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Bump & Jump Quick Release Chicken Loop

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Postby phree » Wed Sep 11, 2002 9:14 am

Here's another option to using a snap shackle. I haven't seen one of these but wonder what you guys think about it.

What if you combined this with the Pro-Limit QR spreader bar? Do you think that would be better than combining a snap shackle along with an X2 QR trim loop?

The following is from website:


B&J Quick-Release Chicken Loop with Line
Bump & Jump's "breakaway" chicken loop allows you to ride "locked-in" when you want to be! Prevent unwanted unhooking of the chicken loop by simply slipping the plastic-coated end of the 8mm line under the chicken loop and into the open end of your spreader hook. You can do it with one hand --without looking-- easily! The kit includes 1m of 8mm Spectra line and is compatible with many sheeting systems and kite bar fairleads. Spreader/pad not included.
54-5113 $39.95

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Postby Fabjet1 » Wed Sep 11, 2002 4:16 pm


I tryed that system and it openned 3 times the first 1/2H of riding, then the next 1.5H did not openned anymore.
Would requiered more testing but I think the string that has the ball attached is too long and gets in your way during jumps, probably need a rubber band that will keep the ball flushed so it would not move away, and when needed the rubberband would just stretch or brake to permit realease.


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Postby RickI » Wed Sep 11, 2002 7:51 pm

This QRL system was brought up in a thread recently under:


It would be a good thing for riders to move towards QRLs from fixed loops. Input is still coming in on the Bump and Jump system. Given that it can be easily retrofitted on most bars it would be great system to install. A couple riders on another forum, Mel and Kinsley Wong have had good performance with it. Still looking for more input on rider's experiences with the device.

Rick Iossi

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