nuriagoma: Aerial views of Zanzibar & hydrofoil.What else?#drone #dji #zan...
nuriagoma: RT @EloKiteFamily: @nuriagoma Wonderful !! Very nice edit & pic...
JesseTheRichman: That feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you find...
Guillykite: Terra à vista #embuscadoultimoparaiso #canaloff #indiestrader ...
nuriagoma: Short edit of Zanzibar. Have a nice week everybody! Video de Zanzib...
SebGarat: RT @MUCOmnisports: Les i-MUC @MUCOmnisports : 1ère @ChaConsorti !...
AlvaroOnix: Maui colors... #thereIssomethingMagicalhere. https://t.co/1yCQlA03...
kitetourasia: The latest NZWaterman is out from our Kiwi friends enjoy the rea...
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01 March, 2015

Video  Cabrinha FX - Coming March 1, 2015
Video  Generations - The Evolution of Kiteboard
Video  Tnias Tnemelc
Video  Rules Crandon Beach Park, Miami
Second Hand   Kite Ozone Chrono 2015 15m
Second Hand   Kite Epic Judge 2014 11
North FB  
Flysurfer FB  FLYSURFER rider Yusca Balogh together with Timo van 't End had a dream to do a 3...
North FB  Tom Court bringing you a quick Courts Council with Craig Cunningham on how to pr...
Ozone FB  The Ozone Snow Kite Masters has come to an end for another year, here is the wri...
Cabrinha FB  
F-One FB  Charlotte CONSORTI in Turcs and Caicos or in paradise ?
Cabrinha FB  Sit back, relax and welcome to A New Reality! http://youtu.be/RefEfaStjhE
Reno Romeu FB  Happy 450 years anniversary #Rio!!! Even with all the problems from a big city,...
Liam Whaley FB  New Cabrinha video out featuring the BRAND NEW FX and crazy @nickjacobsen ! Don'...
Sam Medysky FB  Always fun to ride with friends @alexnetow @liaferia @hannahwhiteleyofficial @be...
Aaron Hadlow FB  Dyno days in Tarifa #truekiteboarding #givesyouwings #IONaction #IONwater #dyno...
Gisela Pulido FB  Explorando el mundo y buscando nuevos lugares para navegar! Exploring the world...
Alex Pastor FB  This trick is tighter than submarine screws
Susi Mai FB  Regram from @johnnydill - foiling this morning #lift #homesweethome
Sabrina Lutz FB  NKB Generations 󾮗 very nice clip ! Check IT out! North Kiteboarding International
Mike Schitzhofer FB  18 days from today it's time to kick off the 2015 PKRA World Tour season with th...
David Tonijuan Colomer FB  Who is flying higher??? while we were all jumping together we were closer to ea...
Marvin Baumeister FB  Really hope i can do some #pkra world cup #slalom events this year. This shot wa...
Annelous Lammerts FB  "Kijk op de Slingshot Kiteboarding Benelux pagina en win een Sea is Snow beanie"...
Brandon Scheid FB  Going upside-down on #snow sure hurts more than water. Took some moby beatings...
Robinson Hilario FB  Sunday Funday! Great new kiting video from Nick Jacobsen! Show him some love :)...
Dioneia Vieira FB  Quando dá errado 󾍔󾭝󾭝 When it goes wrong! Gin kites
Gabi Steindl  Let??s get shacked !
Susi Mai FB  Regram from @johnnydill - foil time at kitebeach #lift #homesweethome
Dioneia Vieira FB  Vem pro Cumbuco 󾁇󾁇󾁇󾁇
Keahi de Aboitiz FB  Fair to sunset here is SA was pretty amazing today. The trip is almost over but...
Annabel van Westerop FB  All new video, all new kite! Check out Nick Jacobsen on the new Cabrinha FX! ht...
Carlos Mario FB  Sem vento só curtindo um bom velejo de SUP em Jericoacoara. Logo mais Marrocos P...
Karolina Winkowska FB  Check out my trick of the week video ! 'Frontroll to blind'󾌵 more coming soon !#...
Alberto Rondina FB  Go check out this new video with my mate Nick Jacobsen killing it on the new Cab...
Ariel Corniel FB  returning again at my beautiful paradise Cabarete with my friend Quillo and Luis...

