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Penghu at 2013-10-13

Submitted by jasontsai on 2013-10-13
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14-01-19 Anonymous: HiI am not sure this is the right place to ask this question, I am new to this site and was iesrmpsed with the content of this blog. So hopefully I can ask my question here and someone could reply!I had purchased 2 domain names months ago, for two websites I am building, I was told then that the Google' spider cannot distinguish two words so I had to put an hyphen between them. For me it is important that the city name is included to be found locally and these two domain with Hyphens had “LA” includedThen after doing more research on the web and reading this amazing blog, I went online to find some names with no hyphens, however it was not easy to find some that made sense, so I bought those that were available but I am confused now, which to use, as they make sense but those that are good, also have 3 words rather than two and I wonder if Google spider will find it confusing, and too long, I really need to count on the domain name to try to be on top rather than the bottom, would someone please help? Which would you choose?here the ones I bought now:BestCaliforniaPsychics.com (too long but logical)ExceptionalIntuitives.comTrulyIntuitive.comandLosAngelesHypnosisCompany.com (too long but has city name??)HappierCounseling.comI would like to target the local market too, so the long ones would be ideal if they were no that long. Which of these above do you think i should choose for both businesses?Thank you so much, for your help,Ombretta
13-10-17 Hawaiis: Wow, you almost reached the mainland Taiwan.
13-10-14 jan_hou: Doable> It's a pitty we did not finish it.

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2014-04-16 Somewhere /Bahamas
2014-04-12 Crandon Beach Park/Florida (USA)
2014-04-12 Somewhere /Florida (USA)
2014-04-11 Somewhere /Italy
2014-04-11 Quebec/Canada
2014-04-08 Somewhere /United States
2014-04-08 Riksgransen/Sweden
2014-04-07 Crandon Beach Park/Florida (USA)
2014-03-31 Somewhere /Latvia
2014-03-28 Cabarete Bay/Dominican Republic
2014-03-26 Necker Island/Virgin Islands (British)
2014-03-25 Somewhere /Bahamas
2014-03-25 Calafell/Spain
2014-03-22 Bozo Beach/Dominican Republic
2014-03-21 Dog beach/Australia
2014-03-20 Dolphin Beach/South Africa
2014-03-19 Rekyva Lake / Zolynas/Lithuania
2014-03-19 Somewhere /Latvia
2014-03-19 Rekyva Lake / Zolynas/Lithuania
2014-03-18 Somewhere /United States
2014-03-18 Cabarete/Dominican Republic
2014-03-18 Somewhere /United States
2014-03-15 Praia do Laranjal/Brazil
2014-03-11 Somewhere /Spain
2014-03-11 La Ventana/Mexico
2014-03-02 Seco Island/Philippines
2014-02-26 Cabarete/Dominican Republic
2014-02-25 Somewhere /Mexico
2014-02-25 Magawish Hotel/Egypt
2014-02-25 Kite Village Hamata/Egypt
2014-02-24 Somewhere /United States
2014-02-18 Somewhere /United States
2014-02-17 Jericoacoara/Brazil
2014-02-14 Holiday Inn/Cayman Islands
2014-02-10 Somewhere /United States
2014-02-10 Somewhere /United States
2014-02-02 Rooster Rock/United States
2014-02-01 Lagoa de Icarai/Brazil
2014-01-28 Lagoa de Icarai/Brazil
2014-01-21 Rekyva Lake / Smelynas/Lithuania
2014-01-20 Somewhere /Hawaii (USA)
2014-01-19 Somewhere /United States
2014-01-18 Somewhere /United States
2014-01-16 Dania Beach/Florida (USA)
2014-01-13 Serre-Chevalier/France
2014-01-11 Barra do Cauipe/Brazil
2014-01-07 Jericoacoara/Brazil
2014-01-07 Somewhere /France
2014-01-05 Saaremaa / Saare Golf/Estonia
2014-01-03 Taiba/Brazil
2014-01-03 Barra do Cauipe/Brazil
2013-12-31 Barra do Cauipe/Brazil
2013-12-30 Barra do Cauipe/Brazil
2013-12-27 Barra do Cauipe/Brazil
2013-12-25 Barra do Cauipe/Brazil
2013-12-23 Somewhere /United States
2013-12-22 Somewhere /United States
2013-12-19 Barra do Cauipe/Brazil
2013-12-16 Taiba/Brazil
2013-12-15 Lagoa de Icarai/Brazil
2013-12-14 Barra do Cauipe/Brazil
2013-12-08 Cumbuco/Brazil
2013-12-07 Somewhere /United States
2013-12-04 Hookipa/Hawaii (USA)
2013-12-03 Taiba - Power Ranger on W-series/Brazil
2013-11-23 Cumbuco/Brazil
2013-11-11 Avon, ABoards beach party/North Carolina (USA)
2013-11-10 Somewhere /Israel
2013-11-09 Somewhere /Brazil
2013-11-07 Cozumel / Chen Rio/Mexico
2013-11-07 Quebec/Canada
2013-11-05 Lagoa dos Patos / Laranjal/Brazil
2013-11-02 Somewhere /United States
2013-11-01 Meu Paraíso/Brazil
2013-10-31 Somewhere /United States
2013-10-24 Pico Das Almas/Brazil
2013-10-23 Balneário Rincão / Brasil / SC/Brazil
2013-10-20 Penghu/Taiwan
2013-10-17 Cumbuco/Brazil
2013-10-17 Somewhere /Canada
2013-10-16 Penghu/Taiwan
2013-10-13 Penghu/Taiwan
2013-10-12 Somewhere /Taiwan
2013-10-11 Penghu/Taiwan
2013-10-09 Somewhere /Brazil
2013-10-07 Somewhere /England (UK)
2013-10-06 Penghu/Taiwan
2013-10-05 Somewhere /Lithuania
2013-10-02 Somewhere /St. Vincent and the Grenadines
2013-09-25 Somewhere /Thailand
2013-09-20 Magong / Longmen Beach/Taiwan
2013-09-19 Ceara./Brazil
2013-09-18 Magong / Longmen Beach/Taiwan
2013-09-18 Rekyva Lake / Zolynas/Lithuania
2013-09-18 Lagoa de Taiba/Brazil
2013-09-17 Lagoa de Taiba/Brazil
2013-09-17 Somewhere /South Africa
2013-09-16 Somewhere /Latvia
2013-09-14 Somewhere /Brazil
2013-09-13 Barra do Cauipe/Brazil