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Postby Guest » Mon Sep 02, 2002 2:17 pm

ok i have several questions myself

questions for rick iossi:
1. what do you do for a living?
2. could you give us some details on your kitemare without referring us to an incident database?
2a. how long had you been kitesurfing prior to your inicident?
2b. what happened? what caused your incident to take place?
2c. how bad were you inured? how long were you in the hospital? how long were you out of kitesurfing?
2d. where did this happen at?
2e. did any bans, rules or laws follow?
3. what propmted you to form the fka?
4. how old is the fka today?
5. do you use some sort of program that types for you what you speak into it or do you hand type all of your writings?
6. why does so many of your posts say copyright at the bottom? by doing that does this actually copyright it?(i only ask because i am ignorant of the copyright laws) don't you want people to spread your words on safety?
7. how many members are in the fka today?
8. is the topic of discussion on the fka newsgroup about kitesurfing safety? if so how come the fka newsgroup isnt able to be viewed by the public?
9. how many bans has the fka gotten reversed in florida?
10. if you were to estimate it, how many bans has the fka headed off in florida?
11. is their a mandatory membership fee to join the fka today?
12. is all of the current members paying members?
13. what all does membership in the fka offer to those wishing to join?
14. do you take in enough money in membership fees to give yourself a salary for what you do?
15. if question 14 is anwered with other than yes, where do you come up with the time to write as much as you do on the internet? your posts come up at all times of the day. are you doing it on someone elses time? such as at work? if so, are they ok with you doing that?
16. how long have you been kiteboarding? how often do you kiteboard? how many hours per week on average do you spend on the water?
17. how would you rate your kiteboarding skill level from these choices; begnner, experienced beginner, intermediate, expert.
18. i have been told that in order to compete in the state of florida you have to be a paying member of the fka. is this true? if so, why?
19. are their any upcoming events in the near future planned in florida? if so, where can information be found about the whens and wheres of them and other details about them?
20. does the fka offer insurance?
21. i am visiting south florida soon, what is involved in my riding at crandon park?
22. where and how is the money from the membership fees spent? can we as kiteboarders see these dollars at work for us anywhere in any way? is this public information and if so where can it be seen?
23. how many members of the fka are pro riders?
24. what benefits are offered to businesses signing into the fka?
25. do you compete in any kitesurfing competitions?
26. if answer no to 25, do you plan to ever compete?
27. do you participate in florida based competitions in any way? if so, how?

those are the questions that come to mind without having to think about it much. if anymore come to mind i'll throw them up for you. we all appreciate your time and effort in answering the questions posted here for you. thnaks.

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Postby jever98 » Mon Sep 02, 2002 2:25 pm

What is this about?

If you don't agree with Rick, fine. In his original posting about towing, he was trying to make a point that it is risky. You then answered saying: "But I am doing it without much risk".
Well may be, under very special circumstances, you are right (same as saying: driving a racing car is not risky if I drive slowly).

It now seems that your postings are solely aimed to annoy Rick.

From my point of view, it is as much of concern what Rick does in his life as it is what you do. If you agree with his initiatives, fine, be happy. If you don't, ask questions to the topic and not stuff like why he has time to write in a forum. It is his business, not yours.


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Postby jever98 » Mon Sep 02, 2002 2:26 pm

PS: of course, some of your questions are to the topic, I am referring to the other questions and the general tone of the posting


Postby Guest » Mon Sep 02, 2002 3:01 pm

sorry you thought so nico. i need to sign up for an account so i can sign it. then i could edit. i would try to edit to your liking if i could. will sign up now. i will be happy with just any and all that rick answers.



Postby Guest » Mon Sep 02, 2002 3:09 pm

I am trying to work out what you are attacking here. YOu attacking rick? kiteboarding safety in general? someone infringing your rights to kitesurf on a packed beach?

You pissed off because he came out an said towkiting is dangerous? here's a huge shock for you, what he says is correct, it is dangerous. Sure it may not be as dangerous with shorter lines, but going out on 50 to 100m lines is probably going to get you a darwin award when you fall out of the sky like a lead balloon. The darwin awards are proof that there are a lot of really stupid people out there, and sooner or later, one of them is bound to get his hands on a kite and take himself, and a couple of innocent bystanders out.

