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Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2002 11:04 am
by jever98
Hi guys,
I am waiting for my X2 to arrive. Since I read some posts that they tend to pull to one side sometimes and a friend of mine told me you have to trim the lines very accurately, I was wondering whether the following trim is correct:
All lines are exactly the same length when the kite is at maximum power (chicken loop touching bar, adjuster max length).
Any input?

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2002 11:07 am
by Toby
I didn't have any problems yet.
Everything should be the same lenght.
But I have to mention that I use the old ARX bar.
Maybe that is a difference?

IMO any kite has to be trimmed correctly.


Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2002 11:09 am
by jever98
Why should the different bar make a difference?
btw, what do you make your replacement chickenloops out of?

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2002 11:25 am
by Toby
you never know...
It shouldn't be any difference, but I just wanted to mention it, because it might be a possibility.

I had original replacements from Naish.

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2002 12:48 pm
by jever98
Where do you get these replacements?
Can you tell me the approximate cost?