sesh like last month! Cant wait 󾌸󾮟 Cabrinha...
Ariel Corniel FB  
Dioneia Vieira FB  Having fun❤️ Se divertindo ❤️
Bruna Kajiya FB  hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, full of love, laughter and joy!!! espe...
Helena Brochocka FB  Pop ! @bestkiteboarding @ripcurlpolska #bestkiteboarding #ripcurl #ripcurlpolsk...
Annabel van Westerop FB  The youngest generation of the Van Westerop family 󾌵
Manuela Jungo FB  I hope you all had a merry christmas with family and friends. At this special ti...
Patrick Blanc FB  Just came back from a crazy kite session in front of the house! 4m waves and wi...
Ines Correia FB  Bom fim de semana a todos!󾌳󾌳 Red Bull MEO EDP Renováveis Roxy Xcult Surfboards...
Alexandre Neto FB  holidays mode on!!! ferias no modo ativo!!! Best Kiteboarding Soulfly Concept Un...

25 December, 2014

Video  Front 360 KickFlip King Deadman Flip
Video  Because "season" never ends
Picture  Somewhere/United Kingdom at 2014-12-25
Second Hand   Kite North Rebel 2014 9m
Liquid Force FB  Merry Christmas from all the Liquid Force Kiteboarding Team! Credit: Vincent Be...
Peter Lynn FB  Picture of the day: "Here comes Santa Claus. Merry Christmas everybody!" Rider:...
Cabrinha FB  Merry Christmas to everyone from the Cabrinha family. #peace #love #happiness
Robinson Hilario FB  Santa spotted kite boarding in Cabarete! I hope he managed to deliver all the gi...
Annabel van Westerop FB  I love it! A proper Christmas this year! Cold weather, warm clothes, family time...
Paula Novotna FB  Feeling blessed and happy to spend ✨XMAS ✨time with my family and to have this c...
Airton Cozzolino FB  Vota il tuo Red Bull best moment of 2014 E Buon natale a tutti ;)
Lewis Wilby FB  Merry Christmas all!
Ines Correia FB  Bom natal a todos!!!!! 󾌩 Merry X-max!!!!󾌩 Red Bull MEO EDP Renováveis Xcult Sur...
Airton Cozzolino FB  Merry Xmas from my sweet home! Buon natale dalla mia dolce casa.
Mike Schitzhofer FB  Enjoying the beach-life here in Antigua. Got to love the Caribbean. Oliver Panny
Liam Whaley FB  I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! I'm sure having fun in the snow :) Fil...
Reno Romeu FB  Merry Christmas San Fran.. #SanFrancisco
Kirsty Jones FB  A Christmas eve Beach Clean with the Ocean Océan Vagabond Dakhla et Essaouira gu...
Alex Pastor FB  Blessed to spend Christmas with my family and friends!
Aaron Hadlow FB  Happy Christmas from Cape Town
Alberto Rondina FB  Nothing better than a #Xmas shred!! Cabrinha NP Surf GoPro Athena

