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wich kite and board?

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Postby Guest » Sun Sep 08, 2002 4:40 am

Is there anyone that can help me find a Kite+Board for a beginner?I don´t want a Kite+board that will be useless in a few months.I was looking for something intermediate.

Wind conditions - 10 to 25 knts

I´ve heard that North Kites (Rhino, Toro)were ok. Can you comment on that?

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Postby Trikke » Sun Sep 08, 2002 11:52 am

Everybody would like to start with advanced stuff to save money later. You can buy a good kite (as a Toro)and keep it later when you'll ride better,but a board is a different thing; choosing a small board as your first one, you may waste your money and time. In my opinion a second hand and cheap board as a directional or a big twin tip is the best thing to start with;you'll plane since your first day on the water instead of damning your too small board for days.
If you want a good intermediate kite: Wipika Hydro 9, Naish Aero 12, North Toro 12, Cabrina CO2 9,..

A board around 1,80 cm


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Postby BLOWN AWAY » Mon Sep 09, 2002 4:13 pm

I started on a 6ft (180cm) directional board and nearly 2 years on I still have it. It's STILL my main board. Is nice and fast, get's planing pretty early but will still hold a good amount of power from kite.

As for a real big board (ie 7 ft) these can be good to start off with but once your get past that beginner stage you will want something smaller. The only thing a big board may remain handy for is light or real gusty winds.

As for a small board you will have difficulty learning and you will need heaps more power from the kite and this may be dangerous at first. Can allways get a small board at a later date...

As for the kite..... it used to be that you got a 2 line low AR inflatable like a wipika classic or Naish AR3. But those were the days before the intermediate kites like the AERO, Toro, Hydro etc. These kites may last you right through from beginner to expert (where they are good for waves etc).

As for size.... 12m if you get the AERO is a great starting size. For wipika the sizing is different.....


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