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Postby Royce » Fri Jul 26, 2002 6:08 pm

Toby. AS with the X2 or any high performance kite it will take practice but if your kite is inflated enough it will relaunch as easilly as your other kites. For the supertype from RRD. When the kite is face down... get in the chicken loop, pull on one of the steering lines as long as you have to to get it to roll onto its back. When it is on its back let go of all the rope you just pulled and steer agressively upward. The kite will rollaround itself and relaunch a little in the power zone but not too bad. If its windy enough you can relaunch it by swimming towards it but sometimes it will get stuck in the middle and be a little tricky. I can relaunch all sizes like this and in surprising little wind. If it is light swim towards the kite aswell as pulling the ropes but don't get tangled. It takes a little practice but you will at least pull to the ends of the lead lines before the kite will roll. Happy relaunching.Aloha R

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