28 February, 2015

Video  Winter Session in Ireland
Video  How's your winter?
Video  Trinity
Second Hand   Board ABoards Wseries 135x41 2013 135x41
Dr Tuba FB  Our new upcoming kite for 2015. Pre-orders are now possible!
Nobile FB  Yes, we are waiting to take one of the best polish models Zosia Nowak on kiteboa...
Switch Kites FB  Marc Jacobs Having a good run on the #nitro4 Getting ready for the season.
Nobile FB  Rafael Vilches Cabeza our great rider and friend from Nobile Sports España Team!...
Liquid Force FB  Sebastian Lang capturing the grab!
Ocean Rodeo FB  
Gisela Pulido FB  Unos cuantos trucos de la sesión de ayer... El viento estaba flojo pero fue dive...
Aaron Hadlow FB  Front roll tail grab to blind. One of the best feeling tricks. #truekiteboarding...
Marvin Baumeister FB  #rainforest #waterholes are the most refreshing thing you can do in #summer #thi...
Annabel van Westerop FB  Feeling lucky to be part of the Cabrinha family and spend time in places like Ma...
Annelous Lammerts FB  Laat onder deze foto op de Slingshot Kiteboarding Benelux pagina weten waarom ji...
Alexandre Neto FB  what a great feeling to fly high at the strong winds here in cape town! sensaçao...
Linus Erdmann FB  #brasil was #nice with #slingshot #crew #kitesurfing #fun #training #video #give...
Patrick Blanc FB  Last day in #Tarifa!! :( Gonna miss thoses sunsets and this kind of lifestyle :...
Jerrie van de Kop FB  Check out my little Brazil edit! Looking forward to the next PKRA in Marocco :D...
Kirsty Jones FB  ' Mind Like Water ' Quiet the mind and the soul will speak. Ocean & zen - Ocean...
Sam Light FB  Peace out Cape Town! Thanks for the good times everyone! Photo Cred Bianca Ashe...
Katja Roose FB  Yesterdays paragliding lessons by my dad :-)
Dioneia Vieira FB  ✨Whoohooo stoked, just reached 2000 followers on Instagram, Thanks everyone for...
Airton Cozzolino FB  Happy weekend to all! 󾮗 North Kiteboarding InternationallIONNRed Bulll PHMario E...
Manuela Jungo FB  I love my new Gym. Ich liebe mein neues Fitness Studio.
Carlos Mario FB  Team Slingshot Kite no Brasil em Barra Grande (PI).
Alex Pastor FB  

27 February, 2015

News  PKRA New 2015 rules preview & provisional tour calendar
Video  Paradise: Guam-Kitesurf
Video  We have come to look at the seals
Video  Febrrrrrruary Kitesurf Sessions
Video  ROAM
Video  Ryky Bobi - Lovin' Life
Picture  Penghu/Taiwan at 2015-02-27
Second Hand   Various Ocean Rodeo Soul 2014 Small
Nobile FB  Like it! Zuza Rusiecka has great time on Pro 50/Fifty :) #nobilekiteboarding
Ocean Rodeo FB  
F-One FB  Vincent TIGER in Guadeloupe !!!
Slingshot FB  Go meet up with Sam Light if you are in Cape Town and try the newest gear!
Core FB  Looks like Philipp found himself a nice spot to play around. #COREkites #tropica...
Ozone FB  Coming soon from Ozone…A new generation of ultra high performance foil kite, the...
North FB  How it all began!!!
CrazyFly FB  2015 #RaptorPro review by The Kiteboarder Magazine http://www.thekiteboarder.com...
F-One FB  
Gisela Pulido FB  Quién se apunta? :D Who wants to join me? :D
Marvin Baumeister FB  #pallarenda #sunrise #townsvilleshines #thisisqueensland
Katja Roose FB  Leuk gesprek vanochtend met Remy Vasseur! Afgelopen weekend won hij de Marathon...
Kirsty Jones FB  Really nice blast from the past! ...The amazing evolution of kiteboarding and NKB.
Paul Serin FB  Encore une session parfaite avec ma #naishtorch 10m à Coche !! Plus qu'une semai...
Milla Ferreira FB  
Aaron Hadlow FB  Worth watching this interesting video about the evolution of North Kiteboarding...
Aaron Hadlow FB  You know you are in a windy place when you see this. #windturbines as far as the...
Alex Pastor FB  This BS 317 is dirtier than "2 girls 1 cup" Shot: Toby Bromwich Airush MINI Hue...
Milla Ferreira FB  58 anos levando energia para o Brasil!! E agora, impulsionando os atletas que o...
Sam Medysky FB  Grabbing some tail from above here in #capetown @bestkiteboarding @woosports @da...
Jalou Langeree FB  We where flying this afternoon, 12km of joy and endless rides. Making the best o...
Brandon Scheid FB  Here's to a weekend filled with #wind and #powder. Photo : @bergeron_vincent @...
Stefan Spiessberger FB  Good times in #tarifa ! Cheers to @nuasuu for the pic! #northkiteboarding #Ener...
Robinson Hilario FB  Waoh! Nice wave!
Florian Scharscher  New Video: ROAM
Nanette van der Snoek FB  Spin it when you're in it! Make your weekend swing! Pic by Christin Schwarzer
Sam Light FB  The @slingshotkite demo is in full swing! The Cape doctor has arrived and kites...
Manuela Jungo FB  My liquid schoolyard on the Island Graham's Place in Guanaja. Thanks for the hel...
Paula Novotna FB  
Marvin Baumeister FB  #OZONE #R1 the next level of high performance #foil #kites! Coming soon! Check i...
Tobias Hoelter FB  Looking forward to my next project with that crazy son of a gun, Nick Jacobsen!!...
Dioneia Vieira FB  Spray for fun :D :D Spray pra divertir :D :D Photo: Cicero ferreira da silva
Stefan Spiessberger FB  This is how it's gonna look like. New Rules, New Format, maybe new Events. PKRA...
Airton Cozzolino FB  Help your mates ;) Marcilio Browne
Katja Roose FB  Congratz Nancy van de Ven Fans, Zeeuws Sportvrouw van het jaar! En succes met je...
Alberto Rondina FB  Hopping into the weekend #maui style! 󾮟󾌫 Cabrinha NP Surf GoPro @athena

