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   The 8 Stages of Kite Foiling by Jeremie Tronet
   Bolt offshore winds with the Mako Duke on a fun one. This was at a recent compet...
from Ocean Rodeo FB
   Flysurfer Radical5 - Our proven performance crossover board
   Raquel Lima is ready for her session with the Ripper2 and XR3!
from Core FB
   The new Manera website is online
   Raquel Lima ready to hit the warm waters of Maui!
from Core FB
   Ozone Kites Newsletter - April 2015 Issue
from Dr Tuba FB
   Vote your favorite picture for Ocean Rodeo Soul Searching
   North Kiteboarding Pico Pix team won the team competition at the Surf Worldcup i...
from North FB
   Competitors shine at 2015 Master of the Ocean
   During last stop of the Virgin Kitesurfing World Championship we spend almost 2...
from Nobile FB
   The F-One KiteFoil is there and complements the foil boards
   Who’s ready for the 2015 Triple-S Invitational? Hosted by REAL Watersports, the...
from Liquid Force FB
   2015 Rangarok
   Heinz Toth making the most of the light air conditions on the #Helium. Pic Marc...
from Switch Kites FB
   Kitesurf Odyssey: The teaser of the ultimate training
   Tom Court keeping that kite low!
from North FB
   Nobile Fresh Media Juice
   Would you say no? A kite session with Annabel van Westerop #AnewReality #Cabrin...
from Cabrinha FB
   KiteFoil Gold Cup Results of La Ventana, Mexico
   Coming soon to a Gorge near you ...
from Slingshot FB
   Light Your Fire - Fuel 2015
   We set out to seek the purest moment on the water while kitesurfing, without oth...
from Flysurfer FB
   Faultless regatta for Elena Kalinina marks kite debut
   Big Congrats to Cabrinha Speed Legend Rob Douglas for winning this years 2015 Mo...
from Cabrinha FB
   The Duke - A Nobel Addition To The OR Mako Family
   Huge congratulations to Charlotte CONSORTI, who won the Sosh Cup in the Mondial...
from F-One FB
   Switch Photo Competition: #canyoukiteit
   A different point of view over this perfect freestyle spot! Ben Beholz Kiteboard...
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