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Varations in attaching lines to kite

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Postby Den » Sat Jul 06, 2002 12:24 am

On my F one magic I can hook up the lines to the knots closest to the kite or to the knots 2-3 inches from the kite. What effect would this 2-3 inches have? Also I can tie up to the inboard or outboard lines on the back edge. Once again what effect does this have?
Thanks Dennis


Postby Guest » Sat Jul 06, 2002 8:29 am

with the differ knots on one line you can trim the kite for more or less power depending on the wind.
If you have a day with low winds you need more power, so you attach the back lines to the knot nearest to the kite.
The frontlines you attach far away form the kite.
Now the presetup or trim has shorter back lines and longer frontlines, so your kite will have more power since the angle of the kite is more open to the windand catches more wind.
If you have stronger winds, you do it the other way around, so the back lines are longer and the frontlines shorter. Now the kite has an angle where the wind doesn't hit the kite as much.

The inner and outer attachment points can be used to make the kite faster or slower in turning speed.
If you use a big kite, you should make it faster. Do this by using the outer attachment, so the distance between front and back attachments is wider.
If you use a small kite and it is too fast for you in turns, make the distance smaller by usin the inner attachment point.

Just play with it a little and you will see what happens.

Have fun!



Postby Guest » Sat Jul 06, 2002 3:10 pm

Nice explination Toby. I find my f-one Mach 1 18 handles way better in all conditions with as much as 5"-6" shorter lines on the front. (extra inches achieved by shortening the center leader lines where they attach to the flying lines) These big kites don't seem to go up wind if you adjust them with too much lift. I have 2 friends with the Magic 15s and I suspect they too are easier to handle with shorter front lines.

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Postby Toby » Sat Jul 06, 2002 4:13 pm

you normally have to test them before going out, since lines can be not be perfect.
The right trim you have to find out yourself, specially with high AR kites.
If trimmed too much for power it will open its tips too wid taking away power.
Last years (and this year?) Airbast flow backwards if pulled too much and the trim was to much for power. So you have to find a way for the perfect setup.
To find it is easy-trim it full power and go on the water, if you fly it not depowered (adjuster) and then pull the bar towards you to gain full power. If it opens too wide it will have less power, then use the adjuster until it will have full power when pulled towards you. Then you can see on the adjuster how many cm you have to make the front lines shorter (with an additional knotabove the adjuster). But make sure you use the max lenght of the frontlines and depower to find the point where it opens too much. If it is too short you won't find the point.

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