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ICE and Snow Sailing Word Championship (Wissa and co-organiz

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Here is some information about the event taking place 23.January 2002-27.January. 2002.
It is the 22nd World Championship for Ice and Snow Sailing. It is supported and co- organised by W.I.S.S.A.-The World Ice and Snow- Sailing Association.
This event will be organised by W.I.S.S.A. ITALY, an association with headquarters in South Tyrol- Italy. (co- organized: Adrenalina Kite Club Südtirol- Italy)

Innsbruck - Austria: (local airport, approx. 80 km)
Bolzano - Italy: (local airport, approx. 100 km)
Munich - Germany (international airport approx. 250 km)
If there is sufficient demand we will arrange a bus shuttle between the airports (Bolzano, Innsbruck) and Reschensee (against payment)

Race Site and Lake Conditions:
The races will be held on LAGO DI RESIA, 100 km north-west from Bolzano. A new course will be set up each day depending upon wind strength and direction. All races will be run on the prevailing ice and snow conditions for the day of the race. Conditions can vary from bare ice to snow during winter. Conditions in January are often bare ice.

The W.I.S.S.A.-Ice and Snow- Sailing World Championship is the oldest and best event of its kind in the world.
Ice and Snow Sailing is generally practised on frozen lakes; with black Ice, snow or mix of it.
In the beginning, there was only the Open Class. In this class the sailor stands on any type of sled or board to control a conventional sailboard rig. The sled may have blades, skis and/or runners. The design of these sleds is unrestricted, resulting in many innovations.
In the early 1990s W.S.S.A. expanded to include two other classes, making a total of three classes for racing
Open Class. Sleds of all designs, powered by a conventional windsurfing rig racing together.

Free-Sail Class: The sailor stands on any type of sliding device (skis, skates, snowboard, etc.) to control any type of free-sail (skate sail, skimbat, wingsail, etc.) directly with their hands.

Kite Class: The sailor stands on any type of sliding device (skis, skates, snowboard, etc.) to control a kite (or kite train) with control lines. The sailor may not hold the kite directly, but instead only the control handles or control bar.
Course: Triangle course will be used for all classes. The course will be designed so that one heat will take 15 – 20 min. There is a minimum 5 to 10 races in 3 or 4 days of racing. (this year will feature a maximum 50 racers for each class).
Marathon: Long distance race of about 40 km.
Speed: Fastest speed on a defined course.
Freestyle: Only for kites: jump and jibes in front of judges.

WISSA Rules will be explained before the races.

23 th January 2002: 10.00 Pre-Race and/or Qualifying Race.
18.00 Opening Ceremony
24 th, 25 th, 26 th January 2002: 10.00 Races
27 th January 2002: 10.00 Freestyle Contest

Everyone competes on his/her own risk. Helmet is mandatory and knee, hip and elbow pads are recommended.

Prices will be awarded to the first three competitors of each class.

is allowed. The organizer has the right for space on sails, wings, kites and helmets for its own sponsors.

Generally within about 500 m of race site. Hotel accommodation has to be organized by each competitor. We have arranged bed and breakfast specials that will be valid until December 1, 2001 at the following hotels:

Hotel Edelweiß: (1-4 person rooms)2 stars, sauna & swimmingpoolprice: 23 Euro for bed and breakfastTel. 0039/0473/633442FAX 0039/0473/ Villa Claudia Augusta: (1-4 person rooms)2 stars, sauna.price: 23 Euro for bed and breakfastTel. 0039/0473/
Hotel Reschenscheideck: (1-2 person rooms)2 stars, price: 27 to 30 Euro for bed and breakfastTel. 0039/0473/ Seehotel Reschen: (1-4 person rooms)3 stars, sauna & swimmingpool, price: 39 to 42 Euro for bed and breakfastTel. 0039/0473/633118FAX 0039/0473/ (webcam from the lake)

Please reserve accommodation as soon as possible, but before December 1, 2001 at the Tourismusverein St. Valentin (tourist agency):

Mr. Uli Stampfer:
Fax. 0039/0473/634713;
Tel. 0039/0473/634603,

Meals :
Lunch : At the race site (by coupons).
Dinner will be organized for everyone at the Hotel Edelweiß (10.- Euro per day).

Als Medien haben wir Zusagen von lokalen Medien wie: Dolomiten (Vorbericht im Dolomitenmagazin), Alto-Adige, Rai-Sender Bozen ( Vorbericht in Action. Serie über aktionsreiche Sports im Sender Bozen) Überregionale Medien: EURO SPORT, Windsurf / Kite ( Deutschland / Italien), No limits

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