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Somewhere at 2008-05-23

Submitted by Toby on 2008-05-24
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Finally we made it back to the East Coast of the USA. Here the shots of the last days and the places we stopped at.

Dariusz pimped his plane in Anacortes, Washington State

Nice private island! Flying from Anacortes to Bellingham (10min) to stay a night, due to bad weather now flying east.

Co-Pilot Scott had to go back to Canada, therefore Josh took over the co-pilot seat, ready to cross the Rocky Mountains

We made it to Salt Lake City

Beautiful sunset in cold Salt Lake City

Leaving Salt Lake City early in the morning, the clouds are deep and turbulent...

We crossed the Rockies! But had a tough 500 foot free fall and then the air catched again.Hitting the heads hard!

Refueling in Pueblo, then flying until sunset to Garden City, Kansas, to stay for the night

Flying high (13.000 feet) over the clouds to be fast and have a smooth ride

The East Coast on the screen!

after 3 days of flying finally an ocean again!

landing in Lakewood near New Jersey after in total 8 hours flying

New York, we are here! Going to a small welcome party in New York City organized by greenhatkiteboarding!


08-05-25 Toby: then it would not be special! ;-)
08-05-25 Anonymous: Wracaj do domu ! Nie masz jjuż dosyć tej podróży dookoła Ameryki dawno odkrytej?:):):)Renata
08-05-24 Anonymous: could've done it in 5 hours total for $500 or so

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