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X2 vs All others

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Postby Guest » Mon Feb 25, 2002 11:27 pm

If you want the best bulletproof construction then stick with the Slingshots.
The 2002 Fuel 160 is a very powerful kite and if you want it to turn quicker get the factory modifications free of charge by sending it back to them.
the modified F160 turns as fast as my Fuel 120 and of cause has heaps of hang/float...
trust me you won't be disappointed


Postby Guest » Thu Jul 25, 2002 12:47 pm

I am in the market for a 16m (approx) kite.I currently ride Slingshot fuels and I love them but would like to know the real deal on the X2 Naish's.Are they all dacron (or mylar combo's or Polyfuse?).Are they grunty with plenty of foil or high end like the Airush Lifts?.Are they reinforced on the leach (ie. double ply)?,and are they similar weight's to the ARX's (which are quite light compared to the Slingshots)?. I primarily want a low down grunty 16m that I can use on a 140 wake in the lighter wind ranges, but is fast through the air and doesn't feel cumbersome like the old 16's of old.It doesnt have to be bulletproof but part of the reason I bought the Slingshots was because you cant kill em!.All my previous Naish's fell to bits due to delam. so strenght is important...

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