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New Naish TT bidirectional

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Postby Guest » Thu Sep 05, 2002 6:54 am


I have ridden the 4'6 and the 5'2. Both in Maui and the 5'2 in Oz. These boards ride quite differently to one another. The 4'6 is quite skatish even with the extra fins. Howver this is good in stronger winds as the board tends to slide a little. One major problems with sharpe wakeboard rails is that when the release, they go in a big way. ( Yes they do bite harder but are not as forgiving)

The 5'2 is much better suited to lighter winds. When you set the rail of this board it goes upwind extremely well. Also the rail locks off nicely even when overpowered. Possible more to do with the extra fins. Both boards come with wide Naish straps and 8 solid G10 fins.

I have not tried the 5'2 with out the rail fins, but I am sure this would make the board a little more skatish.

A few comments have been made about the weight of these boards. They are a little heavier than a custom, but they are strong. Also the fins add a little weight as well. However these boards are top qualtiy, and so is the ride on them.


Postby Guest » Thu Sep 05, 2002 8:38 am

I hear the Naish team will change the 4.9 to thinner lighter etc..?

Someone knows more?

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