24 December, 2014

Video  A Very Welsh Winter
Video  An African Adventure Part 1
Picture  Somewhere/Lithuania at 2014-12-24
Picture  Penghu/Taiwan at 2014-12-24
Events & Demos  Red Bull Kite Farm
Dr Tuba FB  Dr.Tuba wishes you Merry Christmas and all the best in 2015! It's been a great y...
PKRA FB  Happy holidays from the PKRA crew and all the riders! #PKRA #pkrarider #kitebo...
North FB  Kollege gesucht: Produkt-Designer (m/w) http://www.boards-and-more.com/jobs/
Core FB  Steven Akkersdijk Kiteboarding shows off his kiteset, and tells us why he loves...
Cabrinha FB  Get creative over the holidays like Cabrinha rider Theo Demanez in the amazing O...
Wainman Hawaii FB  
Spleene FB  Merry Christmas from Germany. Happy Holidays✨
KB4girls FB  Happy Holidays to all the kite gals around the world! :)
Wainman Hawaii FB  From us, to all of our fans! "Unite" by Wainman Hawaii will be released in Janu...
Peter Lynn FB  Ricardo Estupiñán putting down a nice spray in Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria. Pic...
Switch Kites FB  Merry Christmas from the Switch team Get ready for an exciting and windy 2015
Nobile FB  Wesołych świąt i Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku • Gézuar Krishlindjet Vitin e Ri! • Me...
CrazyFly FB  Merry Christmas and happy New year 2015
Peter Lynn FB  Recapping on 2014: One of the best moments this year for Marijn Tijhof, working...
North FB  It's always an incredible feeling to look back at the end of the year and see th...
Alexandre Neto FB  its christmasss, i already got my present, what did you get it? thanks Best Kite...
Brandon Scheid FB  Nothing beats carving turns in glassy water. @liquidforcekites @realwatersports...
Forest Bakker FB  Little teaser of whats coming in January. Was a sick trip with the crew!! Merry...
Ines Correia FB  Bom natal para todos!!!! A minha prenda chegou antecipada!!! Tenho a sorte de...
Robinson Hilario FB  Hope you are all having a good day with family and friends!!
Dioneia Vieira FB  Um dos dias mais esperados do ano chegou e eu aposto que todos estão ansiosos pa...
Susi Mai FB  Merry Xmas everyone from Munich :) xx
Gabi Steindl  Season??s Greetings !
Sam Light FB  Happy Christmas everyone! Hope you have a good one! Big love from down under! ⛄️
Nuria Goma FB  Enjoying these special days with my beloved ones who I miss so much the rest of...
Sabrina Lutz FB  Giving and receiving love is the only guarantee of having a truly Merry Christma...
Reno Romeu FB  Vai um verme ai?? XMass Mexican Yumm yumm #worm #MexicoCity
Alberto Rondina FB  Wherever you are I hope you have the most happy pleasant and beautiful #Christma...
Milla Ferreira FB  Desejo a todos um feliz natal e um ano novo com muita saude e logico muito surf!...
Robinson Hilario FB  Happy Holidays to everyone! Enjoy the time with your family, friends and stran...
Jesse Richman FB  It's not always about what you do, but more so about how you do it.... So go big...
Katja Roose FB  
Ariel Corniel FB  enjoying my last day in Cabarete together with my best friend Posito Martinez! M...
Gisela Pulido FB  Awesome work out this morning with Paula Novotná so we don't feel guilty for ton...
Robinson Hilario FB  
Paul Serin FB  Joyeux noël à tous, profitez bien du repas et surtout gardez l'aile basse Merr...

23 December, 2014

Picture  Somewhere/Bahamas at 2014-12-23
Second Hand   Kite Cabrinha Switchblade 2014 12m
Second Hand   Kite Cabrinha Convert 2011 9m
Second Hand   Kite Ozone summit
North FB  Inês Correia - Cape Verde
Switch Kites FB  Greta Menardo enjoying some warm conditions . #element3 #Mjcomp2 #controller2
Liquid Force FB  Sandro Haubenwallner wishes you a Happy Holidays! #xmas #crashbutlaugh For more...
Nobile FB  Enjoy our latest movie: 'Saudade. The Movie' - hope you like it! https://vimeo.c...
North FB  
Peter Lynn FB  Recapping 2014. We think this is one of the best Peter Lynn rider wipe outs! “oo...
Switch Kites FB  GoPro #selfie #nitro4
Ocean Rodeo FB  Sunset sessions.
F-One FB  Last video of Céline Rodenas and Liloo Gringa go in Brazil ! http://vimeo.com/...
Ocean Rodeo FB  Nice Prodigy action on Vancouver Island, BC.
Ines Correia FB  Sem vento e sem ondas por aqui hoje foi dia de apanhar o jantar para o natal ama...
Katja Roose FB  Tot 1 januari kan je stemmen, thanks! https://apps.facebook.com/my-contests/haag...
Mike Schitzhofer FB  Me, myself and NYC... What a fascinating place. #newyork #tripping #bigapple #ti...
Dioneia Vieira FB  Can't describe how much I love this place and how good it makes me feel ❤️ Nao...
Reno Romeu FB  Piramides de Teotihuacan #Mexico
Estefania Rosa FB  
Kristiin Oja FB  #firstgingerbreadhouse #maybeoneday #girlcandream
Julien Kerneur FB  
Paula Novotna FB  ✨Happy holidays to all of YOU! Enjoy your family, take some rest and be thankful...

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