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Foolkookio and bullshit claims about ram air relaunch

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Foolkookio and bullshit claims about ram air relaunch

Postby Pump me up » Thu Aug 18, 2016 3:28 am

Foilkookio is making more ridiculous claims about ram airs. He claims he is able to relaunch a ram air that is "1/3 full of water… because water will drain out one of the wingtip openings of a Flysurfer.” COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT.

Foilkookio goes on to say:
foilholio wrote:It is a common misconception spread by many and a particular PMU, that foils sink and don't relaunch

Many ram lovers have experienced problems with relaunch. Commonly, ram airs will not relaunch properly because of twisting, bridle tangles, or waterlogging. These aren't such big problems with inflatables. Check out these links about ram airs sinking or becoming un-relaunchable:
eg viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2346569
eg viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2358958&p=608890#p608890
eg viewtopic.php?t=2359156&p=617396
eg viewtopic.php?t=2358602&p=704984
Hawaiis wrote:One swimming session will ruin your perception of the kite ... the Flysurfer ended up in the water … It was an hour long and 5 hours to sort out the spaghetti.

joriws wrote:Well I've always said Chrono is a bad copy of other foil kites. Many probably has tried it and did a conclusion that foils kites ball up in the sky and are hard/unsafe to launch, requires high line maintenance and cannot water launch.
Indeed, the Chrono is massively over-rated and just another example of the overhyped bs that ram lovers have been repeatedly regurgitating since 1999. The Chrono is NOTORIOUS for balling up, collapsing, wineglassing, instability (esp in gusty conditions), and near impossible water relaunch. It is grossly inferior compared to similar inflatables.

The following is an example of "diraklib's" experience with ram airs in wind dropouts:
diraklib wrote:"the SA-19 is huge and can whack you silly if you let it get down wind of you in a low wind launch. It is downright scary - be ready with the QR at all times if not up and riding!!! I can't say I agree with claims that you can ride the SA-19 in anything lower than a steady 8 knots. I made a personal choice to not ride the SA-19 any more. It went down twice in lulls and managed to bow-tie on the way down - there was no way to relaunch. I was not as lucky as others that self rescued. My kite was full of water by the time I dragged my very tired and frustrated a$$ to shore. It sounds simple, "wrap the lines around the bar, fold the kite in half, roll it up on your board and paddle in"... noooo... there are lines everywhere under water that wrap around your feet as you are trying to manipulate the kite. You just pray that a gust won't pop the kite up and slice of an appendage. The kite ... is just too scary when it goes down. My attitude now is - if my LEI won't fly, I shouldn't be on the water. Anyone interested in a slightly used SA2-19m??? Cheap???"
For the full epiphany, checkout viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2360979&start=40

The following is the experience of "pmaggie" with ram airs in wind dropouts:
pmaggie wrote:I rode foils only a few times, so these are really my two cents. The problem I experieced with foils in very light wind when they suddenly fall. In my home spot, in very light wind days, sometimes the wind really goes to zero for 1 minute or so. When this happen, both foils and inflatables suddenly fall. In this cases, my inflatable, since it's far heavier than a foil, fall directly into the water with no line tangling and I just have to wait for a gust to relaunch (when possible, that means about 7 knots for my Core 17). When a foil falls with no wind, being very light, it's common that its lines roll over it and became completely tangled. At that point, it's not that easy to relaunch.
The other big problem with foils in very light wind is when the wind completely stops. With an inflatable, you just get your kite and swim attached to your little floating boat. With a foil, you have 20 sqm of tissue to carry home with you!
For the full story, checkout: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2376332

Here is the experience of "FredBGG" with a line failure:
FredBGG wrote:The other day I had a front line fail.
Wind was slightly off shore...
I really needed a tow to the beach.
I had the kite safely on the 5th line folded in half (flysurfer Foil)
I waved down two kiters.... both expert judging by their riding.
Both refused to help.
One even yelled if you can't relaunch it's your problem.
Anyway after a difficult ordeal in the surf and current I got back to the beach.
I had to rest a bit but my board was still out there.
For the full admission viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2362065
The problem here isn't with the other kiters, it's with Fred's choice of kite. If Fred had an inflatable, he would have been able to "self-rescue" by grabbing the tips and "sailing" to shore. The other kiters refusing to help is understandable: Fred opted for less safe equipment. It's his problem and he shouldn't impose on others to make up for his equipment deficiencies. Also, towing a ram air to shore is like towing a sleeping bag full of water - difficult and dangerous.

Ignore the lies. Ignore the propaganda. Ram airs are inferior to inflatables. They are difficult to relaunch when waterlogged and at times can be dangerous…. even life-threatening.
Pumpy …………………. :pump:

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Re: Foolkookio and BULLSHIT claims about ram air relaunch

Postby foilholio » Thu Aug 18, 2016 5:32 am

Not bullshit at all it happen get over it :-) Foils don't sink and they can relaunch with quite literally a ton of water in them.

