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by pj sofine
Wed Jan 03, 2018 1:19 pm
Forum: Kitesurfing
Topic: Kai Lenny Leaving Naish
Replies: 11
Views: 2553

Re: Kai Lenny Leaving Naish

Never knew he was with naish.
by pj sofine
Fri Dec 29, 2017 1:20 pm
Forum: Kitesurfing
Topic: Kite collapsing on itself during down loop !
Replies: 23
Views: 1932

Re: Kite collapsing on itself during down loop !

I live with this problem daily. I'm 225lbs and I can fold any kite in half if I try! Had problem with a new 9 mtr rpm. I could have sworn there was a defect. I thought I had it pumped up hard enough. It was so bad I was afraid to throw a powered loop, it would drop me like a rock! Ended up pumping i...
by pj sofine
Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:01 pm
Forum: Kitesurfing
Topic: How do KBs keep from drowning when they wear boots
Replies: 36
Views: 1816

Re: How do KBs keep from drowning when they wear boots

there is no "special technique". you just roll over so the board is in front of you. you will figure it out in less than 10 seconds. the kite isn't going to pull you while you're in the water for more than a second when you fall. if you are being dragged then you need to let go of the bar. it's not...
by pj sofine
Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:34 pm
Forum: Kitesurfing
Topic: Best gloves for kiting
Replies: 18
Views: 1281

Re: Best gloves for kiting

- Mesh helps for windchill but the durability is shorter. - Thickness helps, but to much gives cramp. - Gloves with bended fingers helps an lot for cramps in de underarms I always go for a mesh glove or mitten where the fingers are bend. The NPX mitten is the most warm glove I've had. http://cdn1.b...
by pj sofine
Thu Dec 07, 2017 2:05 pm
Forum: Hydrofoil
Topic: Balance question - before I get my drill out....
Replies: 35
Views: 2179

Re: Balance question - before I get my drill out....

I 100% agree to get rid of rear foothook. Started with front footstrap, then front hook. The ability to move(wiggle!) your foot around is a game changer. Broke the hook and had to learn to waterstart "strapless, little tricky but since I was 1/2 mile off shore gave me a little extra incentive. Put i...
by pj sofine
Wed Dec 06, 2017 2:10 pm
Forum: Kitesurfing
Topic: Ram airs crash in 2017
Replies: 23
Views: 1707

Re: Ram airs crash in 2017

PMP,thanx for update! Always good to stay up to date with current,strong,irrefutable, factual info.I'm now ready to further to inform on a local level the inferiority of those abominations :thumb:
by pj sofine
Sat Dec 02, 2017 7:13 pm
Forum: Kitesurfing
Topic: Video: Top 10 Kiteloop Crashes
Replies: 2
Views: 364

Re: Video: Top 10 Kiteloop Crashes

# 5 and #3,if this has ever happened to you, even on a smaller scale ,you know how long it seems as you are dropping like a dead duck, slack lines. Seems like an eternity, then splat! :accident:
by pj sofine
Fri Dec 01, 2017 2:02 pm
Forum: Kitesurfing
Topic: Wetsuits: Front Zip Vs Back Zip
Replies: 32
Views: 4531

Re: Wetsuits: Front Zip Vs Back Zip

Seems like many dedicated kite and windsport shops are still heavily stocking back zip suits. That's because the majority of the kiteboarding user base is older men...not known for being limber. Was thinking exactly that too but didn't want to admit it! I've come to embrace my "condition". Bad back...
by pj sofine
Tue Nov 28, 2017 2:28 pm
Forum: Kitesurfing
Topic: below the bar trim
Replies: 20
Views: 2851

Re: below the bar trim

Mistake many make is trying to pull the rope out of the cleat rather than pulling "through" the cleat to unseat rope. ss btb is my favorite bar,been using for last 6 yrs(kiting for 17). I think many are using "depower" to much.Its a trim adjustment.My rpms fly like crap if they're over depowered, no...
by pj sofine
Tue Nov 21, 2017 3:21 am
Forum: Kitesurfing
Topic: Hard shell harnesses comparison
Replies: 25
Views: 2528

Re: Hard shell harnesses comparison

Bill C wrote:
Mon Nov 20, 2017 5:48 pm
Do you get the benefits of a hard shell harness if you wear it over an impact vest for instance? How about wearing a hard shell with a 5/4 wetsuit, is the lumbar support negated?
Wore the ride engine over my 6/4 and it seemed fine.Still good support in lumbar area.

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