RenoRomeu: #FooFigthers giving chicken skin to everyone!!! What a show!!! @ Ma...
RubenLen10: Check out my new mix from the Sundowner Rooftop Party at @WINDTOWN...
PaulaNovotna: ☀️Traveling, traveling.. 🏄In the sky again! ...
Wainman_Hawaii: Alvaro Onieva riding with his #ManiaC kite exposed in the late...
Northkites: RT @AaronHadlow: One of my all time favourite moves shot perfectly...
nuriagoma: Comencem la setmana amb energia positiva! Pensant en els dilluns d'...
JesseTheRichman: Beautiful few days in Cape Town, been a bit flat and windles...
AaronHadlow: One of my all time favourite moves shot perfectly. #mobe5 #backmo...
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25 January, 2015

Video  No wind kiteboarding ;-)
Video  2015 LOTW Interview Julien Kerneur
Picture  Icarai/Brazil at 2015-01-25
Picture  Somewhere/Costa Rica at 2015-01-25
Second Hand   Kite Ozone C4 2011 7m
Switch Kites FB  UCPA Dakhla Dreamkite having a blast on the Switchkites quiver.
Core FB  Throwback to a KGB from Tom Schiffmann on the perfect training grounds in Brasil!
Cabrinha FB  Switch Backmobe5 from Alby in Brazil!
Liam Whaley FB  On our way to Melbourne! I hope the plane flies
Gisela Pulido FB  Having a great time in Punta Cana! Thanks for the invitation to the Red Bull Kit...
David Tonijuan Colomer FB  ☀️Always wherever, but ondesea #cabrinha #chaos #hydroponic #paez #picchio #kit...
Ariel Corniel FB  Was a nice session today together with my little brother Adeuri and also Javier...
Julien Kerneur FB  Very happy to won the LORD OF THE WIND 2015 Baja Mexico , It was a great week ,...
Patrick Blanc FB  Way to windy today but still enjoying sunsets around here! Wind was over 50 knot...
Sam Light FB  New video from Brazil coming out on Tuesday the 27th (not Monday as I said yeste...
Dioneia Vieira FB  ✨Lets take a rest baby✨ #restday #sunday #chill #kitesurf #kitegirl #ginkiteboar...
Kristiin Oja FB  Checking out the beach with Ares #tarifa
Gisela Pulido FB  About to take off! A punto de despegar! #kitefestpc2015
Aaron Hadlow FB  Get your latest issue of the @redbullza @redbulletin here in #southafrica and sa...
Youri Zoon FB  Regram of @biotherm_homme bixente and me during the 30th year anniversary in par...
Alberto Rondina FB  Switch Mobe5 feels better then my regular these days! Cabrinha NP Surf GoPro Ath...
Aaron Hadlow FB  Coming in hot from a #slimchance 720 filmed last week the #freerideproject way!...

24 January, 2015

News  North Newsletter Issue 01/2015
Video  Framed - Colleen Carroll
Video  Aaron Hadlow - inForm (4K)
Video  Toms Kitchen III
Nomad FB  Nice 5'5' going through the factory , final finish will be white with logos.
Switch Kites FB  Greta Menardo #element3 #magic
Slingshot FB  The Infamous wake-style duo of Sam Light and Alex fox have a new video dropping...
Liquid Force FB  Jan Schiegnitz just came back from the Garden Route in South Africa.
KB4girls FB  And why does kitesurfing make YOU happy?
Annelous Lammerts FB  Always good to get some support during our training 🐂Isabeau Galiart, kitesurfin...
Gisela Pulido FB  Just hanging out on top of the slider waiting for the wind ... 󾍔 Pasando el t...
David Tonijuan Colomer FB  I can't be warmer with this wetsuit, wow , it's awesome! #new #NPsurf #wetsuit...
Lewis Wilby FB  Sweet kitesurf today! Initially on the 18m Speed 4 boosting soo high before drop...
Liam Whaley FB  Successful demo day in Sydney today! Had some good fun with the crew :) Cabrinha...
Craig Sparkes  SnowKiteMasters 2015
Dioneia Vieira FB  Cumbuco paradise!! ☀️ Cumbuco paraíso !!☀️ #cumbuco ☀️ #paradise #loveit❤️ #amaz...
Patrick Blanc FB  Warm up session from today, feels great to be back here after such a long time!...
Sam Light FB  New video dropping on Monday! @notalexfox and myself in Brazil! filmed by @patri...
Robinson Hilario FB  I like doing big air and huge kite loops but I think Tom has me beat with strapl...
Helena Brochocka FB  Getting friendly with those bastards in the pond @bestkiteboarding @ripcurlpols...
Alex Pastor FB  Feliz cumpleaños a la persona que ha hecho posible que hoy esté cumpliendo mi su...
Airton Cozzolino FB  Moments like this make me feel happy. @marioentero
Christophe Tack FB  My best #doublehalfcab on tape so far.. Bummer I missed the grab.. But stoked my...
Alex Pastor FB  Enjoying a well deserved #BBQ with this crew after a successful day of coaching!...
Katja Roose FB  Prachtig weer voor de Goodmorningrun! Niet alleen hardlopen over het strand maar...
Paula Novotna FB  Last day here in Venezuela, let's have some fun! #northkiteboarding #ionwater #s...
Dioneia Vieira FB  ✨The lagoon is not the same without you ❤️#love #kitelovers #together #loveyou ☀...
Aaron Hadlow FB  Grabbed #KGB back during my first #photoshoot for North Kiteboarding Internation...
Sam Light FB  Would you like to see a big budget Kiteboarding movie? Help make the Eyeforce 'C...
Keahi de Aboitiz FB  Quick little clip from towing yesterday. Although I didn't make it, this wave ha...

