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   Competitors shine at 2015 Master of the Ocean
from Nobile FB
   The F-One KiteFoil is there and complements the foil boards
   " Video "Mauritius. Salt of the Earth" was filmed in Mauritius last November. R...
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   2015 Rangarok
   Kitesurf Paradise n° 10 is coming soon !!! Charlotte CONSORTI is preparing a dre...
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   Kitesurf Odyssey: The teaser of the ultimate training
   Very nice Flysurfer RADICAL5 134cm test report video by the German kiteboarding...
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   Nobile Fresh Media Juice
   Tom Court hitting some kickers in Cape Town... A Pete Rose, like a KGB but from...
from North FB
   KiteFoil Gold Cup Results of La Ventana, Mexico
   Story from our Beleza Pro Team rider Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding. Check it out!...
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   Light Your Fire - Fuel 2015
   Mauritius Salt of the Earth
from Cabrinha
   Faultless regatta for Elena Kalinina marks kite debut
   Just a little Friday afternoon inspiration for all the groms looking for a boost...
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   The Duke - A Nobel Addition To The OR Mako Family
   One more for the #ORSoulSearch... deadline is today for submissions!
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   Switch Photo Competition: #canyoukiteit
   Heinz Toth loving his time in the light air. #Helium
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   VKWC Dakhla 2015 - Results
   #ORSoulSearch Continues! Submissions close end of day today!
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   VKWC Dakhla 2015 - Kitesurfing at its best
   Just after coming back from the USA, FLYSURFER rider Laurent "Lolo BSD" Guyot to...
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   Jalou Langeree is the Dakhla 2015 Womens Wave Champion
   #ORSoulSearch Continues! Submissions close end of day today!
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   The IKA KiteFoil GoldCup Kicks Off in La Ventana
   2015 Raptor Pro LTD review by The Kiteboarder Magazine http://www.thekiteboarder...
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   Team kitesurfs 155 kilometers of Vietnamese coast in 8 hours
   Anyone up for a night session? Check out Cabrinha rider Rens van der Schoot. ht...
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