kitetourasia: I posted 44 photos on Facebook in the album "Taiwan Kite Su...
PaulaNovotna: And it's Monday again, fresh start, it's never too late to begin...
kiteforum: Video Kitesurf Boracay,Philippines 2013-14 pt1... http://t.co/u4q4...
Toby_Airstyle: Nice beach start video in Ras Sudr https://t.co/CVEbmvRneI http...
flyOzoneKites: Advertise your business or design your own kite with Ozone. Hav...
SusiKite: #throwback to #neckermaitai - with @annabelvw - thanks for the pic @...
ReoStevens: Waimea canyon on Kauai. #vow http://t.co/t0DDTVHsd7
nuriagoma: Loving #sunset sessions the best! Have a nice week everybody! #Taib...
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19 October, 2014

Video  Kitesurf Boracay,Philippines 2013-14 pt1
Second Hand   Kite Other Two Kite Pumps 2012
Second Hand   Kite North Vegas 2014 9m
Second Hand   Kite North Vegas 2014 12m
Second Hand   Kite North Dice 2014 12m
Switch Kites FB  Alban shows how smooth the #nitro3 is. Can't believe how smooth this spot is.
Peter Lynn FB  Countdown has started for the Flymasters 2014, don't forget to register so you c...
Peter Lynn FB  José Miguel Corniel is showing how it is done in Estavayer, Switzerland with his...
Peter Lynn FB  Wind is up at the Zandmotor, come out and get some testing done!
Dr Tuba FB  While not online yet we already have NAISH bladders available in our offer! For...
Nobile FB  Nobile World Tour 2014: El Gouna, Egypt Yes, we finally visiting Egypt this wee...
Cabrinha FB  #Slowmosundays from the Heli angle this time!
Airton Cozzolino FB  Get ready for la torche France. #watermanleague #standupworldtour #coming #lator...
Sam Medysky FB  Catching up with some friends in Paracuru @bestkiteboarding Eric Lima
Reno Romeu FB  Classic Sunday.. #RioDeJaneiro #Errejota #Carioca #Kiteboarding
Liam Whaley FB  Going to be leaving to China in a couple of days for the last two PKRA World Tou...
Gisela Pulido FB  Una de las cosas más duras cuando viajo es estar lejos de mi familia. No puedo d...
Ariel Corniel FB  After good time at Cabarete with my Father and Family, now coming back one year...
Alex Pastor FB  Good to be back in Uruau! Such a fun lagoon and awesome food from BassiBrasil Dr...
Katja Roose FB  Great kite session with my dad :)
Paula Novotna FB  Great 69SLAM party in Prague last night! Met with friends I haven ´t seen for ag...
Gunnar Biniasch  For Sale: Cabrinha Velocity 18m2
Gunnar Biniasch  For Sale: Flysurfer Speed 3 CE 19m
Kristiin Oja FB  Adding some grabs to my tricks in Brazil #northkiteboarding #ksasilmakeskus #pla...
Aaron Hadlow FB  I love the lounge at Gibraltar Airport. Back to Britain for a few days before #p...
Manuela Jungo FB  Thank you very much to the crew in Uruau and to Pro Kite Brasill for the amazing...
Alberto Rondina FB  Heli view of my Moby Dick from Maui. Thanks Anders Krüger for capturing the acti...
Robinson Hilario FB  Nice released by AP Visuals from this weekends swell back in the Dominican Repub...

18 October, 2014

Video  How to ride fins up front
Second Hand   Kite Dakine 10\" Hammerhead Kite Bar and Spreader Pad 2007 10\"
Second Hand   Kite Dakine Tempest Seat Harness 2007 M
Second Hand   Kite Other Impact Vest 2007 M
Peter Lynn FB  Perfect conditions tomorrow at the Zandmotor! Cancel everything and come out to...
Slingshot FB  Discover Union Island through Alex Fox's eyes with this this great text in the n...
North FB  Australia's KitePower.com.au compiled their top 15 kiteboarding Instagram accoun...
Nobile FB  Virgin Kitesurfing Armada has finished week ago. Today we are sharing with some...
Nobile FB  
Peter Lynn FB  Peter Lynn rider Koen Schepers is enjoying the last "warm" days in the Netherlan...
Ozone Landkiting  Ozone 1st and 2nd - German Kitebuggy Championships 2nd Tour Stop
Ozone FB  Johann Civel testing the 10m Reo in Brazil Hi all, it was so nice to test the n...
Katja Roose FB  Felt like summer today!
Kristiin Oja FB  Made it to #tarifa and I could try out my new 2015 Vegas! #happygirl #northkiteb...
Lewis Wilby FB  Sweet session at Frinton! Super over powered on the 18m Flysurfer speed 4 then a...
Liam Whaley FB  It's good to be back home ❤️ even if it's just for a few days! : @patrickMcCreanor
Nuria Goma  #FridayMoments: Cayman Islands
Annelous Lammerts FB  Shooting the info videos for the Brunotti 2015 board range today, the boards are...
Stefan Spiessberger FB  Just posing. #northkiteboarding #ion #energieag #picopix #givesyouwings
Paula Novotna FB  Afternoon run in Prague after long traveling ✈️ ☀️#cantggetanybetter #running #p...
Nuria Goma FB  Enjoying the ride in #CaymanIslands. Read the full story in my blog: http://nur...
Robinson Hilario FB  I have arrived in China. Who will I be seeing in Pingtan?
Robinson Hilario FB  Here is the clean footage and slow mo of Kelly Slater 540. https://vimeo.com/10...
Dioneia Vieira FB  Em algum lugar, pra relaxar :) Somewhere to relax :)
Karolina Winkowska FB  En route again !!! :) #egypt #worldtour #travel #loveit
Airton Cozzolino FB  Buon fine settimana a tutti, Good weekend to everyone. @marioentero
Alberto Rondina FB  Awesome shot from Lake Garda on the Stance Kiteboarding Year Book. Thanks @Fabio...
Kari Schibevaag FB  http://kariland.com/how-can-we-help-the-world/
Jalou Langeree FB  Sessions are better when shared with friends. Photo: Ellen Langeree @naish_kiteb...
Paula Novotna FB  Just landed in Europe! Gonna miss this view and the perfect weather!❤️ #69slam #...
Paul Serin FB  Ne ratez pas mon interview sur meltyXtrem.fr ! Toutes les infos sur la fin de ma...