23 January, 2015

News  Slingshot Introduces the 15 Meter Turbine
Video  Classic 2002 Wipika Mystery Test Video
Video  Backroll Board Slide Backroll - Toby B
Video  Nobile: Breath of Brazil (2014)
Video  Slingshot Glide 149 / 159 cm
Video  Turbine 15/17M - New 15 Meter Size
Ocean Rodeo FB  Shout out to Marty and modern medicine. 2 years ago, nearly to the day, Marty sh...
Cabrinha FB  Aloha also means goodbye. Everyone at Cabrinha would like to bid Susi Mai all th...
Ocean Rodeo FB  Ocean Rodeo winter water park!
Ocean Rodeo FB  
Ocean Rodeo FB  Here's Meeka, up on stage at Boot 2015 giving a run through of the Mako King - i...
Core FB  Training days for Steven Akkersdijk Kiteboarding. He is getting ready for the Re...
Ozone FB  
Ocean Rodeo FB  #ORlife
Cabrinha  Aloha Susi
Core FB  "Like" if you feel like shredding this wave to pieces like Robert Kidnie did!
Ocean Rodeo FB  Morning #lookORlike fans, let's start the day with a lovely photo of OR's reside...
Peter Lynn FB  Escape the cold and indulge oneself with some sweet and smooth Brazilian freesty...
Wainman Hawaii FB  Weekend is coming. Gather your crew and enjoy every single minute riding with Wa...
Ozone FB  Tim Schoute going HUGE with the new 2015 C4 in Cape Town, great pic Tim!
Switch Kites FB  POV action. #Element3 #waves #unhooked
Patrick Blanc FB  In case you missed it check out my 2015 video from South Africa with @ozonekites...
Paul Serin FB  Soirée parisienne hier soir avec la présentation de la nouvelle chaîne de sport...
Ines Correia FB  Bom fim de semana para todos!!! A semana que passou não podia ter sido melhor!!...
Gisela Pulido FB  First session in Punta Cana. Light wind but fun 󾍇 Primera sesión en Punta Cana....
Alberto Rondina FB  Awesome time in the pimped slopes of Austria with Jana Schader! Back to Italy w...
Robinson Hilario FB  Friday Challenge- defy gravity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?x-yt-cl=84359240&...
Mike Schitzhofer FB  Finally back in Capetown. Feels like coming home... Went pretty much straight fr...
Nanette van der Snoek FB  Being back home is like... Working out to the max at Laco sportcentrum Utrechts...
Paula Novotna FB  ☀️No stress, no problems, just kite and enjoy, that's how I like it!!! #happygir...
Robinson Hilario FB  OMG!!!! I just woke up and now I really want to go back to bed. It’s tiring just...
Sam Light FB  Finally made the elusive #double back roll #selfie #kiteboarding #gopro4 #gopole...
Katja Roose FB  Plastic soep in de grootste speeltuin die we hebben... Daar word ik echt verdri...
Alex Pastor FB  So amped about landing this new trick today! Indy Front Flip Backside 360! What...
Reno Romeu FB  It took a while but I got this footage from few months ago when I was #wakeboard...
Dioneia Vieira FB  Just an other grab ✊ So mais um grab ✊ #palmtrees #background #kitegirl#girl #...
Nanette van der Snoek FB  New episode of Tom's Kitchen is out! Check out his master style and pro tips!
Aaron Hadlow FB  Got some coverage in Watersports Magazine. #cantstopwontstop #hadlowedition #had...
Stefan Spiessberger FB  New Episode of Tom's Kitchen! Check it out! North Kiteboarding International
Alex Pastor FB  Mobe 5 shots just never get old! Fun session today at the pond with the crew. To...
Sam Light FB  I love traveling with my Turbine, more days on the water and less let downs, as...
Aaron Hadlow FB  Are you missing those high quality movies in kiteboarding? I know I am, I look a...
Manuela Jungo FB  Epic day on the water and in the air.......
Jesse Richman FB  En route to Cape Town South Africa for the biggest and craziest event in Kiteboa...

22 January, 2015

News  Happy end at the 11th Snowkitemaster
Video  Kite Sisters Trips 2014
Video  HannahRok
Video  Kitesurf Barbados - Action!
Second Hand   Kite Other BWSURF 2014 6, 8, 10, 12m
Naish FB  Here's something to stir your wanderlust. #TeamNaish rider Lennart Schulenburg c...
North FB  Tom Court getting blown away in Cape Town!
Ocean Rodeo FB  Ok, we've just had a little breather but how's this #lookORlike fans? In der l...
Nomad FB  
Ocean Rodeo FB  Right then #lookORlike lovers, on the left we've got stalwart logistics manage...
Ocean Rodeo FB  Thought #looksORlike was done? Not so fast, this installment our Media Relations...
Ocean Rodeo FB  Continuing with #lookORlikes, we've got a biggy for ya - original king of the sk...
Ocean Rodeo FB  Continuing with our #lookORlikes, it's office funnyman and sales consultant Todd...
Ocean Rodeo FB  A nice message from a happy new Soul user just now: 'Hi John. Suit has just arri...

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