I am impressed with all the scraping you did to find quotes that are foil related. You have quite the obsession :lol:

Oh and the other day 7knots riding upwind and riding waves up and down wind with the kite drifting :-) Picked up to 12knots and I was feeling very well powered, some 14knot gusts had me maxed out. 22m kite and only cost a few 100's, about the cheapest you'll get new for any sized kite and it's a foil kite :lol: fast setup, fast packup, no pumping, no bladderleaks. Was very enjoyable as nearly always :-D

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Re: Foolkookio and bullshit claims about ram air relaunch

Postby Rufusz » Thu Aug 18, 2016 8:49 am

Here we go again... Without reading any of your usual nonsense pumpy I will try to sum it up:

Foolkokio is making bullshit claims about RAM air kites... blahblahblah...
....[quote=randomKFposter]...yeah my FOIL got tangled it aint good[/quote] see that proves that RAM air kites are inferior...blahblah

Ignore the lies...blahblah...Propaganga....

RAM airs....inferior...lies...stop...the voices told me...inferior...RAM airs....blahblahblah

This mantra seems like a weird therapy for whatever problems you have lets hope it works ;)

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Re: Foolkookio and bullshit claims about ram air relaunch

Postby cor » Thu Aug 18, 2016 10:27 am

Pump me up, this is the second thread that you opened just to "prove" foilholio wrong while linking 8 year old threads that describe problems with even older kites to underpin your self-imposed mantra "RAMs are inferior" as well as the fact that you need to use infantile name calling in your titles. This leads me to the conclusion that the problem is not even kite-related but a personal problem that YOU have with foilholio or probably in general with people that don't share your opinion.

You are misinterpreting his statement on full purpose. But yes - brace yourself, here comes the big news - LEIs are superior to RAMs when it comes to relaunch. Wow. Who would have ever thought that?

What exactly is the point you are trying to make? I am pretty sure it is not even kite-related!

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Re: Foolkookio and bullshit claims about ram air relaunch

Postby The Captain » Thu Aug 18, 2016 2:07 pm

bullshit...done it myself. Get some air under the leading edge, then hold it back from launching by pulling back lines, water drains as kite is slowly allowed to lift from the water. All that water will likely end up on one side as it lifts, so you are pulling the opposite back line to prevent the kite from turning (and flipping over nose down) until the water is drained enough for it to fly straight up.

I know it is PMU trolling, but bullshit...

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Re: Foolkookio and bullshit claims about ram air relaunch

Postby sabraxas » Thu Aug 18, 2016 2:29 pm

Fuck me up wrote:I tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Ignore the lies. Ignore the propaganda. Ram airs are inferior to inflatables.
All these guys are wrong, very wrong.


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Re: Foolkookio and bullshit claims about ram air relaunch

Postby pj sofine » Thu Aug 18, 2016 3:04 pm

Thanks again PMU! You continue to be a voice of reason on a subject that has grown to mythical levels. You are a true protector of the sane!

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Re: Foolkookio and bullshit claims about ram air relaunch

Postby edt » Thu Aug 18, 2016 3:14 pm

the chrono is a fantastic kite and really not that finicky. You can always relaunch a foil kite in less wind than a tube kite why because it's lighter that's simple. You can also drain water out of the foil but it really depends how much water gets in there. Maybe 50 pounds (23 kilos) is the limit. More than that you are swimming in. Swimming in with a foil kite is a horrible experience, that's where the tube kites have the foils beat. Here's the scenario, the wind drops to absolutely 0. No wind period. It stays that way for a long enough time that your foil starts taking on water, depends on how new your foil is, maybe 30 minutes. Then the wind picks up again. You try relaunching your foil but it is too full of water, so you can end up swimming back to shore carrying a bag of laundry. Tubes tho, you can sit out in the water for an hour and still be able to launch. Tubes and foils are both awesome, why doesn't everyone ride both! It's like a guy on a surfboard saying twintips suck. Ridiculous. Everyone should ride a surfboard, ride a twintip, ride a foil kite and own a hydrofoil. If you don't do it all you are missing out some of the fun.

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Re: Foolkookio and BULLSHIT claims about ram air relaunch

Postby PullStrings » Thu Aug 18, 2016 5:24 pm

foilholio wrote:Not bullshit at all. Foils can relaunch with quite literally a ton of water in them.

:lol: are 3/3 full of it :shit:

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Re: Foolkookio and BULLSHIT claims about ram air relaunch

Postby Mossy 757 » Thu Aug 18, 2016 6:17 pm

foilholio wrote: they can relaunch with quite literally a ton of water in them.

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