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Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2002 11:28 am
by Toby

(Cabarete, Dominican Republic-June 25,2002) The largest field in Kiteboarding competition history converged today on Cabarete Beach for the third Event on the PKRA World Tour! Forty-three Men vied for 16 slots, and 17 women vied for10 open seats into the Freestyle Main Event today in 18-20 knot side-on shore winds. Registration closed at 11am and the Trials were under way by 2pm, after seating was completed for the Qualifications ladder. With winds staying stable til 6:30pm, 25 heats were completed that now insures a full 32 Men's and 16 Women's ladder, for a start into the Freestyle Single Elimination Event scheduled for tomorrow.

Takoon kites ,being the local Sponsor for the Event, was rewarded with 3 wild cards, the fourth wild card was decided in a National contest for local riders, where 14 year old Jose Luiz Ciriaco , on Gaastra kites, won and will now be in the Main Event. The Takoon riders with wild card status are; Franz Olry FRA, Luciano Gonzales DR and Herve Bouret FRA. They will join pre-seeds:(alphebetically-)

Marcus Austin USA Naish

Sebastian Cattelan FRA Wipika

Jaime Herraiz ESP North

Will James USA North

Steve Kellner SA Slingshot

Adam Koch USA Naish

Abel Lago ESP Slingshot

Ruud Overwater NED Wipika

Mark Shinn UK Naish

Jeff Tobias USA Slingshot

Mauricio Toscano MEX RRD

Martin Vari ARG Cabrinha

The Men advancing from today's Qualifiers are: (by heat-)

Marcelo Cunha BRA Wipika

Jonah Lepak USA Gaastra

Harold Quinquis Martinique

Andre Phillip ANT Cabrinha

Fernandes Rodriguez VEN Wipika

Marc Ramseier SUI Cabrinha

Royce Reid NZL RRD

David Tyburski USA Wipika

Steph DeJong NED Wipika

Jerson Peralta DR

Joseph Carnelro BRA

Sky Solbach USA Naish

Danny Seales UK Flexifoil

Nacho Yuste ESP North

Fonz Vervoort NED

Julien Sudrat FRA Slingshot

The Pre-seeded Women are: (Alphebetically-)

Claire Bunton UK Takoon

Laurel Eastman USA North

Anke Kirchner GER Cabrinha

Ingrid Kollbichtler AUT

Cindy Mosey NZL North

Julie Prochaska USA Cabrinha

Joining them in the Freestyle Main Event are: (by heats-)

Anne Pegon FRA Wipika

Andreya Wharry UK Flexifoil

Fabienne D'Ortoli FRA Cabrinha

Michele Glazman ARG Cabrinha

Fiona Wedenig SUI Naish

Dana Pinto USA Caution

Sheldon Plentovich USA Gaastra

Sonja Dushek GER Takoon

Laurence Lignieres FRA

Kristin Boese GER

The Freestyle Single Eliminations begin tomorrow at 12pm.

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Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2002 11:52 am
by Arcsrule
Any of them wearing personal protective equipment? What about leashes, were they required by the sponsors? This would have been a perfect opportunity to make a statement for the support of safety first.
Thanks, Phil

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2002 7:03 am
by Guest
Funny didn't see any arc riders in the list... I wonder why?

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2002 8:03 am
by Toby
Find pictures below

Day 2
Well, hmmm the judges are under fire, lots of complaining. But It's windy and the show is on..... the level is unreal.... board off stuff is in, and everybody is doing it. Rock and rolllllllll...
Official result will be posted later. Click link to see some of the pictures off the hottest heats.

Men Single elimination.
1st Tyburski
2nd Vari
3rd Lago
4th Sudrat

Women Single Elimination
1st Mosey
2nd Kirchner
3rd Plentovich
4th D'Orteli

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2002 8:42 am
by Robert

And what have we learned of the tragic insident? Nothing, look at the foto's no safety at all.

What can i say ...

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2002 11:51 pm
by Guest
tragidies happened before and will happen after. They happen everyday crossing the street driving your car shagging your sheila whatever... get over it

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2002 12:29 am
by Toby
the problem is that people are seeing this pictures and look at the pros like idols. Shouldn't they make the first step so others will follow.
It is not easy to judge about it.
On one side everyone has to use a leash, on the other side it is easier riding without and more fun. We all will get over this tragedy, but is it correct to just forget about it and go on without any improvements?

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2002 2:51 am
by Guest
Yeah, the safety issue is a big one. I think that along with enforcing helmets and leashes for kiting, jumping motor bikes and high speed skiing and water skiing should be banned. People will see those olympic athletes as idols, and then go out and try and snow ski at 200kmhr as well. it's ridiculous... infact kitesurfing, snow skiing, motor cross, wakeboarding should abe banned as you can die doing these sports.

But seruiously, come on guys... These guys are pros, and any extreme sport has dangers. I agree that safety needs to be addressed, but more importantly, people need to be aware of the risks so they understand that things can go wrong.

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2002 3:30 am
by phree
Dear Annonymous Unregistered User,

If you have the courage of your convictions on this subject then why don't you even identify yourself when your slamming those of us who would like to bring a higher level of responsible riding to the sport?


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Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2002 7:28 am
by Guest
why? what difference does it make... actually the 2 ano post were written by seperate people I wrote the first and agree entirely with the second... call me Bob if a name makes you feel bettor...
wear a leash helmet knive straight jacket or whatever makes you feel good but don't impose them on me. I have been envolved in so called extreme dangerous sports all my life and kiteboarding is one of the safest sports yet. I have survived them all by knowing the dangers and accepting them, having good judgement knowing my abilities and a fair amount of good luck thrown in.If one day I exercise poor judgement poor skill or just have plain bad luck and get hurt then so be it.. its my life. If you thinks thats irresponsible and may cause someone elses injury then think on this. I drive my car in the knowledge that I could hurt maime or cause death(thousands die everyday you know)and yet everyday I drive, as do you I suspect.
I'm all for safety and devices that improve safety have and will have there place, I am not knocking those that use them, but remember all the devices in the world will not help someone with poor skill/jugdement or just plain bad luck.
If you can not accept this then stay at home and watch TV (careful though they have been known to explode!!!