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Slingshot: Down The Line Chile Trip 2015 II -Mauricio Pedreira Toby Braeuer - I do it my way - Teaser
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2016 Slingshot Rally "Airpass" on Land 2 days filming with chasta
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2016 Slingshot Dually Lego KiteSurfing Kiteloops on 12m lines
2016 Slingshot Compstick w Sentinel KTE France 2011 Day 1 Kite Loop Contest 2008
2016 Slingshot Compstick Below The Bar KTE Italy 2011 - Registration Day Pauline Boussard in Brazil, part 1
2016 Slingshot Refraction Just fly on the Lunghin finalcut - a kiteboarding shortmovie
2016 Slingshot Asylum Danilo Nacarato 09 Ruben Lenten at the Spot
Flysurfer Sonic FR 18 m KiteRip Lobitos, Peru HD 720p 2009 Naish Torch Video-Fight to Death
Tarifa Guinness Records attempt 2015 KPWT Paros, Greece 2008 La Boca Session

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