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« 22:49:18 »   Flysurfer razor
« 20:58:39 »   I have an excellent Revolution Shockwave that I want to sell. It is in perfect condition, I think that I have handles, lines, & kite, everything is as new. I was never able to fly it. Would consider a trade, or sell it for a really low price. Please contact Tom @ rocketcity@msn.com
« 14:17:57 »   Hi. Anyone know best budget place to kitesurf late October please, flying from London.
« 01:29:30 »   I will be assigned in Hanoi Vietnam. Can anyone refer me to a kiting centre/ school near Hanoi where I can continue to work on my kiting skills? Thanks!
« 10:30:37 »   wassup gentlemen, would y'all buy a North Rebel 10m or a Wainman Punch 10.5 ? considering you're a baddass wakestyle rider?
« 14:49:05 »   Tennessee
« 15:14:40 »   Hey Hey, Anyone in Ivory Coast or Ghana Kitesurfing?
« 00:09:28 »   hi all has any 1 kitesurfed in zante if so where is a good beach for this/
« 01:00:54 »   hi, this might be a stupid question, but is it possible to add lines to an older kite?
« 19:56:22 »   Get invalid link error. http://youtu.be/fG-gR1xhP5g
« 19:55:23 »   This link works in the address bar, why not in the “Uplaod Extern” area of kiteforum.tv
« 12:17:39 »   hi there, just wondering, i'm a newbie actually. if i buy a board, does it come with a foot pad, foot straps and center handle? =)
« 22:52:51 »   hi guys any of u kited in montana?
« 11:19:27 »   2013…. It’s already the second week of January 2013. 2012 was a great Dutch kitesurfing year! 3 World titles, 2 European titles and multiple high rankings gained by Dutch kitesurfers in different kitesurfing disciplines. Our Dutch kitesurfing men and women have again proven that Holland got great kitesurfing talent! 2012 was also a good year for the NKV. We have again more members of which we are very proud. The NKV has increased it’s position and we begin to feel the positive effects of it! 2013 will be a year with great opportunities and we are looking forward to challenge them! On behalf of the NKV I wish you and your loved ones a healthy, great and sportive 2013! Tom Rotmans, NKV board member, NKV regional coordinator
« 02:45:12 »   Hi guys did anyone of you snowkite in Montana?
« 01:10:41 »   Anyone going to Barbados?? Very cool info about some berried treasure.
« 01:08:47 »   Did anyone ride in WPB.. Jupiter Today??
« 19:15:28 »   Looking for some Kiting information for the Topsail area in North Carolina. What are the local spots in that area? Any assistance would be appreciated.
« 16:45:53 »   Going to Boracay 21st of Feb until 8th of Mar 2013, I was considering my 9m Ozone C4 together with a Skywalker X-series 137x42 cm twintip, is this good for the season?
« 17:26:52 »   Plz.
« 17:26:31 »   Tenerife in december _ any pros and cons?
« 16:08:19 »   Kiteboarding Wind Report over 6000 Locations www.sharkwind.com
« 14:50:47 »   selling my Zeeko Notus 2011 $ 700 obo with new security bar, bag : windnut@gmail.com
« 21:19:53 »   hi, Im looking for kiteschools/ spots and riders that are local on my trip plan. Details here http://kitelancers.com
« 10:56:00 »   I am heading to the Dominican Republic on the 12th August & I need to get from punta Cana to Cabarete I am travelling solo does anyone have any ideas. Thanks
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