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Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2001 9:04 pm
by kiteantigua
Wassup guys??

I live in Antigua which is a small island in the caribbean, and it is a great spot for kiting. I go out almost every day on a wakeboard. The water is crystal blue and warm so I jus wear baggies and some sunblock to protect myself from the sun.

I normally ride at Jabawalk beach which is the best spot for kiting altho we do have some other spots. Jabawalk is a nice long white sandy beach. with side - sideon conditions. The winds are normally between 13 and 20 knots. so i am normally on a 11.5 naish or 15.5 naish, but from january to the end march we get very frequent 20-25 knot days were you can get out and go BIG. June is also really windy!

Drop me a line if ya wanna know anythin about kiting in Antigua or gettin some lessons. Also chek out

my msn messenger is


Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2001 12:21 am
by Toby
Welcome Andre!

Did you have to tell me how beautiful your spots are?!
I'm sitting here, looking outside, it's raining like hell with about 8C°. :cry:
When I go out I have to wear a dry suit and a mask, gloves and shoes!
Be sure that one day we will kite together in Antigua!
If you have nice pictures, please post them so we all can see, how beautiful your island is!

Greetings from the winter! :lol:


Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2001 5:16 pm
by kiteantigua
Hey Toby,

what's your e-mail? i'll send you some pics of kiting in antigua.


Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2001 5:21 pm
by Toby
Hi Andre,

You can contact me at:


Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2001 1:22 am
by Toby
Andre in Antigua:
here we go :smile:






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Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2001 3:56 pm
by rYaN
Nice pickes
You people make me sick
Lovely blue water ,
Going into the water at the moment in ireland is like a life treating situation but you have to do it if the wind is there .

Posted: Sun Nov 25, 2001 4:06 pm
Listen we don't go out if its cloudy cus it fets too cold here then. Anything below 80 degrees is just not worth it.
Life is tough!

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2001 11:13 am
by Toby
Eli, don´t say that or we will come to Antigua and kite for the rest of our life there! :smile: Toby

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2001 4:58 pm
Listen, if you need more info on Antigua then check out the links page on
a good place to stay is at Sunsail Club Colonna which can be found through the sunsail web site, but email me if you need more info.

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2001 5:01 pm
here is a better sunsail link which is very close to our kite spot: