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   Dr Tuba Benelux
   Big congratulations to Jérémy LENTZ, 2d of the French Wave Championship, Vincent...
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   Peter Lynn 2015 Escape has gotten a great review
   Niccolo Porcella got barreled! Aloha!
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   Luderitz Speed Challenge 2015
   The rainy and cold autumn is back in Germany. Let's dream about such nice weathe...
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   Johnny Heineken and Sophie Calliet Kite Foil Racing Winners
   Nobile Flying Carpet Tandem Board: How to learn fast without any skills? Possibl...
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   North Newsletter Issue 9/2014
   A little clip from Kite Plus of Tom Court and Sean Murphy riding in Ireland... L...
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   Liquid Force Solo 2015 - Ultra Light SLE
   Solo sessions are sometimes the best. #element3 #vanguard
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   Peter Lynn release the 2015 LEI Kite. The Escape
   Ozone Action at German KLB Open Event in Berlin Three sunny, windy days have pa...
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   2014 Kitefoil Gold CupTownsville Australia - Day 1
   Best Kiteboarding team rider Annie Carrier about her choice of gear from a femal...
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   Day Five - PKRA Barra Grande - Double Results
   Do you know Adam Małysz? He is a Polish former ski jumper. The most important of...
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   Day Four - PKRA Barra Grande Kiteboarding Grand Slam
   Philipp Zach knows a thing or two about throwing a kiteloop! http://buff.ly/1ri8jS4
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   Day Three - PKRA Barra Grande Kiteboarding Grand Slam
   Kiteboarding, Green Tourism and a New Freestyle X format for the KTA
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   Day Two - PKRA Barra Grande Kiteboarding Grand Slam
   BOIRA http://vimeo.com/109494000 Tarifa has always been recognized for its goo...
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   Liquid Force Envy 2015 - Ultimate All-terrain Kite
from North Kites
   Day One - PKRA Barra Grande Kiteboarding Grand Slam
   Gunnar got a short offshore session on on his Escape Kites on the Weekend. It wa...
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   Fall's newest arrivals - OR Prodigy, Origin & Origin Lite
   We like to read, especially IKSURF Magazine. New issue and what we have?! Katarz...
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