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   North Newsletter Issue 01/2015
   Thank you "MARIO RODWALD" All the best for the future from the entire North Kite...
from North FB
   Slingshot Introduces the 15 Meter Turbine
from North FB
   Happy end at the 11th Snowkitemaster
   The Ozone Benelux buggy team is having some winter fun on the beach!!! Pics by R...
from Ozone FB
   Slingshot Sports Alien Air FX / NF2 Foil is available
   Who's on the water today?
from Ocean Rodeo FB
   Help with access to Ilha do Faro (Portugal)
   Snowkiting on a splitboard - perfect combo for going deep into the backcountry!
from Ozone FB
   New Product: Switch Launches Lightwind Kite Helium
   Check out this incredible edit by two Dutch Cabrinha riders Rens van der Schoot...
from Cabrinha FB
   Kite Sisters 2015 Trips Schedule
   Training hard in Norway for the Vake 2015 long distance race with the Chrono. If...
from Ozone FB
   Ocean Rodeo: 10 & 12m Flite
   Congrats to Freestyle Mens Champion Evan Netsch and Jacob Olivier in the 2015 L...
from Cabrinha FB
   Kite Sisters 2015 - Kite Events for Women
   Straight out the vacuum bag, next photo all finished and ready for shipping.
from Nomad FB
   Introducing the 2015 Slingshot RPM
   Kite couples are everywhere! Sofi CHEVALIER and Marcus GRAICHEN in Zanzibar! Pi...
from F-One FB
   Jeremie Tronet North Kiteboarding International Team Rider
   Greta Menardo styling out with #zswimwear
from Switch Kites FB
   PKRA 2015 - News, first events & more
   Tropical Tuesdays! Phillip Zach waiting for the right moment to hit the lip. Sho...
from Core FB
   Francisco Lufinha overcomes Savage Islands to Funchal Challe
   The boys are back. Sam Light and Alex Fox head to the stunning flat water lagoon...
from Slingshot FB
   Red Bull King of the Air 2015 Participants Announced
   Windy winter session in Co Kerry Ireland for Lucas Machowski #peterlynnkiteboard...
from Peter Lynn FB
   Antarctique Solo: Frederic Dion reach it using kites
   XLKites out enjoying a session on the 12m Flite.
from Ocean Rodeo FB