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X2 20 very brief impressions

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Postby jever98 » Mon Jul 29, 2002 9:56 am

Hi folks,
yesterday, I could sail the X2 20 for a short while (1 hour), although I couldn't really go for it, since I hurt my ribs last week wakeboarding :sad:

Short impressions:
Flies beautifully on the 60cm bar. I didn't feel the need for anything longer. The steering forces seemed very light, may be it flies more of the front lines than the 14. I wasn't really overpowered though.
To me, the kite seems very fast and extremely maneuverable. I.e. when jumping, I had to watch out not to pull too hard on the bar, since once or twice, I sent the kite shooting straight down the window. It seems to turn extremely on its tips. It seems that this is caused by the very wide tips.

As to jumping, it is too early to tell for me. I couldn't crank the bar, so mostly flatish jumps for me yesterday. A world of difference to me though, in comparison to the Airblast 16.4.

Overall, I am very stoked, although I find the valves on the rocket struts a bit cumbersome for deflation.


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