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Puerto Rico infomations about kitesurfing // Hello Royce !?

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Postby Guest » Fri Sep 13, 2002 8:30 am

I want to go kitesurfing in Puerto Rico at november. Has somebody informations about the wind, the waves and the temperatures ?
Where is the best spot and a good hotel ?

Thx Britta

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Postby Royce » Fri Sep 13, 2002 10:54 pm

Brita, there are so many places here to kite its ridiculous. I recomend hanging out in town San Juan for the first few days to meet everyone here and get their opinions on where to go ( and probably someone will happily invite you to go hunting for more spots). Then head out to the west side for some serious wind. Check out our website, You are welcome to give us a call and ask all the questions you want or e-mail us. We have a really nice yacht (well the inside at least) that one of our kite guys rents to visitors for $60 a night and it sleeps 5 easy. Cheap. You will be about 10 minutes from where we sail and 5 from a great party sceene every night. November tends to be great surf aswell so be ready. As with all tropical destinations there is the risk of a Hurricane scooting by and sucking up all the wind so be sure to bring your surfboard.
Aloha Royce.

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