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A call for Help from SoCal

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Postby RickI » Wed Sep 18, 2002 1:36 pm

Riders in Southern California have a problem and have asked for our help in trying to preserve access. This could happen at your local launch, so please go to the website listed below and vote to help to keep us flying at Belmont Shore, CA. I understand that you do not have to live in California to vote.

Rick Iossi

We need the help of all kiteboarders to save our current Kite Beach
at Belmont Shore, California. This is long, but PLEASE READ AND HELP!

At the request of Vice Mayor Frank Colonna, the Department of Parks,
Recreation and Marine, in association with other City departments,
have developed a proposal for a pilot program to allow limited beach
access for dogs every morning and evening for several hours between
Claremont and Granada St at the "underutilized" La Verne St. parking
lot! That's were we kite!!! The Marine Advisory Commission (MAC)
will host a community forum to obtain public input regarding the
proposal on Thursday, September 19, 7:30 p.m., at Lowell Elementary
School, 5201 E. Broadway (at Nieto Ave).

The dog owners will more than likely go along with any place the
city will allow them even if it means taking over the kite area. We
believe this is really a long term ploy to bring back the Granada
Jet Ski ramp expansion plan of Councilman Colonna.

Justin Rudd has run the monthly dog beach days for the past year or
so. The first couple of sites they used met lots of homeowner
opposition. They ended up a couple of blocks west of the Granada
Ramp which seems to be an ideal location. If you can not attend the
meeting in support of a dog beach at the current area between Park
and Argonne, you can send a NICE email in support of a dog beach.
Justin Rudd has contacts with Surfrider, California Coastal
Commission, Coastal Keepers, etc., so we need to work WITH him.

Here's the link to his website
Scroll down halfway to the A. Vote Yes or B. Vote no and voice your
opinion. Which ever letter you select it takes you to all the emails
addresses of the City Council Members. Even if you don't live in
Long Beach, please respond anyway.

If you would like help composing a letter, here is one that can be
As a kite boarder and animal lover, I have always been an advocate
of a dog beach in Long Beach. I am also extremely happy that kite
boarding is attracting so many people and increasing commerce within
our city and coastline. However, combining the two interests on one
small portion of beach would be a mistake.

Your ability to undertake and administer "Haute Dogs" deserves
commendation and I am happy that there is an area between Park and
Argonne where I can enjoy the beach with my dog. However, combining
an area for kiteboarding and dogs would be a grave error. Due to the
attraction of kiteboarding (whether participant or spectator), the
area between Granada and Claremont Street attracts many people on a
daily basis. This once unutilized portion of beach is now a haven
for kite boarders, spectators, and beach-goers alike. It is busy and
getting busier on a weekly basis. Further, due to the 2 boating
ramps which frame the area, it is the only source for boat ingress
and egress. Bringing dogs into this equation would cause undue
stress and conflict to all concerned.

The expanse of shoreline between Park and Argonne Street is an ideal
area for a dog beach and should be retained for that purpose. Now
that we are finally realizing the use, attraction, and commerce
generated from our resources, I find it wise not to create undo
conflict within the confines of a small portion of beach and among
ourselves. Our beautiful coastline is large enough to accommodate
all of our interests.

Best Regards,
Your Name

Thank you!!
Jenny Koehler
So Cal Kiteboarding Association


Postby Guest » Wed Sep 18, 2002 2:03 pm

I love to help, but havent time to read all of that. Why such a long post. Can someone just point me to what to click on to vote for them?


Postby Guest » Wed Sep 18, 2002 2:24 pm

Rick Iossi,

1) Let me know where to click and I'll support you
2) Please be kind to us and try to avoid things like this: phpBB/viewtopic.php?topic=2308&forum=1&1


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Joined: Mon Feb 11, 2002 1:00 am
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Postby RickI » Wed Sep 18, 2002 3:01 pm


To vote against the measure that may result in lost access at the beach in Belmont Shores, CA go to:

go half way down the page to:

Want a Daily Haute Dog Beach?

and click on "B. No."

Rick Iossi
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