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Aloha Susi
from Cabrinha

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   Ozone New Website Now Online
   'Right Now I'm' - François-Xavier
from Switch Kites
   Flysurfer brings the ultimate Race machine
   Demo day in Florida – Jan. 24th
from Liquid Force
   OSKM - Ozone Snowkite Masters 2015 - Switzerland - 5000 Euro
   Switch Launches Lightwind Kite
from Switch Kites
   North Newsletter Issue 01/2015
   Photo Gallery – Taiwan – MiaoLi 2014
from Kitebord Tour Asia
   Slingshot Introduces the 15 Meter Turbine
   Photo Gallery – Roof Of The World Regatta 2014
from Kitebord Tour Asia
   Happy end at the 11th Snowkitemaster
   Patrick Blanc training in South Africa
from Ozone Kitesurfing
   Slingshot Sports Alien Air FX / NF2 Foil is available
   Rabbit School Edition - GBP
from Wainman Hawaii
   Help with access to Ilha do Faro (Portugal)
   Rabbit School Edition - USD
from Wainman Hawaii
   New Product: Switch Launches Lightwind Kite Helium
   Rabbit School Edition - EUR
from Wainman Hawaii
   Kite Sisters 2015 Trips Schedule
   The KiteFish Foil Story
from Liquid Force
   Ocean Rodeo: 10 & 12m Flite
   Tech Talks – The 2015 Kitefish Foil
from Liquid Force
   Kite Sisters 2015 - Kite Events for Women
   AJ Philipsen C4 review - New season, new kites!
from Ozone Landkiting
   Introducing the 2015 Slingshot RPM
   Registration Surfcup Podersdorf and Kitesurf Cup Sylt open now
from Kitesurf Tour Europe
   Jeremie Tronet North Kiteboarding International Team Rider
   Feel the Echo – Brandon Scheid’s new video
from Liquid Force
   PKRA 2015 - News, first events & more
   A talk with Jules
from Peter Lynn