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Self-landing. Say again?!

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Mr Jo Macdonald
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Postby Mr Jo Macdonald » Tue Sep 10, 2002 10:03 am

yeah, I agree with Ray,
Wouldn't advise anyone to try self landing in winds of over 10 knots using any other technique other than let go of the bar and let the leash do its job, or grab handle if you don't use a leash.



Postby Guest » Tue Sep 10, 2002 11:20 am

I'd use caution on the self landing techniquie discueed above. The last time I used this method it was with my nearly new 14.9 Free Air. I must have landed on the one sharp shell on the entire sandy beach. POW - one explosive gash to my leading edge. Now I'm left paying for a pretty large repair and sourcing out a new bladder. Sure wish I'd just deployed the leash and landed in the water.

Still, when it works, it is a great thing.


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