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Flysurfer Warrior and auto-zenit

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Postby Guest » Tue Aug 13, 2002 10:32 pm

I read that Warrior has an auto-stabilizing profile. So I'm asking if it has an auto-zenit feature like the ARC.
Thank for your feedback.

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Postby BLOWN AWAY » Tue Aug 13, 2002 10:46 pm

I wanna know where you can get these kites in NZ... I've heard some excellent reviews about them...



Postby Guest » Wed Aug 14, 2002 9:23 am

These kite do not have auto-zenith like an
arc, they have a special stabalizing profile
which stops them from overflying you in gusts. (Models Warrior and Maniac)

Absolute killer kites, and in no way
comparable to the older foils of 1 year and
older, try them out if you can.!

For importers and more info look up the site:

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Postby MissionMan » Wed Aug 14, 2002 12:28 pm

I haven't flown the flysurfers, but i have found for gusty conditions, the foils definitely outfly the LEI's. Although I enjoy the LEI's, I still have my foil.

I also like the idea of some of the new big flysurfers which allow you to drop your range down to 4knots as a starting point. Haven't seen a kite yet that can do that. Inland, the winds tend to be lightish or heavy gusts, the lightish option may extend your water time

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Postby murdoc » Wed Aug 14, 2002 12:41 pm

4 knots is not enough, even with the mastair 16!

i doubt any kite going lower than the big flysurfers, but at least 7knots are necessary to go upwind.
that's physics. you can't do anything about it ..

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Postby gaffer » Wed Aug 14, 2002 1:34 pm

I agree, 6 knots is the lower limit for any kite, even the warrior 16.5

I need 8-9 knots on a pitbull and I weigh 85kgs

with a bigger board I would probably be ok at 7 knots

The kite are very stable and will not overfly, but with the big 16.5 it can be a problem if the kite is at the side of the window and the wind drops below 6 knots, in such cases the kite may drop but will usually relaunch once the lull has passed.

If the wind is not a consistent 7 knots it's time to play another sport!


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