26 February, 2015

News  Slingshot - Questions and Answers on the RPM
News  OR: Local Currency! Euro, GBP, CAD & USD Now Accepted

Latest Postings

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Hydrofoil definitons, terminology
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Hydrofoil Adam Koch board concept explanation
Kitesurfing Cabarete ?? Where to fly into ? How to get there from airpo
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Kitesurfing FB controversy
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Snow / Land Search Snow kiting location near Three hills Alberta
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Kitesurfing Lightwind Options
Hydrofoil horue boards?
Kitesurfing Pics of your fav kiting spot.
Kitesurfing Epic Kites is hiring.
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Hydrofoil Aguera 160 raceboard for learning
Kitesurfing Ireland in late May?
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Travel Costa Rica - Kitehouse or Blue Dream?
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Travel Looking for a Florida destination
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Hydrofoil lift lift combo?
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Kitesurfing The Video Topic - post all videos here
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Travel Marsa Alam, Egypt - Where to go?
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Hydrofoil BraCuru Foilboards
Kitesurfing Looking for Ocean Rodeo Soul Dry Suit real user reviews
Kitesurfing Switchkites Nitro v4 thought
Kitesurfing Channels on Boards
Hydrofoil Windsurfing fins as wings on a home build.
Kitesurfing OR: Local Currency! Euro, GBP, CAD & USD Now Accepted
Kitesurfing Smaler BRM clouds
Hydrofoil Best conditions, kite size for learning to foil?
Hydrofoil kite for a hydrofoil beginner , ozone reo 12 or edge 13
Board Builders Carbon VS Glass fiber in kiteboards
Hydrofoil Wood pulp extract stronger than carbon fiber or Kevlar
Kitesurfing Airstyle DVD now available on Vimeo On Demand - watch online
Airstyle King Deadman DoubleSpin Flip - airstyle.tv
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Travel Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka Recommendation
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Kitesurfing Maldives and Kitesurfing?
Kitesurfing some wave action
Hydrofoil Sudden deep ventilation ?
Hydrofoil foil in San Diego
Airstyle North Dyno 2015 13m
Kitesurfing Will 2014 c4 bladder fit my 2013 c4??
Kitesurfing Lairds Pregnant!
Kitesurfing Brand New 2014 Cabrinha Vector Quiver 7m & 9m - Anyone?
Kitesurfing C-Bar Alternatives?
Kitesurfing Turks where to stay ??
Kitesurfing RB King of the Air 2015 - all info here
Kitesurfing Ideal boards to adapt for tandem use.
Kitesurfing Any more KOTA vids been released yet?
Kitesurfing Liquid Force Solo 2016 ?
Kitesurfing Switch Element3 or Nitro4
Hydrofoil The Ultimate Waterman Laird Hamilton
Kitesurfing Nitro4
Snow / Land Good snow at Rabbit Ears Pass
Kitesurfing mega loops, punching beaches, talking shit...
Kitesurfing WOO Device
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Kitesurfing best spot in caribean late march ???
Snow / Land Alex Arsenault from Best - Snowkite video
Kitesurfing Non kiting stoke!
Reviews Zeeko Notus 2010 10m2 and 7m2 review
Kitesurfing Sliding Bar on NP Harness
Kitesurfing Need Advice


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