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Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2002 4:52 pm
by RickI
Five new accounts have been added to the Kiteboarding Safety Information (KSI), resource. They include a variety of incidents involving new riders, rabid shark fishermen, and a pro rider.

The pro rider, Dimitri Maramentides has added a second account to the KSI. I applaud Dimitri for sharing his hard won knowledge with the rest of us. It would be very good if other pro riders would also send in some of their experiences and hard won lessons too. It is very likely that in riding on "the edge" you have experienced a great deal and learned plenty the hard way. The information should benefit the kiteboarding community. Names as a rule are not mentioned unless permission to do so is given.

The KSI is located at: ... formation/

If you have had an incident or accident that carries important lessons, please email it in to me at:

Rick Iossi