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Postby RickI » Thu Jul 11, 2002 2:11 pm

Here is an interesting repost from Can anyone confirm the higher altitude extended jump phenomena? (follow those Safe Kiteboarding Guidelines!):


Important Safety Issues

There are dangers to kiting!

Some of the more extreme have been iterated here though, the most common types of accidents and injuries are rarely mentioned. So for the unitiated, here goes.

1) Uneven kite lines:
Uneven lines can cause very slight muscle strain. One arm has to work more than the other. this type of injury is among the most common and can take months to heal. Take the time to check the lines by tying the lines to a post and check for eveness. While sailing check to see how they feel. Sometimes leader knots can slip causing a small change that can cause severe stress.

Uneven pumping of the kite:
Everyone pumps of their kite. Be very careful to use a straight back and bend your legs. Use both hands and even movements to pump the kite. Don't over stress yourself. Uneven moments can agitate existing injuries and increase repetitive strain disorder.

Sun damage is among the greatest danger to kiters. Depending on where you kite the sun can hit in the same place on your body daily; either on your back or your face. Use lots of sunscreen and reapply often. use a head and hair sunscreen as well. And use suncreen over your body that's exposed including your feet. Areas with thin skin are the most sensitive.

Attitude Adjustment:
Aggresion and egomania plagues kiting. Take patience and remind yourself of the luxory of kiting often regardless of the weather or outcome of a trick. Bad attitude can take years off your life.

Kiters excercise but often fail to eat healthy food. Use a plan that tracks your intake and be sure you get a well balanced diet with fruits and vegetables. Stay away from refined sugars.

Kiting is largely anaerobic. Take time to stretch dailiy and cross train to increase muscle. Kiting tends to cause shortened muscles due to reduced movement of the arms under constant but slight pressure. A lack of stretching is the prime reason for kiting injuries.

Traveling to/from kiting:
Many injuries can occur on the way home from kiting. Your tired, perhaps you had a beer. You're dehydrated. This is a dangerous scenario and is a setup for a car accident. Hydrate before driving home for safety.

Altitude Hazard???

One more issue not mentioned yet though noted to me by Ian Boyd; kiting at high altitiudes causes you to fly higher and farther than low elevations. Chuck Patterson was riding Lake Tahoe this week. And it would appear that one should be aware that fly farther than expected much like the phenomena of golf balls going further there. Of course if you never kited before you would not know the difference. This is really a safety note for those who kite at sea leve regularly and are making a trip to a mountain lake. Give yourself a little more room!

These are just a few of the most common types dangers plauging kiters. these happen every day, often imperceptably. Take care and have fun.

Posted by: ooto - 07/10/2002

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