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13 February, 2016

Video  El Nino Winds - 50knts!
Video  Kite Safari in Paradise - Sri Lanka
Second Hand   Board Flysurfer RADICAL 5 2015 134X40

12 February, 2016

News  Ozone Newsletter: Enduro - You Define the Limit
Video  Ozone Enduro V1 - You Define The Limit
Video  Patrick Blanc - C4 V6 Session
Video  Ozone Zephyr V4 - Making Light Wind Ride
Video  Street Kiter

11 February, 2016

News  Flysurfer Speed5 - New Dimensions
Video  Lukash Snowkiting in Roccaraso - Trailer
Video  2016 Slingshot Silencer Foil
Video  Kiteboarding in Bermuda Triangle
Video  Swell v2 in Waves
Video  Le Jibe backside en 5 Etapes
Video  Sonic Impressions...
Video  Speed5 ... new dimensions
Second Hand   Kite Ozone Chrono 2015 12m
Second Hand   Kite Flysurfer speed 3 2012 15m

10 February, 2016

News  Switch Helium 2 - Be the first on the water
Video  Learn to Fly - Foiling Flight School
Second Hand   Kite Spleene qx-L 2015 15.5
Switch Kites  [New Product] Helium2 Light Wind Kite Launch

09 February, 2016

News  Slingshot Introduces its 2016 Foil Line Up
Second Hand   Board Flyboards Flysplit M 2015 M
Second Hand   Board Cabrinha Race VMG 2014
Second Hand   Kite North Vegas 2016 13m
Second Hand   Kite North Vegas 2016 11m
Second Hand   Kite North Vegas 2016 9
Second Hand   Kite North Vegas 2016 7
Second Hand   Kite Flysurfer sonic fr 2015 august 9m
Second Hand   Kite Flysurfer sonic fr nov 2015 11m
Second Hand   Board Shinn Monk Jungle Lover 2015 133/41
Second Hand   Kite Xenon Infra 2015 139/41

08 February, 2016

News  2016 Zeeko: Hydrofoil dedicated Products
Video  Ice Kite part2
Video  Ice Kite
Second Hand   Kite Core Core GTS 3 2015 7 m²

07 February, 2016

News  North Introduces The Mono 2016
News  Hadlow Defends Prestigious Big Air Kiteboarding Title
News  Newind Presents the Marlin Hydrofoil
Video  Mono 2016 Product Clip
Video  The skiing Machine
Video  Keahi de Aboitiz - 2015 World Champion
Second Hand   Kite Flysurfer Speed4 lotus 2014 10

06 February, 2016

News  King of the Air 2016 - Green Light for Sun, 7 Feb
News  KRU: Pro kite riders join forces in a union
News  GKA Concerning Professional Kitesurfing Tour and Events 2016
Events & Demos  15/16 CKA Mid West Tour Stop #1: Madison, WI

05 February, 2016

News  Naish News Flash: February 4, 2016
Second Hand   Kite Flysurfer Cronix 2014 8 m²
Cedric Vandenschrik  The Peter Lynn ??Swell? v2 ?? My take

04 February, 2016

Events & Demos  Kitejamboree Spring Edition 2016

03 February, 2016

News  King of the Air 2016 - all info
News  Virgin Kitesurf World Championships becomes World Kite Tour
News  IKA Statement Regarding Participation in IFKO Championships
VKWC  World Kite Tour 2016
Gunnar Biniasch  Video: Perspective

02 February, 2016

News  King of the Air 2016: Green Light for Wed, 3 Feb
News  IKA Kiteboard World Championship First Round in El Gouna, EG
Second Hand   Kite Slingshot Rev 2008 7
Events & Demos  Kiteboarding Team Contest 2016 - Surf Worldcup Podersdorf
Liquid Force  Below Zero | New video featuring Brandon Scheid
Florian Scharscher  In The Shaping Room: Kite manufacturing

01 February, 2016

News  King of the Air 2016: 48-hour standby warning
Second Hand   Board Airush Sector V4 65 One
Second Hand   Kite North Rebel 2012 5m,6m,7m, and 8m

31 January, 2016

Second Hand   Kite Ocean Rodeo Flight (with bar) 2015 17m
Second Hand   Kite Core Gts 3 15
Florian Scharscher  How To: 313

30 January, 2016

News  TheKiteFoil 2016 Range

29 January, 2016

Second Hand   Kite Ozone Frenzy 2012 11m
Second Hand   Kite Other hood and mitts good shape medium / large
Switch Kites  Best Kitesurfing Island in the world - Aitutaki, Cook Islands

28 January, 2016

News  North Kiteboarding Newsletter Issue 01/2016
Switch Kites  The world??s best kiteboarders descend on Cape Town!
Switch Kites  2016 Helium Light Wind Kite Coming Soon
Ali Barrett  Skiing - Avoriaz France

27 January, 2016

Second Hand   Various Other Spotz v1 2014 Regular
Second Hand   Kite Core Core GTS 2 2013 6m²
Second Hand   Kite Flysurfer Speed 4 LOTUS 18m 2014 18
Events & Demos  Snowkite Event Wasserkuppe January 29-31 (cancelled)
Jeremie Tronet  Aladdin Magic Flying Carpet ?? Real Life

26 January, 2016

News  Naish Kite News Flash: January 25, 2016
News  World?s Best Kiteboarders Descend on Cape Town
Second Hand   Kite Switchkites Element 3 2015 15m
Gabi Steindl  Kiteworld #79 out now!

25 January, 2016

News  Youri is back on the RPM
Second Hand   Kite Naish Pivot 2015 12m, 9m, 7m
Second Hand   Kite Naish Draft 2014 12m
Naish Kiteboarding  How to Train Like a King | Jesse Richman

24 January, 2016

Second Hand   Kite Ozone Edge v8 15m 2016 15m
Second Hand   Various Liquid Force Comp Impact Vest (Kite Specific) Any Large
Ali Barrett  Brazil.... Blue Dreams
Ali Barrett  Red Bull King of the Air entry
Ali Barrett  Hipnotics Cable Park

23 January, 2016

Second Hand   Various Other Neoprenanzug (Neu) - Prolimit Pure Girl (Model 2007) - SemiDry 5/3 - XS 2007 XS
Second Hand   Kite RRD PASSION 2015 7
Second Hand   Kite RRD VISION 2016 9
Second Hand   Kite RRD PASSION 2015 13

22 January, 2016

Second Hand   Kite Naish Pivot 2016 11m

21 January, 2016

Second Hand   Kite Flysurfer Speed IV 8
Second Hand   Kite Flysurfer BOOST 2015 13
Second Hand   Kite Flyboards BOOST 2015 11
Second Hand   Kite Flysurfer Speed4 Lotus 2015 15
Second Hand   Kite Flysurfer Speed4 Lotus 2015 12
Events & Demos  MaiTai Events 2016
Kitebord Tour Asia  SUP Racing Confirmed for KTA X-Champs

20 January, 2016

Kitebord Tour Asia  KTA X-Champs Rule Book 2016

19 January, 2016

News  Peter Lynn Kiteboarding introduces the Swell V2
Second Hand   Kite Naish Trip 2016 10m

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