17 October, 2014

Video  23 Seconds from Brazil Helena Brochocka
Video  Tutorial: Selflanding your kite
Video  How to Duck Tack a surfboard
Video  How to Tack a surfboard
Video  How to do the Jesus Walk strapless
Video  Strapless Wavekiting Wissant MKM Eps 03
Picture  Cape Hatteras/United States at 2014-10-17
Second Hand   Kite Slingshot Rally 2011-2012 4m
Events & Demos  CKA - East Coast Tour Stop #2: St. Augustine
PKRA FB  One of the most exciting riders to watch on tour, Felix "Posito" Martinez commit...
Switch Kites FB  Françoıs-Xavıer Bfs getting the weekend started. Enjoy .
Ocean Rodeo FB  
Ocean Rodeo FB  good looking group of Tofino paddlers.
Wainman Hawaii FB  Amazing sunset session shot of Niccolo Porcella cruising with #RabbitGang 3.0 #S...
Peter Lynn FB  We cant wait for the Winter to start! What are your plans this winter? Are you r...
Slingshot FB  New trick for Sam Light... and possibly new kite trick in general! Looking shar...
North Kites  Unstoppable Olly!
Core FB  "The CHOICE is just that, a great choice for the advanced riders out there looki...
North FB  Happy friday! Here is a clip of Tom Court and Craig Cunningham getting some flat...
CrazyFly FB  CF Team rider Pavel Trcala exploring Bulgaria #Tango
Liquid Force FB  Another Baja moment, with Julien Fillion enjoying Mexican waves. Credit: Luckyb...
Slingshot FB  A very detailed review of our Angry Swallow surfboard http://gleiten.tv/index.p...
Kari Schibevaag  How can we help the world !!
Brandon Scheid FB  Summer #kiteloops, how I miss thee....@liquidforcekites @realwatersports @gopro...
Bruna Kajiya FB  Making this Friday count with @core360, final prep before the tour stop in China...
Lewis Wilby FB  
Gisela Pulido FB  I love the feeling of letting go the bar and grabbing it with the other hand! M...
Patrick Blanc FB  Check out my new Instagram, make sure to follow me to keep updated on all the p...
Kristiin Oja FB  Coffee in Madrid after a long flight, next stop Tarifa for couple of days! Can't...
Jesse Richman FB  Ready to get Inverted this weekend! Stoked to be headed home to Maui for some wi...
Katja Roose FB  Perfect day for training! Set my goal to make 500 full speed gybes before I lea...
Linus Erdmann FB  Last session here in Barra Nova. Leaving to Cumbucco later! Slingshot Germany Re...
Robinson Hilario FB  All the sports are progressing so much now a days. Here is Kelly Slater doing a...
Alexandre Neto FB  friday and its my last day at home before i leave for another trip, will be in r...
Dioneia Vieira FB  Fun days at the lagoon! Dias divertido na lagoa! BigRider Photosports (by Re...
Sabrina Lutz FB  Açai for lunch ! Enjoying this awesome typical dish from Brasil at home.. Fine F...
Reno Romeu FB  It's show time!!! Partiu #Arubinha
Oswald Smith FB  Some of my boards... Airush Billabong South Africa VonZipper
Liam Whaley FB  On my way back home! Going to miss those perfect sessions shooting with @andre_m...
Helena Brochocka  23 SECONDS from Brazil ! A short clip shot within 2 sweet...
Gisela Pulido FB  Sweet session yesterday with the girls, so much better to ride in a good company...
Paula Novotna FB  Last sunset in Brazil! ☀️Thanks everybody for the good time! Now it´ s time to g...
Patrick Blanc FB  A quien madruga, dios le ayuda!!󾌵󾌵󾀸󾟚󾟚 #morningsession #surfing
Victor Hays FB  Happy to be back in Paradise #Uruau #Brazil Slingshot Kite - soöruz - Kitesu...
Alberto Rondina FB  #Tbt Working on my nose grab backmobe in Sardinia this summer! 󾓯 Roberta Pala Ca...
Robinson Hilario FB  One of my good friends on tour Carlos Mario better known as Bebe throwing down h...
Marc Jacobs FB  Check Felix and greta getting creative in Hawaii. #canyourkiteit

16 October, 2014

Video  Flyboards Razor - How to: The Roll-Tack
Video  2014 Kitesurf Season Episode 6 Portugal
Video  Flysurfer presents: Malindi Adventures
Video  Nobile: Wild Heart - Eudazio da Silva

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