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Postby Guest » Tue Sep 10, 2002 1:33 pm

I bought the new 4-line bar with line set. The system is supplied without Chickenloop and fastened directly to the harness.

Structure: The bar is made from carbon and glass fabrics. New is, that the two front lines doesent go togeher below the Adjuster. They both pass the bar center. For each line is there a hole. Both front lines run separately to the harness and are there connected with a Wichard QR. One front line is fastened at these QR. The other one ends in a ring, which is held by the QR. With the belt you could fastened the QR on every harness you want.

Function: If you releases the QR, the front line with the ring draws the bar with the all other lines to the Kite. The Kite blows on the fastened front line out (Kitesafety). The trigger of the QR is quite largely dimensioned and easy to find. A false signal initiation did not happen to me so far. If you would like to separate completely from Kite, you draws the connection between the QR and the harness up with a safety lock pin. In order to turn after rotations the linen turn off over that bar, you must turn the bar back. The separated front linen under that bar, needs now one rotation. Pull the bar once to the harness. The QR rotated at the harness and all turns are eliminated. Ritsch ratsch kick ! (Translation in English ? I dont know hahahaha :wink:)

A Adjuster is missing. To tune the kite, you have to adjusted over knots at the steeringlines, bevor you start. On the water, you can juse the balls at the end of bar. You have 3 positions. It is better, you look that at the homepage from Kiteproshop. I believed first, I could not possibly get along without my Wipika adjuster. Now I do not miss the thing at all.

Advantages: Except the 4 flight lines, there is no additional line for the Kitesafety necessary. Rotations are not obstructed of the Kitesafety. You can pactise your chocolate side extensively :wink: and does not have over conditions swear, which favour only rotations in a direction. You does not have to stop no more, in order to complete the Safety of the Depowerline. If your Depowerline ends to the kind of condition with a ring in a QR (self's building solution) and gathers those front linen at the Adjuster, you does not need to return the frontlines above the adjuster (was always necessary with my Wipika). If the trigger is too big for you, you can modify it easily after own conceptions, without cutting open or saw off something. The bar stopper can be adjusted easily on the arm length. With other systems that cannot be done often.

Pay attention: The length that bar should be fit too the kite. If the bar is too short, you have too pull each side very strong. The two-hole arrangement possesses a leverage. If the bar is too short, you will have some friction, when you want to power up or down when you steering at the same time. In the case of normal juse, there is no difference to conventional one hole bar.

Sand: The safety function of the QR can be affected only by sand. But there is always some Water where you use it :smile:. I discovered so far no problems. sets also on a well-known branded QR. I is not a caep articel out of the bush. But you should dedicate nevertheless the same attention to him, as all principal items of a safety device.
Into the purchase selection you should absolutely take this bar into account. I have a lot of fun with this system. Look at this Link. ... s_eng.html
There are some videosclips.
I hope, you could understand my description.

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