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Chicken Release update

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Postby Rory » Mon Sep 09, 2002 12:33 pm

An update on the Chicken Release.

Despite some very positive early feedback all of the insurance brokers / leads we were pursuing to make sure we had manufacturer and seller cover for selling the Chicken Release device have come back unable to give us cover.

It appears that the recent stock market fall has trashed the equity that secures ("underwrites") the policy's they already have in place to such an extent that all insurers are currently only looking to sell insurance to known lower areas of risk.

A complete disaster, but required.
Example scenario:
Beginner in 25 knot wind gusting 35 knots takes out a 15m kite and gets in trouble.
Seriously hurt or kill themselves.
They or their relatives / friends look to sue the suppliers of the kit etc.
We could be one of the targets of this action.

So we are trying to see if we can pass on the design / patents ...... to an existing manufacturer of kite kit.
As such companies already have insurance in place (or should have) and adding another product is very unlikely to cause a change in premium. This will also keep the per unit cost down.

We're not asking for any money for this, we just want the sport to be safer.
I've put more detail on this below.

So as soon as this moves forward we'll keep you posted.

So if you are a manufacturer / distributor, or know of one who might be interested please get them to get in touch with us.

- We've got a manufacturer ready to make them !


Keep it safe.


Our Thoughts on Transfer

1. Exclusive transfer / assign the patent(s) to ............
2. Assign the Chicken Release name and logo to ............ for the sale of the device only (we want to sell Chicken Release T-shirts).
3. We keep and sell Chicken Release devices, supplied by .............
We would want to be supplied at the same price you supply other distributors and sell at the same price they sell them at.

If this works out, could be great as we have several other accessory ideas !

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