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   Core Pro Leash 2 - Free Your Style
   #Dakhla2015 – Video Highlights of day #4 – Freestyle & Big Air
from VKWC
   VKWC Dakhla 2015 wave discipline winner
   #Dakhla2015 Results Freestyle Qualifiers women and men
from VKWC
   Win a Directional Board from Ocean Rodeo
   Local boys Tom Kerr and Eric Frang show of Gen 2 and Gen 3 Prodigies "somewhere"...
from Ocean Rodeo FB
   Manera Launching 2015 Wetsuit Range
   Shot of the day! Christophe Tack in action at the speed spot. Now how did we do...
from VKWC FB
   CrazyFly Video contest: win a Sculp kite
   Win $1000 Reward Points - #canyoukiteit Photo Competition
from Switch Kites
   VKWC Dahkla 2015 Qualifiers Men Freestyle Round #1 Started
   Coming soon - Crew Mag 1.2, The Review Issue It's been a while in the making b...
from Ocean Rodeo FB
   VKWC Dakhla 2015 First Round Freestyle Schedule
   German's know a thing or two about design so it means a lot to us to hear Gleite...
from Ocean Rodeo FB
   Virgin official partner of the Kitesurf World Championships
   Text book tricks for Liam Whaley & Alex Pastor during today's round 1 in Dakhla....
from VKWC FB
   The 2015 kitefoils series are now on stock
   Cabrinha Demo with Alby Rondina
from Cabrinha
   Check & Win on boost.flysurfer.com
   Riding waves always becomes easier on the right gear. Focus on the waves 100% Pi...
from Switch Kites FB
   Slingshot - Meet the Alien Air
   Kitesurf in New York, impossible ? Nothing is impossible for Antoine AURIOL !!!...
from F-One FB
   New Manera product: the Socks
   Robinson HILARIO in action in the main event !!! PKRA in Dakhla !
from F-One FB
   Up Your Game with the 2015/16 Naish Kite Collection
   Nice event write-up of the French snowkite race championships, which took place...
from Flysurfer FB
   North Newsletter Issue 03/2015
   Looks like @nick_jacobsen is up to something again. @jamesboulding #anewreality...
from Cabrinha FB
   PKRA Pro rider Marie Lou Fourre joined CrazyFly Team
   Go Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding go! PKRA World Tour
from Nobile FB