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   Team kitesurfs 155 kilometers of Vietnamese coast in 8 hours
   #Dakhla2015 - Video highlights of day #5 - Freestyle & Big Air
from VKWC
   VKWC Dakhla 2015 Results Freestyle Qualifiers Women and Men
   #Dakhla2015 - Kitesurfing at its best
from VKWC
   VKWC Dakhla 2015 Results freestyle qualifiers after round #3
   Help us understand what's happening here.
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   Core Pro Leash 2 - Free Your Style
   A few clips from a day at the lagoon Tom Court
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   VKWC Dakhla 2015 wave discipline winner
   Well, it's Friday afternoon and we just cracked a beer at the office.
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   Win a Directional Board from Ocean Rodeo
   Life's better when you are kiteboarding! #nobilekiteboarding #nobile #kiteboarding
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   Manera Launching 2015 Wetsuit Range
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   CrazyFly Video contest: win a Sculp kite
   Shots of the day: Annabel Van Westerop & Sergei Borisov
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   VKWC Dahkla 2015 Qualifiers Men Freestyle Round #1 Started
   Are you ready for something special, something truly unique and something that w...
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   VKWC Dakhla 2015 First Round Freestyle Schedule
   Lightwind twintip now in production , 8 knots wind and freestyle !! http://www.n...
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   Virgin official partner of the Kitesurf World Championships
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   The 2015 kitefoils series are now on stock
   Intensiv period for all our riders ! SALT and SPEED: Alex CAIZERGUES, Charlott...
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   Check & Win on boost.flysurfer.com
   Congrats Carlos Mario for qualifying for the main event at the PKRA World Tour D...
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   Slingshot - Meet the Alien Air
   Kite Buggy freestyler and FLYSURFER rider Craig Sparkes showing of a nice kite 7...
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   New Manera product: the Socks
   Foiling progression with the LF crew! Video by Brandon Scheid. Julien Fillion S...
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