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Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2001 3:43 pm
by surfer9joe
Any prefernces from those who have used both??

I used a chest harness yesterday, but it kept riding up on me, and left my chest a bit sore, but I assume this is to be expected. I am pretty thin(145 lbs), so suspect the chest harness Ive got is maybe it' s a little big for me...

What are you guys using?

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2001 4:03 pm
by Toby
I started with a seat harness and switched after a while to a waist harness.
I never used a chest harness, so I don't know the difference.
You should try the waist too, to know what is best for you, since everyone has different opinions.
Others tell me, that they can't use a waist harness. I tried to use one time my seat harness again, but couldn't ride with it at all! So I stay with my waist harness, since it is more comfortable for me, when I pull the bar towards me than pulling it down to my .... :wink:

Happy kiting


Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2001 4:48 pm
by murdoc
the kite-harnesses (pro limit, da kine, naish, cabrinha ... ) are cool tuff, because they are made to deal with the kite often pulling upwards.
try one of these, and you probably won't regret.
i use a da kine nexus - waist harness.
it's not kite-specific designed and very annoying from time to time.

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2001 6:18 pm
by surfer9joe
Sorry, I meant waist harness and seat harness above! (I'm such a newbie)

I have the Da Kine Waist Harness with the flames on the side and a hook knife in the back...

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2001 6:55 pm
by Toby
Ah, you have the Da Kine Pyro!
I think it is a great harness.
Just ask someone at your local spot if you can try their seat harness for 5 minutes and see the difference yourself.

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2001 6:07 pm
by surfer9joe
I'm afraid my 18' bar is too big cause I'm skinny. When I tighten the harness, the bar in the middle goes all the way to metal seatbelt-clips, should it be more suspended in the middle?

It also seems to come loose after a while(the bar).

I hope this made sence..

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2001 10:40 am
by murdoc
you mean the bar where the hook is fixed?
yes. that's too loose.

it should not come loose and it should fit perfectly.

i guess you have to get a smaller one.
in a regular surfshop, you should have the possibility to hook up somewhere and try how it feels.

Posted: Sat Aug 17, 2002 3:26 am
by Guest
I origionaly kitesurfed with a waist harness but found that the harness ended up becoming a chest harness fully depowered and maxed out... this makes it difficult to breathe by the way.

Anyway that harness eventually broke so I switched to a seat harness... much better... no problems with the harness shifting upwards. However it was a windsurfing harness and hence incapable of coping with the uplift forces of a kite. The webbing eventually frayed to the point of danger....

Anyway switched to a Naish KITEBOARDING harness and it's absolutely brilliant....

Make sure you get one designed for kiteboarding. It should have some reinforcment to cope with upward forces... not just outward forces like those imparted by a windsurfing sail...

BLOWN AWAY :smile: