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Sell my X2 12, to much power for me

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Postby Guest » Tue Jun 11, 2002 12:53 am

Untill now, nobody suggested to inflate the kite hard enough. Maybe this is not the problem in this case, but it could be. Especially the X2 needs to be inflated as hard as your (Naish)pump can get it... It makes the kite react much more direct and gives a lot more controll in gusts.

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Postby Toby » Tue Jun 11, 2002 9:21 am

but if you pump it ureal hard, it will be so stiff that it will take the gust with full power. If you have les pressure in the tubes the kite can move a little and make less pressure.
Just a theory, but true?
I pump my X2 up real hard so the tips will be hard enough.


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Postby tvtloop » Wed Jun 12, 2002 9:39 pm


I'm interested in buying your 12 meter X2 kite.
How much are you sell it for?


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Postby windprayer » Wed Jun 12, 2002 10:26 pm

Hi tvtloop

In Switzerland the kite cost new 2090 swiss francs. I sell it for 1600 swiss, 4 time used. It's a good price I guess!

Where are you from?


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