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   North Newsletter Issue 11/2014
from Flysurfer FB
   Ross Harrington about R&D at Ocean Rodeo
from Ocean Rodeo FB
   North Rider Olly Bridge dominates Asian Race Continentals
   Get ready for the next leap forward in Single-Skin kite technology.. We present...
from Flysurfer FB
   North Kiteboarding Catalogue 2015 now online
   Free shipping worldwide - today in Nobile Online Store https://shop.nobilesports...
from Nobile FB
   2014 Freestyle World Champions Crowned in Hainan
   Check out Philips kiteloop skills and his application for the #RBKOTA15: http://...
from Core FB
   F-One Foilboard collection is here
   Picture of the day: #leopard2015 Sash Upperjohn and Markus Huber in the Julierpa...
from Peter Lynn FB
   Congratulations to Karolina from Slingshot
   Happy Birthday and Welcome to the Team: Maxi Gomez! #WainmanHawaii #TeamOfLegen...
from Wainman Hawaii FB
   PKRA Hainan: Winkowska Secures World Title
from North FB
   North Newsletter Issue 10/2014
   Vote for Peter Lynn!
from Peter Lynn
   IKA decision regarding the Women's Final at PKRA Pingtan
   Come on folks, let's vote for the stunning Jackson Hole Kiters video "That Invis...
from Ozone FB
   Chris Benz Luederitz World Record Chase 2014 - Results
   How To: Inverted Strapless No-Grab Backroll
from Switch Kites
   Day 3 - Women's Title Race: Waiting in China
   New Ozone Back Pack - The V30
from Ozone Landkiting
   Day 2- Lay Day in Hainan
   The Paddle Coach showing us how it's done on the Grand River in Park Hill, Ontar...
from Ocean Rodeo FB
   Day 1- 2014 Hainan International Kitesurf Festival
   Happy Thanksgiving to our US crew!
from Ocean Rodeo FB
   Anticipation Builds in Hainan PKRA
   Black Friday weekend deals part 2! Kite Zombies, XLKites, Kitesite.net, Green Ha...
from Ocean Rodeo FB