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X2 16 or Toro 16 or AB11.8(16) 2002

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Postby kiteboarder2712 » Thu May 23, 2002 1:12 pm

The topic about gusty winds and a very fast kite like the X2 is very interesting.

Especiall now that I'm thinking of getting an X2 16, Toro 16 or AB11.8(16) 2002.

Does anybody know the main difference between those 3 kites.

Just FYI. I want a kite that at 10 o'clock does not deliver too much power when riding really powered up, so I can load up better for a jump. Also the kite should not boost too much power when hit by a gust. Or I should be able to kill the (too much)power when hit by a gust.

I'm riding a 147/37cm board with sharp rails so that's not the problem. Which of the 3 kites would be best? Or a different tubekite?

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