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Self launching a bow

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Postby dksurfer » Sun Jun 17, 2007 3:47 am

The following method has worked well for me light wind to well power up conditions. I always self land my kite in shallow water. There are too many trees near shore.

1) Put the kite overhead
2) Hook my leash to the front safety line (the one that has the ring). I added a 30cm leader line so that I can easily reach it.
3) Push the bar to max de-power or as far away from you as possible
4) Aggressively steer the kite down and to the right (my safety front line is the left line)
5) As the kite is coming down, I start pulling on the front safety line. 2 or 3 meters is usually enough. This will cause the kite to land in a flag out position (leading edge down and facing the wind). In the flag out position only the front safety line is under load, the other 3 lines must be completely loose. The kite won't be able to fly.
6) Walk hand over hand to the kite making sure you stay clear of all lines
7) Grab the kite by the bridle.
At this point you are finally done. You have successfully self-landed your kite.

I usually wrap the lines on the bar at this point. i.e. before going back to the beach. To minimize line tangles’, issues with swimmers, etc. I use my safety leash and hook it up to the bridle of the kite so that I can use both hands to warp the line on the bar.

Hope this helps!

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