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   OR: Local Currency! Euro, GBP, CAD & USD Now Accepted
   Yes, we are waiting to take one of the best polish models Zosia Nowak on kiteboa...
from Nobile FB
   Slingshot - Questions and Answers on the RPM
   Marc Jacobs Having a good run on the #nitro4 Getting ready for the season.
from Switch Kites FB
   Nobile Newsletter 1/Feb 2015
   Rafael Vilches Cabeza our great rider and friend from Nobile Sports España Team!...
from Nobile FB
   Dr. Tuba 2015
   Sebastian Lang capturing the grab!
from Liquid Force FB
   The 2015 CrazyFly Cruze, light wind special
from Ocean Rodeo FB
   Aaron Hadlow seizes Red Bull King of the Air Throne
   Like it! Zuza Rusiecka has great time on Pro 50/Fifty :) #nobilekiteboarding
from Nobile FB
   Greta Menardo New Switch Kites Team Rider
from Ocean Rodeo FB
   Slingshot: A High Performance Board Designed For Kids
   Vincent TIGER in Guadeloupe !!!
from F-One FB
   Slingshot Widowmaker 2015
   Go meet up with Sam Light if you are in Cape Town and try the newest gear!
from Slingshot FB
   Red Bull King of the Air 2015 is a Go: Wednesday & Thursday
   Looks like Philipp found himself a nice spot to play around. #COREkites #tropica...
from Core FB
   Official Warning for possible King of the Air 2015 Wd Feb 11
   Coming soon from Ozone…A new generation of ultra high performance foil kite, the...
from Ozone FB
   Mallory de la Villemarque is joining the F-One & Manera team
   How it all began!!!
from North FB
   F-One launched his new Exo and Senso harness
   2015 #RaptorPro review by The Kiteboarder Magazine http://www.thekiteboarder.com...
from CrazyFly FB
   7 Nation Hires New Team and Promotions Manager
from F-One FB
   Slingshot Welcomes Linus Erdmann
   Truly inspiring! Throwback to Pete on a normal day off in Maui. #jaws #70feet #c...
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