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New TV series about kites.

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Postby Toby » Wed Jul 10, 2002 1:50 pm

Original posting from KiteGeek:

I am working on getting a new TV series all about Kites and kite people. If you would like to support this idea.

Goto look under forums,
then look under Flying Prefrences, and look
for my post (KiteGeek). I need people like you to help make this happen.

Kites in the Air a new show for TV all about kites and kite people.

Here the posting from that forum:

First thanks for the reply, and sorry for not posting sooner. I was on vacation. Flying kites and promoting the idea to get them on TV. I was going to use Kite Stop as the place to post all support for this. However, I am not one to refuse a request from a fellow kite flier.

Folks this is a little wordy, and my own website is being updated as you read this. Sometime this week 7-09-02 it will reflect my new changes.

First off I contacted Discovery Network about a show for kite people. They explained how to go about getting a show idea to them. I was also told that since TV is demand driven it would not hurt to also have people not only send an email to them about this but also post that they would like a series for kites on TV. So if all you can do post post you want kites on TV, do that now.

Now I can go do the regular steps to make this happen, and maybe 50 years from now I will be able to make it work. That is if I do this all alone.

Here are the big questions I get so far:

Have I thought about the cost to produce something like this? Yes, I can not do this alone. So, I am in need of people who would like to donate time to help produce this. At first it will not afford a payback. This will stink, however I hope you will see it would be worth it.

Who would sponsor this with out seeing the show first. That is just it, I am not sure who would do that. Again, I hope people from all over the world have interest in this and may know of an answer.
I am not going to say it will be an easy project. I am saying I hope you will see it would be worth it. And can offer your help.

How would it cover the world of kites at first? TV format video tape. So people on location would take the video and and send it to the production team who has decided to help. They would make it all pretty like they do, and before you know it we have one segment done, then we have our first show.

Why would people who have never met or know each other want to do something so big, and costly? For some reason I have a feeling that if the kite community can help bring this to life, the kite community will get paid back in ways you can not yet imagine.

I am not asking for money, or equipment, or anything from you if you do not feel that you can afford to do that. I am asking for you to decide what level you want to help.

If you feel all you can do is post I want Kites on TV, post it here. I will use both this site and KiteStop as my springboards for this project.

If you have any ideas on how to make this happen please post here or at and make it happen.

So in essence if the kite community is able to bring this project to life here is the potential audience of ONLY one TV network.

Discovery Network has about 425 million viewers in a single day, on the average.

The entire kite community is a mere grain of sand next to that number. But, if we ever needed to get the general public's attention this would be a great start.

Discovery Network in my untrained mind is a perfect match with our Kite community.

Kites fit into education, science, travel, leisure, and the Discovery Wings Channel. We would not have airplanes if not for kites.

Kites are in every culture on Earth. They have been around for a very long time, and the history alone would make a good show.

This show Kites in the Air, would bring to the TV a picture of the kite community the general public can digest little by little, and show the public at large what kites are all about. I mean everything kite related. from the smallest kite and how to make it to the power kites surfers zip around the water with and who to best learn this from.

Take time to think of everything you know about kites, it can be a single thing, it would be a welcomed edition to a show like this.

Yes, this will happen, it will happen much faster if everyone in the kite community helps make it happen.

Post here if you like this idea. I really do not know how this will end up. I just know if we do not at least try to make it work it will fail.

We can do this as a team with the same focus.

With all of us helping make this happen it will take off, and once it does think of all the joy it will bring.

Thank you for taking time to read this today, I hope you feel it is at least worth a kind post in support of this idea.

Good Winds to you, now go fly a kite.


Postby Guest » Thu Jul 11, 2002 12:32 pm

Hi Toby,

if you need, I'm sure that Christo gonna be ok to help, whatever you could need

just let me know


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Postby Royce » Fri Jul 12, 2002 3:08 pm

Hey Toby. The ex editor of Kite boarding mag has set up a tv show about kiting already. Maybee you could get hold of him. I think his e-mail is Good luck.
Aloha Royce.

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Postby zoomdaddy » Fri Jul 12, 2002 4:54 pm

Hey guys,

One note: go digital. Create this puppy as a DVD, and you'll be able to share production work over the net, and have dramatically lower shipping costs once it's time (the cost of a postage stamp!). There's still two major DVD formats at war, but by the time you're well on your way there should be one clear favorite. Just a thought...


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