The way i see it, some of these question may be relevent, but as someone before me said, where he gets the time to do this stuff is none of your business. Again there are plenty of questions which have about as much relevence as your personal life with your wife/girlfriend.

If you don't like what he is doing, why aren't you more involved in safety. The guys trying to bring safety into this sport are the guys who are sitting there going I told you so, every time a beach ban occurs or an incident happens. When these things happen, half the time its already too late to help. Weird how people only want to get involved when they can no longer do the sport, instead of getting involved before the problems happened. Also weird how people are prepared to complain about rules/laws implemented when they CHOSE not to get involved in the rule/law making process. You sound like the sort of guy who complains about politicians but never "finds" the time to vote and in doing so change the things you are complaining about.

So before you start attacking someone, who clearly is simply interested in adding more safety aspects to the sport, maybe get off your ass and help the guys out.


Postby Guest » Mon Sep 02, 2002 3:29 pm

well i think it would be great to hear rick's anwers on these questions, if he dont mind. Just curious.

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Postby Toby » Mon Sep 02, 2002 4:05 pm

Hi Guys,

It is up to Rick to answer these questions.
And for sure he just will answer those who are relevant for him to be answered.

KC, maybe you can tell us why you want all of these questions to be answered by Rick.
Any intentions?
Somehow you wanted this public, otherwise you would have sent him an e-mail or ask him to contact you.



Postby Guest » Tue Sep 03, 2002 5:07 am

no sir sarge. no intentions. just curious about everything that i asked. beginning to get curious as if it will get any answers. some questions are relevant by somes standards, and some arent by others. to me, they are all relevant as i am curious to the answer of them. if he wishes not to share or answer any or some of the questions is his choice. like i said earlier, i be happy with any answers to any questions. but seriously, am i the only person here wondering these questions? noone else wants answers to them?


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Postby michel » Tue Sep 03, 2002 12:40 pm

reading all the crap i´m really p... off and my answer to KC´s question is: NO, I´m reall y not at all interested in Rick´s answers (btw, how old are YOU, KC?)
bye mic


Postby Guest » Tue Sep 03, 2002 2:14 pm

On 2002-09-03 13:40, michel wrote:
reading all the crap i´m really p... off and my answer to KC´s question is: NO, I´m reall y not at all interested in Rick´s answers (btw, how old are YOU, KC?)
bye mic
hi mic Image. sorry to hear you are pissed off, but rest assured it is better than being pissed on. Image my age is of no real importance here is it? but so that you know, i am 29 years old.

rick seems to respond to anything posted here that remotely concerns safety or himself, and he does it inside of an hour or so of the original post going up. so their is not much doubt that he has seen the questions to him. the first anonmyous reply is probably his comments on the questionaire, just unsigned by him. he has to keep a low profile whnever he decides to talk smack you know. Image
whatever, i myself would like answers to some of the questions, and i am sure others do too. maybe i asked one or two more personal questions that have you, rick, jever and who knows else a bit upset mate, but if you read past the ones you dont like you will find alot of them quite relevant.
if you dont like what i write, do like i do when i see something i dont like. close the fuking message window. you seem like one of those people who bitches about the quality of shows and the violence and sexual exploitation of women on the tv yet you tune in to watch them.

just because rick wants kitesurfing police or wants to be kitesaurfing police Image doesnt mean that he is the police. and i dont feel like he has any right calling me stupid, ill advised or telling me how to conduct myslef. he isnt jesus christ! Image

judge me if you must. Image
make me out to be a criminal. Image
i dont care, he speaks his voice and opinion and so may i. some of what i say may be a bit controversial and far from politically correct, but someone has to have the balls to say the things that so many of us are thinking. call me the damn antichrist for all i care. Image what you think of me or how much my post pisses you off is of no matter to me. in short, you can bit me.Image
the last time i checked, it was 100% legal to go out and seek darwin awards for yourself. they even make television shows of people seeking these rewards. do you suppose that evil knieveals motocycle was designed for flying like he did? nope, but he did it and got great public support. were the all terrain skateboards designed to be pulled by a kite? they are being done. alot of shit is being done with things not originally designed for them, and will continue, regardless fo what a few people have to say about it.

soory if you dont like the tone of my post. i dont see how you can add tone to something you are reading anyway, but whatever. wibds bkowing here, sun is coming up, and i am out of here.



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