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   PKRA New 2015 rules preview & provisional tour calendar
   Now for something a little different... SUP Fishing, Great Slave Lake!
from Ocean Rodeo FB
   OR: Local Currency! Euro, GBP, CAD & USD Now Accepted
from North FB
   Slingshot - Questions and Answers on the RPM
   Short summary of the Shox Custom: "great board.. amazing color ... super up win...
from CrazyFly FB
   Nobile Newsletter 1/Feb 2015
   After incredible pictures watch the video of Vincent TIGER : Gwada ! By tigerpro...
from F-One FB
   Dr. Tuba 2015
   Kite Loop Session! Kris throwing it like it's water.
from Peter Lynn FB
   The 2015 CrazyFly Cruze, light wind special
   Tom Court delivers us another monthly update... Still in Cape Town he hits the #...
from North FB
   Aaron Hadlow seizes Red Bull King of the Air Throne
   Priceless when you can Fly only you know the feeling. #Element3 #contoller2 #cap...
from Switch Kites FB
   Greta Menardo New Switch Kites Team Rider
   The All new FX freestyle crossover kite is in stores now. Find out more at cabr...
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   Slingshot: A High Performance Board Designed For Kids
   Trick of the week with Karolina Winkowska !
from Slingshot FB
   Slingshot Widowmaker 2015
   Tom Court bringing you a quick Courts Council with Craig Cunningham on how to pr...
from North FB
   Red Bull King of the Air 2015 is a Go: Wednesday & Thursday
from Cabrinha FB
   Official Warning for possible King of the Air 2015 Wd Feb 11
from Dr Tuba FB
   Mallory de la Villemarque is joining the F-One & Manera team
from North FB
   F-One launched his new Exo and Senso harness
   FLYSURFER rider Yusca Balogh together with Timo van 't End had a dream to do a 3...
from Flysurfer FB
   7 Nation Hires New Team and Promotions Manager
   The Ozone Snow Kite Masters has come to an end for another year, here is the wri...
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