jeremieeloy: Tahiti, bedroom with view #travel #surfing https://t.co/GcwCzm6ZVA
giselapulido: A veces hace demasiado viento para entrenar, pero eso no signifi...
PaulaNovotna: Just cruising ☀️😎🏄 #redsea #northkiteb...
SusiKite: So proud of you Ruben Lenten Xx https://t.co/aueS9ngDEJ http://t.co...
SusiKite: So proud of you Ruben Lenten https://t.co/aueS9nyewh Xx http://t.c...
Annelous_: Great day of riding at Palmones again! 📷 by romantsovaphoto...
brunakajiya: Tahitian sunset 😍🌅 Por do sol Taitiano 😍...
kiteforum: News: British explorer Tom Avery leads record-breaking Greenland cr...
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22 May, 2015

News  Core Fusion 2 - Our new 2nd Generation best seller is here
News  Explorer Tom Avery leads record-breaking Greenland crossing
Video  Ridiculous Fun on the Key West Flats
Video  Official 2015 Venyu Triple-S Trailer
Video  Patri McLaughlin: In Bloom
Second Hand   Kite Liquid Force Envy 2014 12m
Events & Demos  The Virgin Kitesurfing Armada Hayling Island 2015
Flysurfer FB  When you happen to be in the Noordwijk, the Netherlands this weekend, (23/24/25t...
Nobile FB  This spring Eudazio da Silva trained hard in Red Sea Zone (Nobile Pro Center) in...
Ocean Rodeo FB  
CrazyFly FB  Summer is in full swing, but this is how CF Team rider Pechi jumped in Norway #S...
Liquid Force FB  The LF slider is ready for the Triple-S Invitational! REAL Watersports
Switch Kites FB  No Stress and enjoy the moment. Greta Menardo #element3 #paradise
Flysurfer FB  Dutch Flysurfer kiteshop www.kite-freaks.nl made a very nice video review of the...
Ozone FB  
Ocean Rodeo FB  Cracking review of the Heat from a paddler's perspective from the guys over at S...
VKWC FB  Pop hard like a super hero this weekend everyone! Rider Gisela Pulido Pic Hugo...
Switch Kites FB  Jan dirk rusher having fun in Capetown on his #Element3 #drift #stability #predi...
Kari Schibevaag  MAKE IT A GOOD START
Tobias Hoelter FB  Little #tbt to last winters sessions in Taiba. Evan Netsch getting behind the le...
Susi Mai FB  So proud of you Ruben Lenten Xx https://youtu.be/R91XJWZDJiA
Annelous Lammerts FB  Great day of riding at Palmones again! Picture by Svetlana Romantsova Photography
Milla Ferreira FB  Hoje, para o @diariodonordeste #kitesurf #girlskiting
Katja Roose FB  Getting pretty close ;-)
Stefan Spiessberger FB  Laters #LosRoques! It was a blast!! @northkiteboarding #flyingspiders
Alexandre Neto FB  Great waveriding on my backyard! Boa session de wave no quintal de casa! #bestki...
Bruna Kajiya FB  Tahitian sunset Por do sol Taitiano #tahiti #sunset
Gisela Pulido FB  A veces hace demasiado viento para entrenar, pero eso no significa que no puedas...
Reno Romeu FB  Drone shot! #LosRoques #CaribbeanKiteCruise
Annabel van Westerop FB  Here's a little trick from my Brazil box. Enjoy :) Cabrinha, NP Surf, Saba Rock...
Linus Erdmann FB  Have a look at the video from our trip trough Hamburg at the Hafengeburtstag Ham...
Youri Zoon FB  Weddingday @larsgeelhoed and @lindi.happy to see this lovely couple getting mari...
Susi Mai FB  Tutu Tuesday in #Maui #maitaimaui2015
Tobias Hoelter FB  Teaser from last weekend is up! Funny to see your edit on the wall of one of the...
Tobias Hoelter FB  Up on Mercedes-Benz Deutschland: http://mb4.me/GLAroadtrip, quick little edit fr...
Patrick Blanc FB  It's finally friday!!!✌󾍘 Making the best out of the day󾭛󾟚 only 3 weeks to finish...
Dioneia Vieira FB  Whiteness and me 󾍘🏽❄️󾓃 #norway
Ines Correia FB  Mais um dia muito bom! esta semana esteve imparável!!!! Muito vento e ondas! Bo...
Youri Zoon FB  Fun little edit from my trip to Sweden! thanks again for the good vibe,s! Best...
Jessica Winkler FB  Now this is something I would do for sure if I had a normal life. They send you...
Sam Light FB  Really looking forward to some of this next week! The Triple-S Invitational is j...
Karolina Winkowska FB  Yes, this week was amazing ! And I enjoyed every single minute of it ! Sun, wind...

