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Posted: Fri Aug 23, 2002 7:17 pm
by BillF

I ordered spectra replacements for my 2-line kite and received a 4-line Naish pack of 27 meter lines, with one set labeled front and one labeled back.

Should I think of this as two sets of 2-lines for my 2-liner, or is there some subtle difference between the ratings for front vs. back lines, or 4-line sets vs. 2-line sets?


Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2002 12:18 am
by Fabe
Don´t know it for sure but I guess the only difference between the two sets of lines is the color-code. On newer Naish-Kites the ends of the frontlines are black/grey, the backlines are red and green. So you can´t attach the lines to the wrong points.

Everthing else on line-sets for tube kites should be the same.

You have differences on line-sets for 4-line-foilkites. In these sets the backlines are only for lower loads, because they are only breaking-lines on these kites.


Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2002 3:10 am
by BillF
Thanks for the reply. Since that's what I was hoping to hear, I'll run with it! But let me re-ask a question that I posted earlier, that no one respond to: Does anyone know anything about replacement line-sheaths that are suppossedly available? Since my loops are worn, AND I have a knot 1 foot from the loops, I was thinking of cutting off the last foot or so, and using these "aftermarket" sheaths to get some more life out of that line set. Thoughts?

Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2002 7:04 am
by Guest
Well, I don't know about the line sheaths, but you can just tie a double overhand knot at the end and use that loop to attach to your kite.

Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2002 7:11 am
by Guest
I have been using a simple double-knot at the end of the lines instead of incorporating sheathing like what was in the original lines. It has worked great all year.

Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2002 10:46 pm
by Guest
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