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Cabrina or Slingshot

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Postby mat » Tue Mar 30, 2004 8:37 pm

ok i got my slingies about 2 weeks ago but have only been out on the 13 once and also the 17 once first impresions are everything to me if i dont like it when i try it, then its the kite fault not because im being a complete kook and not flying the kite corectly, or how that certain kite needs to be flown. my first impresion of the 17 was if im being honest not as amazing as id hoped it did get me going in around 10 knts on a 160 twin but i did a lot of walking that day, back up the beach, however in the gusts of around 12 knts i was fully pimped up and storming, and not downwind. the 13 however well thats a whole differnt story from the momment i put it in the air i was :D the kid with the biggest smile on the beach, im only 16 so i litraly was like a little kid wit a brand new toy except my toy felt like the best in the playground, it was around 25 knts gusting around 27 and at no time did i feel atall out of controll, this kite is honestly so sweet, i was ready for a kite that would be draging me down the beach but all i had to do was push the bar away and i could stand on the beach very comftably, the first beach jump i did quite scared me, as it was the first jump where iv looked down and was still rising, it was crazy, im not just trying to hype up slingshot, i was about £200 away from getting some 04 rhinos instead but al i can say is im really happy with my fuels, the powers there instantly when u want it and seems within reason to be able to dump it when nesasary, it flys so smoothly and boosts effortlessly. just to proove that im not just trying to big up slingshot there was 1 problem i found with my 17 that after about 10 mins it was going flat :x not a happy kid but i sent it back to slingshot and within a week they had replaced the main bladder which had a slight puncture in it and im now just waiting for a light wind day to get out on it, but if ur after the 13 i promise u wont be att all disapointed :thumb: hope this helps

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Postby Crack » Wed Mar 31, 2004 4:13 am

cpaterson wrote:Thanks for all the advice....I think I will go for something new and try the Nitro. Variety is the spice of life etc etc.
Hope the AR is not too extreme.
the AR on the Nitro is very friendly, I'm a intermediate rider previously using North Toro 2, I updated to the 04 Cabrinha's and like you was debating about C02 / Nitro.

decided to go Nitro in the 12m and I'm so glad I did, very friendly, does fly fast but I got used to it really quickly!

really stable, and where my Toro used to fall out of the sky in lulls, this just sits there.

go Nitro, you'll regret it later on if you don't.

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Postby Dax » Wed Mar 31, 2004 4:53 am


Buy whatever bar suits you (except recon obviously.) Not sure why people link bars to kites. Except for the fancy relaunch systems, bars work the same. Just buy the kite without a bar and get whatever bar you want.

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