21 May, 2015

Video  Nobile: Edek & Janek. Warm up.
Video  Rocky Chatwell Butter Shred
Video  Get Together - The Roots
Video  Chile Trip 15 / Pt II Mauricio Pedreira
Video  Chile Trip 2015 II -Mauricio Pedreira
Video  A blast at home #2
Second Hand   Various Other Manta Foil 2015
F-One FB  Joshua EMMANUEL is doing a bit waveriding with his Mitu 5'8 at Misty Cliff, a sp...
Flysurfer FB  What a 1st day, yesterday at the International Kitefoil Silver Cup in France, wi...
Peter Lynn FB  Time for another trick of the week video! This week a Big air board spin by Gunn...
Peter Lynn FB  Buggy racing success at Pembrey beach, James Martin came in first at the 4th and...
VKWC FB  Alex Pastor is really motivated to get back on top of the podium. Check out the...
Core FB  What a nice pic! Palms...Beach...Kiting...Blue Ocean...Tell us about your favour...
Nomad FB  Ultra-wave's leaving the factory quicker than I can build them , this one in blu...
Cabrinha FB  Ride with friends today! Alberto Rondina and friends... #Anewreality #FX
Switch Kites FB  Go out there and push the level of gravity. #strapless #jumping #hawaii
F-One FB  Maxime NOCHER currently leading the Kitefoil Silver Cup Pro Am in Villeneuve-les...
Flysurfer FB  Check out the British Power Kite Tour - RAWKite round 1 event report with some n...
Core FB  Enjoy wonderful postings of our Teamrider Matthias Larsen and follow him through...
Nobile FB  Only 2 days left and one of the biggest kite test festival will start in the Net...
Levitaz Kitefoils FB  
Nobile FB  Have a good day Eudazio da Silva RedSeaZone #nobile
Rick Jensen FB  teaser of Makulo Mercedes campaign just went online... Good times with the crew...
Gisela Pulido FB  Buenos días!! Hora de desayunar para coger energía antes de ir al agua!! 󾭞🏻󾭂 Goo...
Bruna Kajiya FB  This paradise called Tahiti on its full glory! Esse paraíso chamado Taiti imp...
Marvin Baumeister FB  If you curious about the new super soft kite check out my little review of the n...
Aaron Hadlow FB  Cruising in paradise #losroques
Airton Cozzolino FB  
Marvin Baumeister FB  Another sunset #foil. #soulsession #foiled
Lewis Wilby FB  
Dioneia Vieira FB  After working out 󾁃󾁍󾍑🏽
Alvaro Onieva FB  Grab it out Biatch!!! :). #Reincarnation134. #LA. Wainman Hawaii / Ride Clash /M...
Linus Erdmann FB  What a nice weekend!! #GLAroadtrip #MercedesBenz #STREETSTYLE #GLA #MAKULO Mer...
Ines Correia FB  Eu adoro Portugal!!! Última semana tem sido muito boa! Vento e boas ondas! 󾮗󾌧󾀸...
Sergei Borisov FB  
Alberto Rondina FB  The #cabrinhaFX is such a kiteloop machine! Stoked on today's sesh! Cabrinha C...
Stefan Spiessberger FB  Playground for today. #northkiteboarding #truekiteboarding Pic by: @subpro
Ariel Corniel FB  Another big day training for the next Stop in Venezuela ,isla de coche PKRA Worl...
Milla Ferreira FB  Frame from today | Um momento de hoje! Sentir frio é pros fracos! ⛄️ #sqn #aguag...
Bruna Kajiya FB  Swimming with the in my new favorite place, paradise Tahiti! Nadando com os...
Reno Romeu FB  Today's setup! #FlatWater #RedCamera #Drone #4K
Marvin Baumeister FB  Inspired by our #KFGC tour director Mr RV Dean i am practising some hardcore #su...
Alexandre Neto FB  TBT photo on my way to hit the flat box at the cable in austria! momento pra rel...
Tobias Hoelter FB  Sickest wake edit I have seen in a while, with a kick ass tune and only 10K view...
Milla Ferreira FB  Mesmo com o swell indo embora ainda dá tempo de treinar e se divertir hoje!! Vic...
Forest Bakker FB  #tbt to #dakhla looping my 8m Maniac! Can't get enough of that feeling. Prolimi...
Nuria Goma FB  Once upon a time in Brazil there were no crowds and lagoons were all mine ;) Hub...
Patrick Blanc FB  Quicky session during lunch break, it just couldn't get better than this!󾭛󾟚 Bes...
David Tonijuan Colomer FB  Feeling stoked skating this ramp again after 6 years @hydroponic_clothing #canri...

20 May, 2015

News  New Core Pump 2.0 released
Second Hand   Kite North Team Hadlow edition 2015 140 x 42.5
Nobile FB  Americans we are coming! Triple-S Invitational Boardsports Onsite #nobileusa #no...
Switch Kites FB  Welcome to the Switch Team. Arthur Guillebert New Cal Power. #nitro4 #Mjcomp2 #N...
F-One FB  No plan for your holidays !!! Join the Kitecamp of Bertrand FLEURY and Tuva JANS...
Slingshot FB  Slingshot Demo this Saturday (or Sunday depending on the wind). Come on down to...
Flysurfer FB  A new blast @ home episode by FLYSURFER rider Laurent "Lolo BSD" Guyot, check ou...
Ozone FB  Excellent article on Kite Foil for all the sailors out there. Thanks Nico Parlie...
VKWC FB  Great cover of current Nº1 of VKWC Liam Whaley on latest issue from Kiteworld Ma...
Nobile FB  Let's follow Maciek "Magic" Lewandowski https://www.facebook.com/magickitesurfin...
Core FB  OUT NOW! The new CORE Pump 2.0! Check: pump.corekites.com/us/ #brandnew #evolut...
Core FB  Our teamrider Thomas Burblies up in the air:) Tell us about your first kiteloop!...
Marvin Baumeister FB  stoked to be representing #australia on the #vkwc #slalomkite #kiteracing @temav...
Sabrina Lutz FB  
Alex Pastor FB  Couple of my favorite tricks from my session yesterday at home, conditions are g...
Sabrina Lutz FB  I am in paradise .. the whole beautiful spot just for myself Palm Royale Soma Ba...
Mario Rodwald FB  Extra energy delivery between sessions at Rhodes!
Tobias Hoelter FB  Little Cockpit POV from my private jet :D Great acoustic, feels like flying to S...
Reno Romeu FB  #Kiteboarding in this giant pool! #gopro

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