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Pics of 4'7 Pro with TFC fins

Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2003 8:26 am
by TheRussian
They're finger licking good (reminds me of the one about what has a bird you've pulled after 10 pints got in common with KFC... once you've got past the breast & thighs.. you're left with a stinky box..) ... =26&page=1

Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2003 7:25 pm
by bobbybill
Thx, excellent input. One question: what is benefit from the TFA rear fins splayed out (toward fin tips)? Are they also toed in? And does board flex better than 4'8? Looks like Naish's (stiff) stubbie construction.

ok, a little more than 1 question.

Posted: Wed Sep 10, 2003 8:17 am
by TheRussian
The main benefit of the fins being toe'd out to the rail, seems to be more grip, as the heel edge fin is more vertical in the water. The ride seems smoother over chop than with the standard fins.

The size of the fins is the main benefit to me, because at 95kgs, i found the standard fins a bit too small and more appropriate to someone of say 75kgs. With the fin set up pictured, the board has very good edging/grip and the dolphin fins feel smoother than the more vertical/windsurf style that i was previously using.

As for comparisons with the 4'8, the board does seem more rigid than the 4'8 (i'm no techie, but the 4'7 looks more like 115 type construction.. possibly). For me that is a good thing, as on the south coast in the UK (Hayling Island), i've been blamed by some for being the reason the Naish mutants are heavy, as i've snapped so many... but as we know fly-weight boards can't be flipped around so easily on board-offs and to keep snapping boards is a pain in the arse.

But the main thing is that you have to try this board (the 4'7 pro) it is soo much better than the 4'8, it can be used as a single board, whereas the 4'8 always felt a bit too small unless you were really powered and didnt like a 20m kite (which for me is the one I use most, as the wind is usually 15-25knots at present), the 4'7 pro handles everything and is awesomely fast/easy to boost on.

Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2003 6:36 am
by jorgen-d

Question for the Russian :
What is the angle of the back fins (angle towards the rail) and the size of your middle fins
I've just ordered the 4'7 PRO mutant and I'm also going to buy some big TFC fins due to my heavy weight (90kg).
I've decided to go for the 11,5cm fins but would also like to angle them.
We have too many days with 10-15 knots conditions and a mutant is perfect for those days.
The 4'7 PRO seems so nice and specially those TFC fins :-)

Thanks !


Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2003 8:10 am
by Bill
I also have a question for The Russian - are the footstraps adjustable? ie will I be able to fit my size 10 (UK) winter boots into the straps?

Do you know how much these boards retail for in the UK.