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by cosmo
Fri Aug 18, 2017 2:17 pm
Forum: Hydrofoil Builders
Topic: First foilboard
Replies: 79
Views: 5643

Re: First foilboard

When I hit the bottom my front feet always flew out of the strap before the board hit the water.
The force of rotation moment of the board on the mast broke (happend twice) on the front of the tuttle box not on the front strap.
by cosmo
Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:31 pm
Forum: Hydrofoil
Topic: Alloy versus Carbon masts
Replies: 21
Views: 1922

Re: Alloy versus Carbon masts

is hard not to be ironic here, but we know that all types of vehicles that required low weight and high resistance structure use carbon over aluminium. You dont suspect why?
We can discuss if the aluminium is more cost efective for some free ride foils, but not if is more resistance.
by cosmo
Wed Jul 26, 2017 1:56 pm
Forum: Hydrofoil
Topic: Wings construction materials
Replies: 7
Views: 1074

Re: Wings construction materials

How is the process to shape hi grade Aluminium?
a 3 axis CNC router I think. And you need a big block to shape a anedral wing. Probably one wing cost half of a mold that you need to make a hi precision carbon wing.
by cosmo
Thu Jun 15, 2017 2:08 pm
Forum: Hydrofoil
Topic: Axis aluminum foil coming soon
Replies: 2
Views: 526

Re: Axis aluminum foil coming soon

I like the Zeeko in red !
by cosmo
Sun Jun 04, 2017 8:32 pm
Forum: Hydrofoil
Topic: Just say No to the nose
Replies: 24
Views: 1882

Re: Just say No to the nose

Alpine Foil have it
by cosmo
Fri May 19, 2017 2:18 pm
Forum: Hydrofoil
Topic: Sea conditions you'd give up foiling and oppt TT or surfboard
Replies: 25
Views: 1859

Re: Sea conditions you'd give up foiling and oppt TT or surfboard

Same here. When the wind is 16/18 knots the chop have almost 3 feets tall so your foil goes out of the water every 20 meters so its impossible to edge and goes upwind.
by cosmo
Sat May 13, 2017 3:48 am
Forum: Hydrofoil
Topic: Hydrofoil Videos
Replies: 221
Views: 38206

Re: Hydrofoil Videos

phpBB [video]

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Video from Pablo Pastoriza
by cosmo
Fri May 05, 2017 2:28 pm
Forum: Hydrofoil
Topic: FS Peak 3 12m2 for ultimate lightwind foiling?
Replies: 8
Views: 856

Re: FS Peak 3 12m2 for ultimate lightwind foiling?

I thought that the peak was just a bag to go uphill with your snowskies and pack it dowm small.
Why you should buy instead of a normal kite if other reason exist?
by cosmo
Wed Apr 26, 2017 2:34 pm
Forum: Hydrofoil
Topic: Moses Fluente whistling
Replies: 7
Views: 1045

Re: Moses Fluente whistling

I think that makes that sound down and up wind, but we dont heard it upwind sound.
My spotzs make noise too.
by cosmo
Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:43 pm
Forum: Hydrofoil
Topic: How frequently do you disassemble and clean your foil?
Replies: 26
Views: 2445

Re: How frequently do you disassemble and clean your foil?

Spotzs2 carbon foil y river water. Never.

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