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knee injury

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knee injury

Postby mergulhao » Wed Sep 10, 2003 1:25 pm

Last sunday a low jump with a dead man manouver and a bad landding terminates with the feet stock in the footstraps and a knee injury. The result is two weeks walking with crutches and a future operation to the knee nerve (menisc?) with 3 or 4 months recouvery. The jump was to low for that manouver and i land before I was expecting. Be aware to your high when you do your figures and always look down before make them I thought i was higher than i really was. My mistake. four or Five months without kite, a nightmare. I hope this is not the end of sport for me. :(

Anyone had this same injury and still kite? :o

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Postby KiteBird » Wed Sep 10, 2003 3:27 pm

Just menisc ?
It's generaly not a big trouble, some people go back to sport after 1 month or 2 after the operation. But you can have trouble when you become old ... (your knee become old faster).

I had a cruciate anterior ligament injury, 3 march. Operate with the kenneth-jones method. I can ride bike, and run, since 2 months, but I can not kite now :( [6+1 month without kite !!!]

I hope come back to kite in october (with a knee brace), but 8 month is recommanded to be sure not to have new accident.

In your case, you could kite, but your knee is damaged, less strong, and the risk is to have a new injury to the ligaments ... (use a knee brace)

I hope you understand my "english"

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Postby nati » Sun Dec 21, 2003 7:41 am

menisc !!!
most of the time this inj can be fixed with phisiotherapy or asmall oportion wich some pepole can recover (not full recover ) after few days to few weeks ,and some recover after 1-3 month .
by the way there is achance that you stretch one of your ligament ,so you have to be very carfull in the first 6 weeks
i had 1.5 yers ego acl -reconstruction , i was back to kite surf after 3 munths (3 munths erlier then i shuold but with alot alot of caution),so hope you will be fine to

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