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Johnny TBKS
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Postby Johnny TBKS » Tue Sep 10, 2002 12:05 pm

I have finally gotten around to trying out the Little Fat Bastards twip brother, the Little Fat Twin.
This board is pretty interesting in it's own right.

First thing I noticed on about it was the very large and clear graphics they used on it. This I like. It makes for an attractive board imo.
Also, it appears to have a bit less rocker than most other twintips that I have tried. It has six fins, one half moon on each corner and to smaller on the heel side of the board.
I was impressed with the construction and edges of the board. VERY clean.
It came with two contoured pads as used on the Jarvis and Drake and wide SlingShot straps as seen also on the Skate series.
It also had with it a center grab handle that is actually a SlingShot grab handle and not just a regular footstrap on the center of the board.

It rides and planes easily and actually has quite a grip on the water.
The lightest winds I have gotten to try it in was 8 knots with the Fuel 18m. I was staying upwind with this setup until the winds dropped to 4 and that was the end of that day.
A beginner who tried it came back in with it excited that for the first time he was able to ride both directions.
I think this will make a great board for beginners and for use with giving lessons.

I will have more details and closeup, detailed pics of it online tonight.


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