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   Dr Tuba Benelux
from North FB
   Peter Lynn 2015 Escape has gotten a great review
   Be ready to follow the French Wave Championship from 21 to 26 October with Etien...
from F-One FB
   Luderitz Speed Challenge 2015
   Foil + SOLO. Joanna Kowalska & Jason Slezak Credit: Cineaptic Digital Media
from Liquid Force FB
   Johnny Heineken and Sophie Calliet Kite Foil Racing Winners
   Cool spot... and cool kite!!
from Slingshot FB
   North Newsletter Issue 9/2014
   Jules Westerhof finishes 3rd at the NK Fruit to Go Junior Championship. Our you...
from Peter Lynn FB
   Liquid Force Solo 2015 - Ultra Light SLE
   2015 Sculp 9m review: http://www.iksurfmag.com/issue47/?page=117
from CrazyFly FB
   Peter Lynn release the 2015 LEI Kite. The Escape
   FLYSURFER rider Lolo BSD (aka Laurent) just finished up his Red Bull King of the...
from Flysurfer FB
   2014 Kitefoil Gold CupTownsville Australia - Day 1
   What we can say :) next big award "Must have" for Nobile Kiteboarding - check fo...
from Nobile FB
   Day Five - PKRA Barra Grande - Double Results
from North FB
   Day Four - PKRA Barra Grande Kiteboarding Grand Slam
   Friday Demo Downwinder!
from North FB
   Day Three - PKRA Barra Grande Kiteboarding Grand Slam
   Keep it low!
from Core FB
   Day Two - PKRA Barra Grande Kiteboarding Grand Slam
   Advertise your business or design your own kite with Ozone. Have a look at the W...
from Ozone FB
   Liquid Force Envy 2015 - Ultimate All-terrain Kite
   Learn more about our team rider Malin Amle in her recent interview with xtreme s...
from Liquid Force FB
   Day One - PKRA Barra Grande Kiteboarding Grand Slam
   Alban shows how smooth the #nitro3 is. Can't believe how smooth this spot is.
from Switch Kites FB
   Fall's newest arrivals - OR Prodigy, Origin & Origin Lite
   Countdown has started for the Flymasters 2014, don't forget to register so you c...
from Peter Lynn FB