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X2,- once again

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Postby Ray-au » Mon Jun 03, 2002 3:47 am

Currently I'm sailing ARX 7.5 and 11.5. Got to find out about that X2 hype, I havn't read anything about relaunch capability yet, and as I once again swam in after a stalled tripple loop it would be great if the X2s wouldnt stick to the water as much as the ARXs. I'm thinking of getting the 8m and 14m X2, as I would like a bit more power for next season.

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Postby phree » Mon Jun 03, 2002 4:12 am

Well I've only had three sessions with my new X2 10 so far. So I don't have a lot of hours testing the kite yet. Sorry if this sounds like yet more "hype" but the god's honest truth is that on my first time out with this kite, I went upwind faster and further than I ever have before. Perhaps the conditions just happened to be perfect for my body weight, board size, etc...whatever. I've only been jumping a short while but my first time out on the X2 had me jumping WAY better than I had jumped before. Probably just me getting my technique down better. Don't want to make like it's a miracle kite or something. Then I botched a jump and the kite went down. I gave one hard yank on the center lines and the kite rolled over on its back. Ten seconds later, it was back in the sky. Maybe I just got lucky. Otherwise, I found the kite to be VERY stable and almost impossible to luft. I like the new bar allot and feel more secure because of the improved safety systems. Compared to the ARX 9.5 and the AR5's I've been riding, this kite is a Big Improvement. I'm stoked and planning to get a quiver of X2s. Of course this is just one opinion and results may vary. :roll:

BTW I don't sell or otherwise have any affiliation with Naish products. Just a happy rider, that's all. :grin:


Postby Guest » Mon Jun 03, 2002 7:05 am

I have had my X2 10 for the last month and have been out on it quite a few times recently. my previous kites were AR5s 13,5 and 7,5. in comparrison the X2 is in a completely different league the lift off the water is absolutely huge, this at the moment causes me a bit of a problem in that I havn't got the timing quite right on my jumps with the x2 so have managed to botch most of the jump so far. One particular jump went comletely wrong, and the kite ended up on the wrong side of the window and needles to say started to luff, however it diddn't drop out the sky as the ar5s or other kites i've tried it just seemed to drift back slightly and I managed to keep it in the air. So as yet not had to relaunch yet as the kite just seems to want to stay in the air.

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Postby Toby » Mon Jun 03, 2002 8:43 am

I had no problems getting the X2 12.0 back in the air. Just a pull on the center lines and it flips over. Then pull the steering lines a little here a litte there and of it goes. But think the 11.5 ARX was never such a problem, more sizes 13.5+.
So hopefully the next days I can tell you, how the X2 16 relaunches.

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