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Pain front side thy caused by seat harness

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Postby BlueSky » Wed Jun 05, 2002 7:58 am

I bought a Da Kine Fusion seat harness about a month ago.

I encounter 2 problems:

1. the buckles from the legstraps open up under tension

2. going upwind I turn my leg in direction of going upwind. Doing that, the legstrap gives a lot of pressure on the groin/inner front side leg. Also when I pull my legs up to jump, I get the same pressure. I end up with a lot of pain.

I was very happy with my old windsurf Da Kine seat harness, but this Da Kine kite seat harness gives me nothing but…
Does anyone have a solution or the same experience?

After checking out the legstraps, I saw that the two parts of the buckle don’t come together in a straight line due to the construction/angle of the straps. Strange! Connecting the left to the right seems to result in a better angle.

I pasted a link hereunder where you’ll see a picture of a Fusion. It’s not my harness, but I think it has the same angle in the straps. ... ion_NL.htm

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