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Kitesurfing in Spain

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Postby jj » Wed Jul 24, 2002 4:07 pm

I heard that kitesurfing has been banned in Spain, notably the Costa Brava, does anyone know about this?

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Postby Trikke » Wed Jul 24, 2002 11:44 pm

I heard it about Costa Brava, on the other hand I can say that nothing similar occurred in Tarifa where kitesurf is admitted and pushed further. Friday I will be there till the end of August,so if there's something new I'll let you all know! Bye

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Postby jj » Thu Jul 25, 2002 4:43 pm

Thanks. Having been to both areas I think Tarifa wins hands down for kiting anyway :smile:

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Postby Rainer » Fri Jul 26, 2002 8:27 am

Officially, kiteboarding has been banned (forbidden) at the Costa Brava on (!!) December 24, 2001!!
Unofficially, you could do it during the low season (NOT July and August!!) at the beaches of St. Antonii, Pals and St. Pere Pescadore (approx. 80-100km north of Barcelona).
Be careful during the high season July and August. The cops might cause some trouble, especially when the beaches are packed with tourists!!!

Take care!


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