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   Shooting closeout shore breaks is way to much fun. Shot with my @knektusa trigge...
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   5 Best Travel Lessons
from Sensi Graves
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   Grind TV Feature
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   Get well soon bro, @lfioravanti #wipeout #injury #pipeline #crazydrop #backsoon...
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   Into the Water: Adventures in a Bikini
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   had my first session today here in cape town after 2 years, never get tired of t...
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   New Brazil edit!
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   Great photoshoot for Seaval BeachStyle yesterday with the amazing photographer J...
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   I love Kitegirls.
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   Just love to get these wheels dirty @miniespana #cooperS #countryman #all4
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   2012 Triple S!!!
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   Backside 317 and toeside railey to blind from the other day. Thanks for the shot...
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   I Know You Want to Win a Bikini!
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   Heres a quick interview with The Kite Show and Kiteworld Magazine on my preparat...
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   Adventures in a Bikini
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   Happy to be back on the water. Shot by outer quadrant,new gear feels good! #myst...
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   Cable Park Time!!
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   Enjoying sunday the way I like to do it :D Aproveitando o domingo do jeitinho qu...
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   Mini Spring into Summer SW Promo Tour
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   Let's get wet! #Kiteboarding #CapeTown
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   Last weekend in Sydney! Thanks @kitepower_australia for the good demo Photo: @...
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   Key West Wrap #1
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   Nordeste tv SBT
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   German Silva is turning me into a runner ;-) 15,15 km this morning, my first ti...
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   Spring Break Comp Update
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   Check out this edit I just made! After traveling through Southafrica for so many...
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   Tour Update
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