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21 April, 2014

Video  Powder days
Video  Life is better when you Kiteboarding.
Video  Happy Days in Gnaraloo
Location  Krull Park / New York (USA)
Events & Demos  CKA West Coast Regionals @ Pismo Beach April 18-21
Picture  Rosebud Australia/Australia at 2014-04-21
Picture  Somewhere/United States at 2014-04-21
Second Hand   Kite RRD Obsession 2014 10.5m
Second Hand   Kite Ozone Catalyst 2012 10m
Second Hand   Kite Ozone Edge 2013-2014 7m
Second Hand   Kite Ozone Edge 2013-2014 15m

20 April, 2014

Video  4 months on the C4 - Andy Yates
Video  Mr. Four vs. Mr. Five
Video  The Golden Glow - James Boulding
Feed Ozone Kitesurfing  Andy Yates - 4 months on and still frothing!
Second Hand   Board Cabrinha Prodigy 147
Second Hand   Various Other Aleeda 2001 Mens XL
Second Hand   Various Other Aleeda Classic 2001 Women\'s L
Second Hand   Board Crazyfly Raptor Pro 2013 137 x 43
Second Hand   Kite Cabrinha Tronic 2013 144

19 April, 2014

Video  Livin in a Dream: Kitesurfing in Egypt
Video  Strapless Addiction:Stefano Gentili
Location  Spanish River Park / Florida (USA)
Second Hand   Kite Starkites Arawak 2012 10
Second Hand   Kite Starkites Arawak 2012 12m

18 April, 2014

News  2014 Season Info - Event Confirmation and Cancellations
Video  HighEnd Kiteboards aus Europa
Video  Essex Boys - High Fidelity
Video  "Swell" Heading South
Location  Burhave / Germany
Location  Waikawau Bay / New Zealand
Location  El Golfo de Santa Clara / Mexico
Location  Lagoa de Monte Alto / Brazil
Feed Ozone Landkiting  ESSEX BOYS - High Fidelity video
Rider Cedric Vandenschrik  New Video: ??Swell? Heading South
Second Hand   Kite Crazyfly Sculp 2013 15
Second Hand   Kite North Fuse 2013 16m
Second Hand   Kite Gaastra Jet 2013 13-17
Second Hand   Kite Core GTS2 2013 15m²

17 April, 2014

Video  Road to Nationals
Video  Thinlines
Feed PKRA  2014 Event Confirmation and Cancelations
Pro Rider Florian Scharscher  On the road
Second Hand   Kite Liquid Force Envy 2013 9
Second Hand   Kite Liquid Force Envy 2012 12
Second Hand   Kite Cabrinha Crossbow 2012 11M

16 April, 2014

Video  Toyota Hybrid Technology
Video  Mexican kiteboarding competition
Video  The City Line Project - FS Peak
Video  Natalia Trip Kite Lac Leucate-Salses
Feed Ozone Snowkiting  CHRONO ?? New era, the beginning of a legend?
Feed Ozone Kitesurfing  Jake Kelsick loving the C4
Events & Demos  The Miami Kiteboarding Masters is back: April 12+13
Picture  Somewhere/Bahamas at 2014-04-16
Second Hand   Kite Ozone zephyr 2013 17
Second Hand   Kite North Fuse 2013 16m
Second Hand   Kite Ozone Edge 2012 11
Second Hand   Kite Naish Draft 2013/2014 12
Second Hand   Kite Wainman Hawaii Mr. Green 2012-2014 7.5
Second Hand   Kite Wainman Hawaii Gypsy 2012-2014 6.25m
Second Hand   Kite Wainman Hawaii Punch 2012-2014 10.5m
Second Hand   Kite Epic Infinty V2

15 April, 2014

Video  Van Malsen in Mexio
Feed Switch kites  The Hidden Kitesurfing Paradise - Puerto Rico
Feed Liquid Force  Mowgli??s Jungle: Chapter 01
Pro Rider Alexandre Neto  training in tarifa
Rider Cedric Vandenschrik  Spring time in Italy
Second Hand   Kite Flysurfer Speed 3 deluxe 2010 19

14 April, 2014

News  Recap of the 2014 Miami Kite Masters
Video  Cap Skirring Kitesurf Paradise (Senegal)
Location  Nhiquim River Mouth / Guinea-Bissau
Location  Carabane / Senegal
Location  Cap Skirring / Senegal
Pro Rider Damien Leroy  Boardercross win "2014 Miami Kite Masters"
Picture  Crandon Beach Park/Florida (USA) at 2014-04-12

13 April, 2014

Video  Eric Blanchard - Evolutions
Picture  Somewhere/Florida (USA) at 2014-04-12
Second Hand   Board Other Custom Mike\'s Lab 70 2012 70
Second Hand   Kite North Evo 2011 12m
Second Hand   Kite Best Waroo 2006 9m
Second Hand   Kite Best Nemesis 2008 12m
Second Hand   Various Ocean Rodeo Pyro Pro Drysuit 2009 Large, Tall
Second Hand   Kite F-one Bandit 6 2013 10m

12 April, 2014

Location  Puttalam Lagoon / Sri Lanka
Location  Etalai / Sri Lanka
Location  Talawila / Sri Lanka
Location  Kappalady / Sri Lanka
Second Hand   Kite Flexifoil Hadlow ID 2013 12

11 April, 2014

News  The Trust 2014 is now available
Feed Gin  Iksurfmag CANNIBAL test report
Picture  Quebec/Canada at 2014-04-11
Picture  Somewhere/Italy at 2014-04-11
Second Hand   Kite North Dice 2014 6M
Second Hand   Kite North Dice 2014 9M
Second Hand   Kite North Dice 2014 12M
Second Hand   Kite Slingshot SPREADER BAR 2008 SUREFIRE
Second Hand   Kite Airush BAR AND LINES NEW - NEVER USED 17 inch bar 25m lines
Second Hand   Kite Other ASV XR performonace race kite 2013 9
Second Hand   Board Shinn Ultrasonic,Monk,Supershinn 2 2014 137,134,136

10 April, 2014

Location  La Pinta / Mexico
Location  Puerto Penasco / Mexico
Location  Cholla Bay / Mexico
Feed Gin  #throwbackthursday
Pro Rider Kristiin Oja  Freestyle Clinic in Egypt
Second Hand   Kite Slingshot NEW FOOT STRAPS 2012 FITS ALL FEET

09 April, 2014

Location  Svencele / Lithuania
Feed Ozone Landkiting  Thomas Bouzerand - Les Dunes de l??Espiguette
Feed Switch kites  Kitesurfing complements Snowboarding
Second Hand   Kite Airush Varial X 2012 9 Meter

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